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Natural Health Sherpa is an online health management system that claims to offer solutions for better health and vigor based on natural and effective footpaths.

The medical field has evolved with progression and advancement in human life itself. Long before the establishment of conventional and modern medicine, human bodily ailments were dealt with solutions and remedies found in nature.

Since the advent of contemporary therapeutic measures, natural healing and treatment were restricted to certain cultures and traditional methods of healing, around the world.


However, the quandary with modern ways was the various side effects that these were tagged with because many treatment pathways operated on synthetic ingredients and resolutions.

The more traditional course had the glitch of a wide-ranging period to take effect and it came without scientific sponsorship whereas the conventional medicine was research-based.

The current millennium is shifting its focus on natural ways of healing and cure but with the novelty of incorporating study and research into past and present knowledge of disease and cure.

Natural Health Sherpa is an endeavor in the same direction that promises to present solutions to the modern disease patterns via a more natural and holistic approach.

About the team at Natural Health Sherpa

The panel at the Natural Health Sherpa is a group of experienced researchers who are professionals in their specific fields. Via their practice in respective territories, they came across many confrontations with declarations of finding ‘miracle’ treatments for health problems and the ‘unfeasible’ approaches towards them.

The team collaborated to find answers that would satisfy themselves primarily and help the community at large. Here is an introduction to the contributors

  • Marc Stockman – President and Co-founder

A principal name in publishing field related to health and financial issues

  • Jeff Radich – Vice President and Co-founder

A specialist in product marketing, copywriting and relationship marketing

  • Jonny Bowden Ph.D., CNS – Contributing Writer

A board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology, his writing skills are shown by the fact that he is the best-selling author of twelve books. In addition, a supplement-providing establishment ‘Rockwell Nutrition’ runs under his research and executive orders.

  • Ross Finesmith, MD – Research Director and Medical Reviewer

A physician by profession and a passionate medical writer, he delivers his services as a consultant for research protocols, regulatory documentation, and medical content for websites, in addition to rendering services as an investigator for clinical trials at many fronts.

  • Kimberly Day – Natural Health Writer

A researcher in the field of alternative medicine, Kimberly is an established medical writer who has contributed towards the literacy of healing and cure based on her fifteen years of experience in this field.

  • Kathleen Roberts – Natural Health Writer

A believer of ‘natural methods translate into good health’, Kathleen also contributes to Natural Health Sherpa with her feedback on natural ways to health and fitness. Her field of expertise lies with herbs and vitamins of all sorts.

What is the mission statement of Natural Health Sherpa?

The therapeutic protocol at Natural Health Sherpa does not consist of the conventional medical rituals of an appointment at some clinic or series of lab tests but it works by two ways

  • Raising awareness among the community about different health conditions and lifestyle changes to deal with them
  • Spreading the know-how of natural cures and remedies to ward off certain conditions or alleviating their signs and symptoms

Natural ways to treat a disease state are diverse unlike conventional medicine, where the options are limited or numbered as few. Nature has abundant of veiled riches and the promising aspect is the amount of field research being done in this faculty.

The disease burden on an individual is not only physical and emotional but financial status is affected too. This has lead to the conversion of the medical field into a literal business sector with the pharmaceutical industry as its corporate giants.

An individual is caught up in a vicious cycle where a patient might come out of an illness but carries a financial or psychological lumber for the rest of life.

At Natural Health Sherpa, different options are offered with the long-suffering individuals are given the charge of their health in their own hands, because a well-versed individual is always in better control of his situation. These options may include

  • Herbal approaches to treating a disease state as for example CBD preparations
  • Induction of superfoods in your diet as foods rich in antioxidants
  • Supplements in the form of nutrients from natural resources
  • Different approaches to exercise therapy according to age and specific condition encountered
  • Alternative medical procedures as acupuncture and so on

How does Natural Health Sherpa work for you?

It appears that Natural Health Sherpa is yet another information site on alternate methods of treatment but it is not this plain and bare. It is different from its counterparts in many ways. The adornment of this site lies in the

  • Proficiency of the team members
  • The method in which the facts are delivered to you

The specialty and the knack of the panel at Natural Health Sherpa is already shared, let us have an insight to the manner of delivering information. Natural Health Sherpa shares the experience and acquired knowledge of its experts in two different ways

  • Are the natural therapeutic approaches safe for individuals from all lifestyles?
  • Are the natural remedies effective enough for a certain condition in a specified age group?

It is here that this site is highlighted among the others; it uses the expertise and capability of the esteemed members of the Natural Health Sherpa to deliver the most authentic details about the natural ways to combat a condition. For this purpose, reviews of natural therapeutic means backed by research protocol are the main implement.


Take for example

‘The three worst thyroid damaging exercises’,

 ‘Three best carbohydrates for fat burning’,

 ‘Knowing your metabolic type’,

‘Astaxanthin, a deep-sea antioxidant powerhouse’ and more

Natural health Sherpa makes sure that every detail is authentic and proven for efficiency, coming straight from the house of practiced and proficient. The claims of this platform are

“We’ll separate fact from fiction by analyzing the existing scientific data to determine which natural therapies are truly safe and effective, and which are bogus or — worse — dangerous to your health”

At Natural Health Sherpa, a range of reviews on an assortment of topics is presented as chronic disease conditions, menopause and hormonal balance, metabolism boosting myths and facts, the right kind of exercise for your metabolic type, the right kind of food for your hormonal state etc.

Conclusion on Natural Health Sherpa

The world is in a ‘too busy’ state with the health professionals at the apex of this busy-ness, get an early appointment if you are lucky, pay for the time and advice which might or might not work for you.

At one extreme, there are some money-minting issues while at the other, there are some selfless efforts being carried out for the well-being of the society. Natural Health Sherpa might be a little stride for some but achieving great miles, it seems.

There are no initial charges for subscribing to their specific targeted programs as ‘Metabolic Renewal’ but as you progress to upgraded levels; you need to pay the cost of supplements and other details, as evident by some consumer reviews

“Love the info, ordered the program, but they really need to build in a button to close the shopping cart and check out! OR, advise how long this is going to go on! I called support over the telephone to see how to check out, make sure I was going to get my products and stop the webinar! Somewhere there should be a way to end. It begins to detract from the credibility, and I am sure this is a great system and product. Thank you.”

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