Luna Sleep Aid review-to get the utmost out of sleep


Luna Sleep Aid, as the name indicates, is a supplement that helps achieve the maximum out of a healthy sleep pattern. An herbal supplement, Luna Sleep Aid incorporates the natural ingredients as melatonin, magnesium, L-Theanine, and GABA that act in synergy with the bodily systems to induce sleep without any after effects. Tested by a third party, Luna Sleep Aid guarantees a lifetime, money back warranty for efficient working.

Sleep is a treasure out of the Mother Nature’s basket that acts as a restoration and rebuilding agent to overhaul our bodies with the get-up-and-go approach to take on life. However, when troubled, the same ritual can add to stress and strain, which it is supposed to cart off from our routines.

Luna Sleep Aid incorporates the herb power with the conventional one to prepare you for a sleep experience that wards off fatigue and weariness. The following review will help you cut a deal regarding Luna Sleep Aid.

About the manufacturer

Nested Naturals, a Canadian company, manufactures Luna Sleep Aid with a belief in designing quality supplements well enough for their kinfolk as well as the community.

‘Committed to getting things done differently’, Nested Naturals follow a procedure that is quite opposite to the norms of an average supplement industry. Incorporating the best of raw materials, following a strict manufacturing protocol, with most of the products vegan-friendly and non-GMO, Nested Naturals believe and act upon evidence-based science to deliver authentic products and not just ‘placebos’.

Supplement manufacturing at Nested Naturals undergoes a strict and vigilant quality control with backing from independent third-party evaluations. With ‘an open book policy’ about the ingredients in the final product and a ‘big-hearted customer support’, Nested Naturals make sure there is something beneficial for everybody.

An overview of Luna Sleep Aid

Sleep is supposed to rejuvenate your body and release the pressures of the 24-hour cycle; however, many of us find ourselves with

  • Difficulty to get some z’s
  • Wake up after hitting the sack in the middle of the night
  • Unable to maintain a continued sleep pattern
  • Overactive brain with tossing and turning in the bed
  • Spending many wakeful nights with a sheep counting commotion

The desired result of sleep is lost if you experience any of the above situations too frequently. Many people keep away from conventional sleeping aids because of their risks of adaptation and habit-forming nature with a feeling of wooziness and fatigue.

Fortunately, herbal components offer salvage in this regard and Luna Sleep Aid is one such product that refills ones diminished energy by sleep recoups. The best part of such an herbal supplement is that you wake up without any fuzzy head or boggled the mind. Furthermore, Luna Sleep aid does not create a threshold where you have to increase the dose to get the equivalent result as yesteryear.

How does Luna Sleep Aid work for you?

Luna Sleep Aid works in four steps to help you sleep and wake up with a recharged feel.

  • It helps scoop away the mental clatter from an all days work and relax you into a sleeping mode.
  • It helps in maintaining a restful sleep all night long without any midnight wakes.
  • Want to sleep without the after effects as a heavy body or sluggish head, Luna Sleep Aid offers just the thing. The wake-up time is not a lumber on your body with Luna Sleep aid.
  • The supplement helps you fall into a convenient sleep pattern in the long term by gradually setting the biological clock for good.

The ingredients of Luna Sleep Aid and their working

Luna Sleep Aid incorporates herbs, amino acids, magnesium and the sleep hormone, melatonin to bring you the best of sleep experiences and get the maximum out of such episode. Before we embark on the working of ingredients, let us briefly explain the significance of sleep and its physiology in our body to grasp the subject in a better way.

Do you know there are 56,000 traffic accidents annually and 15,000 highway deaths due to drivers falling asleep? The reason being lack of sleep, be it for any reason, causes a ‘sleep debt’ that clears itself in time but on what cost, your health or in unfortunate cases one’s life.

Why do we need sleep? Shakespeare characterized sleep as ‘nature’s soft nurse’ because of its restorative and energy replenishing attributes. Sleep replenishes the brain’s glycogen levels (energy fuel) that fall during the wake cycle. Our metabolism and body temperature falls to lower levels while we sleep and the major repair work gets done in our body during the same period.

Sleep debt can lead to slow cognitive functions and an impaired memory, if the process is allowed to continue it can lead to restlessness, agitate states, mood swings, and even hallucinations.

One of the ingredients of Luna Sleep Aid is melatonin which is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in our brain. Melatonin is important in the sleep-wake cycle and is naturally turned on by darkness or the arrival of nighttime. It reaches its peak by about 9 PM thereby inducing sleep and gradually declines in the next twelve hours, a time when most of us have had a good night sleep.

Melatonin incorporated within most of the sleep aid supplements like Luna is synthetic and are sold under the dietary category of supplements. Research has shown melatonin to be effective in

  • Resetting the body clock
  • Inducing sleep phase
  • Shortening the time to fall asleep
  • Reducing the number of awakenings
  • Helpful in conditions like jet lag and shift work when taken appropriately

The herbal blend in Luna Sleep Aid is composed of chamomile as root extract, valerian root extract, passionflower and lemon balm as whole plant extract and the flower extract of Hops, some of the herbs that sleep experts swear by their effectiveness.

Take for example lemon balm, which has mild sedative effects but it is more effective in soothing the jittery nerves and releasing any stress and is known to improve both the quality and quantity of sleep.

Passionflower is often used in conjunction with lemon balm in most of the sleep supplements owing to its sedative and anti-anxiety properties. Passionflower is unique in its function because it does not cause morning grogginess while inducing a deep sleep pattern; rather it helps concentration while awake.

Chamomile tea has always been known to induce calming effects and a relaxing afloat to sleep.

A hop is another herbal ingredient known for its sedative, calming and hypnotic effects.

Valerian root extract is particularly important in helping to fall asleep.

Magnesium is a trace mineral that has an established standing in treating insomnia or lack of sleep. It brings the levels of cortisol down in the body and causes the muscles to relax, hence delivering an unwind feel to the body.

L-Theanine and GABA are amino acids, the former a derivative of green tea. It has anxiolytic effects on our body that can be decoded into sleep-inducing ones at nighttime. Similarly, GABA is a neurotransmitter with an inhibitory action on our nervous system and thus regulates the extra chatters of the brain. It also relaxes the overall musculature of the body.

Pros of Luna Sleep Aid

After assessment of the ingredients of Luna Sleep Aid, some of the upshots that become obvious are

  • A gentle blend of essential and proven ingredients
  • Helps you fall asleep and remain asleep with a refreshed wake up phase
  • No after effects in the morning
  • The supplement is adaptable to individual requirements
  • Caters for a variety of conditions leading to insomnia as jet lag or night shift schedules
  • There is no threshold dose nor any requirement of tapering the supplement’s dose if you decide to be off it
  • Free from major allergens with vegan-friendly encapsulation
  • A clear labeling of the ingredients with their quantity is mentioned
  • A perfect remedy for insomnia and anxiety

Cons of Luna Sleep Aid

There are only two considerations while taking the subject supplement

  • The supplement is recommended for individuals above 18-years of age
  • As it contains magnesium, so individuals already taking any other magnesium supplement should consult your physician before starting the supplement

Dosage schedule of Luna Sleep Aid

The usual dosage of Luna Sleep Aid is two capsules preferably taken half an hour before bedtime. It is advised that the supplement should be taken at the same time every day for maximum benefits.

Our final take on Luna Sleep Aid

Luna Sleep Aid has some strong and tough foundations right from the selection and formulation of the final product. With very positive customers’ reviews and a lifetime warranty for efficacy as its backing, in addition to catering for tough manufacturing standards, Luna Sleep Aid promises a good night sleep with a huge investment towards your long-term health.

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