Matcha Green Tea Powder- Is It An Alternative Of Coffee/Tea?


Green tea is a type of stimulatory drink like coffee and black tea. The difference is that it has more health benefits than both coffee and tea. This review will tell you why Matcha Green Tea is a good choice for routine use. If you don’t know about the benefits of green tea, this article is for you.

Why Green Tea?

Are you a coffee person or a tea person, this is a common question which people may ask you about routine. Probably no one has asked you if you are a “green tea person.” You know why? Because it is not considered close to black tea and coffee. Coffee and tea are the morning beverages which are popular worldwide. Most of the people use them as a morning energy booster for alertness and stimulation. Green tea, on the other hand, is considered a herbal remedy based beverage and not an entertaining drink. However, this is not true. If you are a regular green tea user, you would know how beneficial it is for the health. It uses herbal ingredients from the purest sources to extract that. For this reason, the benefits are countless.

Matcha Green Tea? What Is It?

Matcha Green Tea is a traditional type of green tea from Japan and China. It had become famous worldwide when the international trade was developed. With international business, the native tea of China spread to the whole world as the new miraculous cure for many things. It is many hundred years old. Being a part of classical Chinese medicine, Matcha Green tea has high immunological and healing properties.

How Is Matcha Tea Converted Into Powder?

Today, most of the Matcha tea is imported from Japan. These leaves are grown in the shade, unlike the other regular green tea plants. The reason is that growing in the shade add up the chlorophyll content of the leaves, thus make them more juicy and rich. The leaves, when mature are handpicked. Only the finest quality leaves are picked, all the damaged leaves are discarded. After picking, they are cleaned, dried and ground. The result is a bright green, finely ground powder which is Matcha tea, ready for use. You just have to boil it and its ready for use.

Unlike the other tea, Matcha doesn’t come in tea bag form. The manufacturers of Matcha believe that the best tea can be made from boiling the leaf powder directly. So it is mostly available in powder form only.

Difference Between Matcha Green Tea and Regular Green Tea

Matcha is an advanced form of green tea which has high potential than regular green tea. It has a higher antioxidant level which gives it more power. Matcha tea is derived from Camellia sinensis plant.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green tea is thrice the stronger than usual green tea. The antioxidant levels in Matcha are so high. It has six times greater antioxidants as compared to Goji berries, seven times dark chocolate and 17 times than blueberries. The health benefits of Matcha are mainly because of its strong antioxidants. One cup Matcha Tea is equal to 3 cups of regular Green Tea. The best health benefits of Matcha tea are as following.

  • Energy Elevation

Matcha Tea has property to increase energy. It also has thermogenic properties which support the power elevation for the body.

  • Cognitive Support

Matcha Tea has an amino acid which is called L-Theanine. The function of L-Theanine is to improve the cognitive functions overall. It includes thinking, analysis, processing, memory and concentration.

  • Prevention of Cancer

Matcha Green tea has Catechins which are a specialized type of antioxidant. Usually antioxidant help to remove the free radicals from the body. These specialized antioxidants are helpful towards prevention of cancer.

  • Metabolic Support

The regular use of Matcha tea helps to increase metabolism. It eventually supports the better digestion and complete absorption of the food.

  • Cardiac Strength

Matcha Green Tea lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It also improves circulation and maintains the blood pressure.

  • Weight Loss

Weight loss is a desire of most of the people around us. Many studies confirm that green tea increases metabolism and helps to lose weight. The benefits of Matcha Green Tea is triple to regular green tea. It provides triple support in weight loss as compared to green tea.

Side Effects of Matcha Green Tea

There are NO side effects of Matcha tea. Since it’s a pure herbal product, it uses only plant sources. There are no harmful effects of it. Even the caffeine content is a way to less as compared to black tea and coffee. So there is no chance that you can get a side effect from caffeine overdose or something like that. It is mild, simple and healthy.

How To Check A Good Matcha Tea Product?

A high profile Matcha tea powder has shiny bright green color. The color also depicts freshness and potency. There are so many brands which sell Matcha. The only tricky thing is to find a quality brand for it. Read the label and description before buying it.

Japan’s Matcha Tea Vs. China’s Matcha Tea

There are two types of Matcha Tea available in the market. One is from China, and the other is from Japan. China is the old cultivator and seller of Matcha. On the other hand, the Matcha Tea from Japan is considered best as per users. There is not much difference between two, quality wise, it’s only the taste which is a bit different.  The choice between two depends upon the user.

How To Use Matcha Tea Powder?

The traditional way to make Matcha Tea is by boiling it lightly in water. There is almost boil condition, and then the flame is turned off. The modern methods are however more innovative, and you can use them quickly. For example, you can add Matcha powder to a vegan protein shake. Even you can make Matcha Latte in a similar way as you make your regular latte. Favorite brands have a unique “Matcha” version of their coffees too.

How Many Cups To Take?

The ideal dosage per day is to consume two or three cups of Matcha Tea. If you add more, the chances are that you may feel irritability, heart burn, heavy head feeling, etc. after overdosing. However, if you maintain a healthy dose, it will be enough for you.

The Final Word- Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea is just like a regular green tea. It is bright in color and is available in powder form. Regarding benefits, it has tremendous advantages for health. It is a natural immune booster and helps in many ways. Almost all the advantages of the Matcha Green Tea are due to its anti oxidant count. The high profile of ingredients is the best thing about Matcha Tea. You can easily make it at home. Just boil it in water and use it. The studies on Matcha Tea are not very much, but all the available data suggest that the benefits are not wrong. These advantages are justified and accurate. Above all, it has no side effects. There are absolutely nothing to worry about using Matcha tea. It is a type of tea which is slowly gaining popularity. It is an alternative to coffee and black tea. So if you want a safe, simple ad healthy drink, Matcha Tea is the right choice for you.



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