Metabolic Prime – The Smart Way of Reactivating Teenage Genes

Are you looking for ways to be young once again? Do you desire something that can turn the clock back and give you the energy of a teenager?

Time takes its toll as we age and as the count of our birthday increases each year we become more sluggish, fatigued and low on energy. We also put on a lot of weight and have trouble sleeping.  All these are signs of aging and lead to an age related body slow-down. But with Dr Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime program we can reset the clock to our young age.


Metabolic Prime is a workout program that helps you to reverse metabolic aging, as well as lose those stubborn fatty areas, that too in only forty five minutes each week. Metabolic Prime is a proven system that promises a roadmap to fitness for the over 35 years of age. With Metabolic Prime you can drop your workout routines to as little as forty five minutes per week and yet achieve amazing results. But to find out if Metabolic Prime could really live up to that, we have examined this program closely and provided everything we could discover in the following review.

Metabolic Prime is a breakthrough discovery of special type of workouts that enable you to reactivate your teenage genes and allow you to turn back the clock. With Metabolic Prime you might be able to maximize your fitness goals as well as defy aging process. The creator of Metabolic Prime Dr Jade Teta claims that “Metabolic Prime system is capable of resetting anyone’s genetic roadmap back to their physical prime as they experienced in their teenage years”.

Dr Jade Teta is BS in Biochemistry, a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and has been a personal trainer for more than 25 years. He reveals that his program contains world’s fastest workout, comprising of special moves that bring about micro-bursts. The workout lasts less than an hour, i.e. forty five minutes only, with each of those micro-bursting movements taking only 15 seconds. As teenagers we are full of energy and our bodies contain special fitness and age defying molecules in abundance. These special molecules are a reason to our good health, strength, stamina and tight body that we have as a teenager. But as we age these molecules tend to decline and we experience a slow down. But by incorporating Metabolic Prime in our lives we can prime our aging metabolism and re-activate the 5 primary age defying teenager molecules that we used to have in abundance when we were young. These are called Metabolic Priming Activator molecules or MPAs.


Following are the 5 Metabolic Priming Activator molecules found in our bodies:

  1. MPA 1: IL-15

This little molecule is of great importance as it helps in burning huge amounts of fats in our bodies. It is because of this holy grail of body shaping that we are always full of energy in our young age, and we are able to easily lose weight and achieve a handsome physique. IL-15 besides burning fat, helps in shaping your body improving lean muscle and bone density.

  1. MPA2: Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide helps in the dilation and expansion of blood vessels. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to enter the blood stream and flow to every part of the body, to ensure proper and healthy functioning.

  1. MPA 3: Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is found in both men and women and it is known as the Youth Hormone Activator. Lactic acid promotes and boosts the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) in men, while it contributes to the production of HGH in women. Both, testosterone and HGH are important as they provide energy and strength, increase vitality and stamina as well as aid in fat loss.

  1. MPA 4: IL-6

When metabolism takes place, part of the fat stored in our body is utilized for production of energy while rest of it is saved for future need. What IL-6 does is that it causes the fat cells to break free from the lard storage, allowing the body to burn every single trace of fat during metabolism and release high amounts of energy.

  1. MPA 5: IL-8

Il-8 aids in repairing and reconstruction of new blood vessels, to ensure smooth and flawless circulation of blood.


Although these Metabolic Priming Activator molecules are soaring while we are young, but Dr Jade Teta confidently assures that these molecules can now also be resurrected later in life by utilizing the Micro-Bursts outlined in Metabolic Prime program. All it takes is 45 minutes each weak awaken these molecules and be able to feel young all over again.



Inside Metabolic Prime Package you will find downloadable as well as DVD versions of the different phases of the program. These phases are:

  • Awaken: Helps you activate your nervous system and develop a will power to bring your muscles into action.
  • Energize: Boosts metabolism allowing burning of more fat and sugars stored in your body and release high levels of energy, to keep you charged and active.
  • Overload: This comprises of a series of the Micro Bursts creating a 15 minutes workout routine that allows you to boost metabolism, burn fat and activate your teenage molecules, even while at rest afterwards.
  • MAX: This phase contains specifically targeted motions to release and accelerate MPAs inside our bodies.

Along with that, the package also provides useful handouts like Body Transformation Tracker, Super Simple Workout Calendar, Rapid Results Quick Start Guide, 12-Week Metabolic Meal Plans and Body Sculpting Bonus Burnout Workouts.


Anyone who has crossed the age of 30 and looking forward to losing fat and rejuvenation should consider getting their set of Metabolic Prime program because on average, metabolic aging starts accelerating as soon as we turn 30. Therefore, those of you wishing to stay young forever and overcome physical slowdown, and defy age can take great advantage from Dr Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime program in your middle age.


We cannot say for sure whether Metabolic Prime could work wonders or give you overnight results, but it appears that it could help a lot of people who have hectic, time short and stressful lifestyles. The program comprises of scientifically backed exercise techniques thus it won’t cause any risk to your health. Moreover, with 60 days trial period you are given ample time to test this product, and if you are not satisfied you get all of your money back.

The product is exclusively available on the official website of Metabolic Prime.

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