Lutazene Review – For a clear and focused eye sight

Lutazene is an oral supplement for eye health claiming to ‘rescue, repair and even restore’ the vision you once enjoyed in the youthful years of your life. A simple supplement containing only two ingredients, Lutazene is potent enough to heal and regenerate the eye structure specifically against the blue light damage, a quite prevalent problem of the current tech millennium. The ingredients in Lutazene hold clinical validation to preserve the eye functioning without any side effects making the supplement ideal for long-term use.

Let us review the ingredients and working of Lutazene as a supplement. The analysis focuses on how it may be different from other supplements flagging down the same claims and why should you invest in it.


Do you need Lutazene?

When you come across a dietary supplement, the first question that comes to mind is if you really need it. You might be a stay-at-home mom with no business with computers or you may be a lecturer somewhere. You might be a fit and smart tennis player in your late forties or someone with the responsibility of driving the local school bus. Lutazene claims a promise that caters to everyone alike.

We say so because declining eyesight is not a problem of a teenager who is spending some good hours in front of a laptop or it only affects some corporate employee working into the late hours of the night. A vision that is blurry, runny and tired eyes, improper or delayed focus and disturbances in nighttime vision are some of the common problems encountered by individuals of either sex, any age or any lifestyle.

According to NIH, some of the figures are

“Estimated annual economic burden of vision loss and eye diseases and vision disorders in the U.S is about $139 billion

The burden of Blindness and Low Vision — 1.3 million Americans are blind; an estimated 2.2 million Americans will be blind by 2030

2.9 million Americans have low vision

2.1 million Americans have advanced AMD (age-related macular degeneration); an estimated 3.7 million will have advanced AMD by 2030

34.1 million Americans are nearsighted; an estimated 39 million will be nearsighted by 2030

14.1 million Americans are farsighted; an estimated 20 million will be farsighted by 2030”

Therefore, Lutazene is for you even if you do not face these problems today. It is a dietary supplement quoting to preserve your eye health for the coming days. With no side effects, Lutazene is a nutritional supplement with a particular focus on the eye health and its function. Investing in it today might save you some serious money and hassles later in life.

The functional ingredients of Lutazene

Lutazene is a supplement containing simple yet potent ingredients. The functional components of Lutazene hold clinical validation to deliver the requisite results specific to eye health. the supplement formula is designed not only for short-term eye benefits but it also guarantees a safeguard against any future debilities regarding vision.

The two ingredients of Lutazene are

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin

The above-mentioned ingredients hold scientific backing for effectiveness and result-deliverance in the form of many scientific and clinical research trials.

Lutazene makes sure your body has ample supply of both the ingredients in a bioavailable form. A vitamin specific for eyes and mineral containing supplement, Lutazene claims to promote lifelong clear vision.

How does Lutazene work for you?

Lutazene works in a realistic manner. It does claim to improve your vision within days but with a target-oriented approach with clinically validated and scientifically proved components.

Lutazene claims to eradicate any need of squinting to focus vision, clear watery eyes and improve night vision. It does so by replacing the two important nutrients essential for eye health and which get depleted as we age. These are lutein and zeaxanthin.

Lutazene also improves the defense and support against the notorious blue light present all around us. The blue light is emitted from various appliances without our conscious effort affects our eye health in the worst possible manner. The blue light not only damages the vision and sight but also contributes to chronic eye ailments as Age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and retinal atrophy.

The pigment duo in Lutazene absorbs the blue light entering the eyes on a frequent basis. Lutein and zeaxanthin are plant-based pigments called carotenoids. Their function in plants is to protect the plant from harmful light rays particularly the blue light.

These two pigments are also present in high concentrations in the macula of the eye where they perform the same functions as in plants. In addition to that, these pigments also act as precursors to other pigments as meso-zeaxanthin in the retina of the eyes.

Why is the blue light bad for our eyes? The answer is simple; the blue light results in oxidative damage within the cells of the eyes leading to many disease conditions.

How do lutein and zeaxanthin play their role? The answer is again a simple one; the two pigments block the blue light from reaching the eye structures and thereby cancel the effects caused by any possible oxidative damage.

The scientific basis of Lutazene

“Research published in Nutrition & Metabolism found that a nutritional supplement containing meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin effectively increased the optical density of the macular pigment in eyes of the majority of human subjects.”

“Studies published in American Journal of EpidemiologyOphthalmology, Archives of Ophthalmology found higher levels of lutein, and zeaxanthin in the diet are associated with a lower incidence of AMD”

“In research published in Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, the study authors conclude that lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin filter short-wavelength light and prevent or reduce the generation of free radicals in the retinal pigment epithelium and choroid

“In a study published in the journal Optometry, participants with early AMD who consumed 8 mg per day of dietary zeaxanthin for one year improved their night driving and their visual acuity improved an average of 1.5 lines on an eye chart

Why prefer Lutazene?

With an established role of the two pigments in strengthening the eye health, the question is what makes Lutazene different from other pro-eye supplements. The explanation is based on the following two facts

  • The lutein used in Lutazene is FloraGlo, one of the most researched lutein brands in over 70 clinical trials conducted in humans and published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • The zeaxanthin present in Lutazene is ZeaONE that delivers the maximum bioavailability of the pigment in the blood owing to its free nature.

The combination of the effective ingredients sourced from high-quality brands of the pigments delivers a double action formula to boost the eye stores of the essential pigments. The replenished pigment stores offer an unbeatable and indisputable mechanism to restore and reverse the failing vision so hallmark of the aging process.

Lutazene contains a hefty dose of 10 mg of FloraGlo Lutein, an essential dose to boost the blue light absorption power of eyes.

Another reason to buy Lutazene for your eye health is its low cost because the manufacturer believes in placing the customers at a position, which is to their advantage at all costs.

The benefits claimed by Lutazene

Here is what you should expect once you start supplementing with Lutazene.

  • A clear vision
  • Improvement in both short and fat sightedness
  • Clearing away of red, itchy and teary eyes
  • No more eye fatigue
  • No more squinting to focus objects
  • Improvement in glare tolerance and contrast sensitivity
  • Better ability to drive at night or whenever light is low
  • Improves the quality of vision even with 20/20 status
  • Decreases the risk of chronic eye diseases as macular degeneration, retinal atrophy, and blindness

The cost and availability of Lutazene

Lutazene is available at the official site of the subject supplement. The cost of Lutazene is about $59.95 for a single bottle.

However, there are discounts available for bigger purchases. Three bottles cost $149.95 and six bottles cost $249.95.

All the purchases are shipped free of cost. Your purchase is accompanied by some bonus reads, which are instantly downloaded once you make the final payment.

Take home message

Lutazene comes with a 100% money back guarantee that lasts a year. That is an ample time to test and check if the product works for you. If you are not satisfied in any way, you can always avail this offer. However, if you fail to make a decision now to protect your eyes in an efficient way with Lutazene, there is no guarantee that your eye health would stay strong and sturdy in the coming days. So get the best nutrition for your eyes today.

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