MenaQ7 Review– The Extensive Health Benefits Revealed

MenaQ7 is a special form of health supplement which is vitamin K. as per general concept; vitamin K is associated with performing various activities inside the body. This review will cover the factors which make MenaQ7 popular products. It will also suggest if you should buy MenaQ7 for yourself or not. The product may not be available in the market or health store near by you, so it will also suggest that from where you can buy MenaQ7.

What Is MenaQ7?

As described earlier, MenaQ7 is a supplement which is enriched with vitamin K-2. A rather common name for this compound is MK7 which is one of the most active and long-lasting vitamins. You might have never come across this name because it is not common. It is not sold under the same name, in fact, many product names are given to it. Also, not many people tend to read the label which tells the chemical. Usually, we remember supplements with their product name.

MenaQ7 is a product name for the same compound. It was introduced to the world in 2012. More than just a random health supplement, MenaQ7 has its back with the clinical trials.

Why Do We Need Vitamin K?

The concept of balanced diet doesn’t only involve fruits and vegetables. The nutritional value of these food items may differ. You have to fulfill the nutritional count and not just eat anything natural. Vitamins are an essential part of the diet, and there are various sources to get these vitamins.

One of such beneficial vitamin is vitamin K which is further divided into K1 and K2. There are water and fat soluble vitamins which are highly beneficial for the body. There is no way the body can deprive of them.

Vitamin K has a role in blood clotting. It is important to understand that if the blood is weak or loses the capacity to clot itself, it is a highly damaging factor for the health over all. The second reason why we need vitamin K is that it is required for the bone density. For stronger and strengthen bones, a sufficient amount of vitamin K is necessary which is not always filled with the food.

That is why you have to take extra supplements like MenaQ7 so that this fundamental requirement is fulfilled.

The Clinical Trial For MenaQ7-What Did It Prove?

MenaQ7 had clinical trial years ago which was done with an aim to certify its efficiency. It was tested over 244 healthy postmenopausal females. The trial wasn’t a previous plan but a long cohort study which lasted for three years. The subjects were studied for the improvement of bone density and structure.

This study was published which introduced the world with the miraculous supplement which you know as MenaQ7 today. Initially started from only one, it now offers many supplements for bone health, women health and osteoporosis support in women. These supplements are ideally designed for the late aged women who have passed menopause.

Who Manufactures It?

MenaQ7 is not the name of a company; it is a product by a company called NattoPharma which is based in Norway. The company only sells vitamin K2 based products and nothing else. So it can’t be tracked for any other product.

How To Do MenaQ7 Work For You?

Just like all other health based supplements, MenaQ7 is in a capsule form. There are 60 capsules in each bottle which mean that the ideal dosage is two capsules a day. You have to take it with water for the full benefits. What makes MenaQ7 helpful for you is more than what you can think. Some of these distinct features are as following.

MenaQ7 offers the purest yet safest form of vitamin K-2. It is pure and concentrated unlike the majority of the similar products from the market.

The supplement uses the most natural form of Vitamin K so that it is easier for the body to take up and utilize it.

Due to both up listed benefits, it is safe to use MenaQ7. It is 100% genuine and works efficiently. Also, it has been endorsed by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its safety. At this moment, it is also affirmed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in the United States by the FDA.

All these factors suggest MenaQ7 be a trustworthy and effective supplement. One has to be specific and careful with the requirement, dosage and safety measures to get desired results.

What Will You Get From MenaQ7?

The health benefits which you will get from using MenaQ7 regularly are as following.

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased bone density
  • Healthy teeth
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Optimum growth in kids

Any Directions To Use MenaQ7?

Like other supplements, using MenaQ7 is easy.  It is a capsule form supplement which you are advised to take daily. The dosage is not same for all; it mostly depends on gender and age. As per natural vitamin K requirements, following is how much vitamin K is required in different categories.

  • Men (18 years and above) require around120mcg per day which is the highest need.
  • Women (18 years and above) require only90mcg per day which is far less than men. Breastfeeding and pregnant women need different levels which depend upon the health status of the mother. Your nutritionist can tell more about it.
  • Children (12-18 years) need30 to 55mcg per day. The kids below 12 years of age also need vitamin K, but the source is mostly food based. Using a supplement is not recommended for them
  • You should not use MenaQ7 if;
  • you are a patient of any cardiovascular disease.
  • You are on any type of medication.
  • You are taking a similar supplement.
  • You are under age.
  • You are taking it with alcohol.
  • You are taking more than the advised dosage.

All these irregularities may lead to harmful outcomes which are unpleasant for the body.

How To Buy MenaQ7?

MenaQ7 is such a good supplement that it cannot be ignored. If you want to try it for yourself, it is available worldwide through its online source.  The website is so helpful that it even provides you the product names, details and where to order them on its online page which can be tracked at  It is an international venture, so where ever you are, you will get to know the place where you can order MenaQ7 on affordable price.

How To Contact The Manufacturer?

The manufacturing company is Norway-based. You can contact them through email. Just write your queries and general shipment questions at You can also call them at (+47) 40 00 90 08. It is their international phone helpline.

The company hold a legit status, the official address of the company, as mentioned on the website is as following. You can even track it for personal satisfaction.

NattoPharma ASA
(Head Office)

Lilleakerveien 2B
0283 Oslo, Norway

The company also has a US based subsiding office. Its location is as following.

NattoPharma USA, Inc.
(North American Subsidiary)

328 Amboy Avenue, Suite D
Metuchen, NJ 08840

For the details, you can write to this subsidiary office at Their helpline for the local customers is (+1) 609-454-2992.

The Final Thoughts On MenaQ7

MenaQ7 is a Norway made supplement which is available worldwide. It is a vitamin K supplement which is essentially required by the body. It can be used by men, women, and children too but for underage kids, always consult a nutritionist before giving it to them. The company is famous for its quality products worldwide, and there is no complain about it.

The beneficial effects of this supplement on the body cannot be ignored. The formula used for making this supplement is scientifically studied, and it is even proved by a clinical trial of the supplement before even launching it for public.

If you want to consider a healthy option for the proper health of your bones and cardiovascular system, MenaQ7 is the best. It is safe and side effect free which means you are not subjected to any hard effects of it.

Read more about why you need vitamin K supplement and order through your country’s dealer of MenaQ7. For more details, visit the official website today.

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