Metabolic renewal review-a lasting solution to weight loss

Metabolic Renewal is a weight loss protocol, created by Dr. Teta. The distinctive aspect of Metabolic Renewal is its specific focus on female physiology and its functioning, tailored for any stage of life.

Female physiology is different from a male regarding the hormonal profile and physique, thereby making the weight loss strategy different in both of them. Where men can lose weight in a matter of days with little effort spent, women have a difficult time losing the same amount of weight. This is because men have more of muscle in their body and less fat storing capacity while women have it designed all opposite. The distribution of fat in a female body is again specified in a manner that is the converse of a male body. Therefore, the code of behavior for weight loss should be different for either sex and Metabolic Renewal is all about this difference presented in a practical form.

How Metabolic Renewal works, what are its target approaches and are they effective enough, let us find and evaluate the subject.

About Metabolic Renewal

Weight loss is not an easy endeavor for women because there are many ambiguities to the process and any case of a failed attempt at weight loss is thrust upon the hormonal imbalances. For a female weight loss procedure, futile and abortive efforts are often given the misnomers, regardless of the age bracket, as

  • Genetic makeup
  • Extra calories consumption
  • Not enough exercise
  • Lack of motivation
  • And when everything is in order, hormonal imbalances

Dr. Jade Teta explains that this is not the case. Based on his clinical experience, he has concluded his observations and presented them as ‘Metabolic Renewal’ in which he has described the female body and its hormonal mechanisms to be the actual tools against weight loss instead of impediments.

The highlights of Metabolic Renewal are

  • Specifically aimed at female weight loss
  • Aids in fat loss around the most stubborn spots as belly fat
  • Can be personalized for females of any age
  • Adaptable and personalized approach that can be modified according to the hormonal changes
  • Caters for fat loss despite any health issues
  • Long-term and lasting results in the form of sculpted body and rejuvenated mind

Metabolic renewal is not a ‘one size’ provisional solution to weight loss but is an individualized advancement that treats the female physiology in its domain and strengthens it. It works along the hormonal variations with time and treats the system as a comrade against fat loss.

The working protocol of Metabolic Renewal

The gears of Metabolic Renewal program are the female hormone system and the metabolic force, both of which act to drive one another. Metabolic Renewal fuels this organization via

  • Caloric intake (food)
  • Caloric burnout (exercise)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Healthy lifestyle activities

Metabolic Renewal actually converts the same mythical aspects to the advantage of a female body’s working that is considered the retarding culprits in weight loss procedure. Dr. Jade Teta believes that the hormonal drive of a female is potent and effective enough on its own to rev up the metabolic rate and by creating the finest combination of inputs, a winning post can be achieved contrary to outdated researches and principles. Dr. Teta is a physician, physical trainer and an expert in naturopathic medicine and has successfully delivered his approach to the wellness of thousands.

The extent to which the female body undergoes hormonal changes through different stages of life is an overwhelming task for the whole system. Dr. Jade Teta has developed Metabolic Renewal in the context of addressing this rollercoaster ride a woman goes through. The main attributes of this program is denoted by 4M, briefly, they are

  • Mindset
  • Movement
  • Meals
  • Metabolic

From a clinical experience of his practice as a physician, Dr. Teta has come to the conclusion that women are more prone to stress and its devastating effects than men (the mental load) and their metabolism is directly proportional to this ‘mental load’. It is the stress hormone, cortisol that in turn disrupts thyroid function and slows down metabolism, leading to weight gain, increased appetite, and cravings. The good news is Dr. Teta proposes a mechanism by which women can reverse the rouge action of cortisol to their advantage in weight loss. The strategy behind mindset is rest, relax and recover with some quality ‘me time’ allowance.

The next step in the M regime is movement, but slightly different from the exercising rituals. These activities are incorporated into daily chores in such a way that they help to keep your stress hormone at a lower level and keep insulin working at optimal so that you burn calories at all times. According to Dr. Teta, these movements are responsible for ‘200% more calorie combustion’ than exercise. Abbreviated as NEAT (non-exercise associated thermogenesis), these movements will help you dump some calories even at rest.

The difference Metabolic Renewal creates is targeting weight loss, not via calorie control but managing through hormonal balance. This results in a long-term remedy in a more natural way than forced dieting. Managing weight via the hormonal gear delivers advantages that are beyond simple weight loss; for e.g. when your hormones are in check, your cravings and appetite remain within the required threshold for your individual physique. Furthermore, Dr. Teta elaborates how the meal pattern follows the different hormonal phases and what kind of food should you be adding to your menus to get the most out of your workouts. In this way, each program is individualized according to your age and hormonal status, revving up the metabolic rate in its own time and you stay on the weight losing plus maintenance track for good.

The last M, the metabolic, is a series of fifteen minutes exercises specially designed to put the least strain on thyroid and adrenals, via cardio, resistance, and fitness training. To be carried out only three times per week, these straightforward workouts can be opted both at home and on the go. Crafted for any age group, the exercises bring out the result without being a burden on heart and lungs, and bone structure.

The overall consequence of the four Ms is a balanced hormonal state with natural caloric control, a superior outlook on weight management without any frustration with the achievement of a sculpted physique, specified and individualized.

 The Metabolic Renewal equipment

The design of Metabolic Renewal includes the following

  • A 12-week body-sculpting workout plan
  • Metabolic Renewal roadmap
  • A 12-week metabolic meal plan
  • Female transformation tracker

Plus bonus

  • Five-minute body-sculpting burnouts
  • The five-step female flat belly formula

What is the most boring aspect of any exercising routine? Time-consuming and monotonous, strenuous routines that drain the motivation out and leave you exhausted, well Metabolic Renewal walks its talk regarding this aspect. The workouts are over before you know it and every day you get to try something new. The 45 seconds intelligent moves cater for the metabolic rate, muscle tone and general fitness at any age. Harmony, inspire, enhance and symphony modes of the workouts keep you motivated enough for twelve weeks by gearing up your hormones, fat burn and metabolic revive via the activation of Growth hormone.

Metabolic Renewal roadmap is all about maintaining the hormones at their best in the face of peaks and troughs of normal daily life.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand as far as weight loss is concerned. Metabolic Renewal is devised with a complete meal diagram to keep the taste buds satisfied and hunger cravings reined in, all according to your specific hormone mapping of the body. As your hormonal status changes from day to day so does your meal options.

Lack of motivation is best kept checked by keeping a track and record of letdowns and hits. The transformation tracker helps one manage their metabolic score, vitality score, PMS score, menopause score, and body shape and weight.

Availability and cost of Metabolic Renewal

Metabolic Renewal caters for an individual’s needs in every manner conceivable.  The best thing about its accessibility is that you can have a choice between two packages

  • The online version with instant access
  • A DVD plus an online version

Therefore, the younger lot who are more at ease with online version can avail it and for those who prefer to have, a hard copy for more ardent reading can benefit from the printable version with DVDs to guide along.

What is more, both of the versions are available at a cost of $60 only.


Metabolic Renewal is overall a perfectly customized strategy for females to take better control of their weight and health. It targets the weight loss dilemma by a completely new prospect of balancing the hormonal status and helps you achieve results via a more natural track. Middle-aged women are a frequent target of weight plateaus and this is a crucial time in their lives as the hormonal imbalances start playing havoc with their bodies. Letting go at this stage can be detrimental to health and Metabolic Renewal helps you take charge of your hormonal status. Once the hormones are tuned neutral, it becomes easy to get motivated and stride towards a better state of health affairs.

Dr. Jade Teta insures results with his 90-day, money back guarantee with a triple promise on his behalf

  • Result oriented practical targets that anyone can achieve
  • Faster results within minimum of time
  • A self-motivated individual, you will want to stick to it
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