The Mindful Vegan Book for the Mindful Herbivores

The eat right plans have gained popularity in the recent past especially over the last decade. There has been numerous diet charts, literature, researches published on this subject. All of these put their own spin on how and what should be eaten in order to reach weight loss & management goals.

The Mindful Vegan is a hunt to veganism for nourishment and sustainability and full of healthy food choices. Veganism also supports animal welfare by discouraging animal killing. Are you following or trying to eat a plant-based diet? Do you desire to avail all the benefits it has to offer? If your answer to all these questions is “Yes” then this publication about vegan lifestyle is for you.

Mindful eating is how you adopt a healthy lifestyle by repeatedly attempting to choose a vegan diet and train your brain and metabolism in accordance with it. This kind of diet rewires the entire lifestyle and happiness calculator of a person.

This sought-after solution helps develop and maintain both mind and body towards balanced nutrition. Veganism is the deciding factor between adopting healthy vegan food choices and numerous failed attempts.

About the Author

Lani Muelrath has been a vegan since 1973, an advocate of environment-friendly natural practices, a certified mindfulness meditation innovator and an award winning health educator. She is also a yoga instructor and strongly practices meditation.

She preaches ethical food choices and voices against animal killing. Lani Muelrath has written three best-selling books, created numerous health and wellness programs and deeply endorses plant-based nutrition and Mindful Meditation.

Her meditation practices and studies took her to India a number of times. It is then when she felt the impulse to study Mindful Meditation and practiced it for over twenty-five years. In her retreat to mindful meditation, she accompanied some of the known teachers of mindful meditation practices. Lani Muelrath has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 27 years now. Lani’s publications are convincing because she provides ethical reasons for veganism.

Lani Muelrath has also been featured on Huffington Post, Prevention magazine, CBS-TV, ABC-TV, USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, and NSPR. Where she created and starred in her own health and fitness television show named “Lani’s All Heart Aerobics”.

Lani served as a consultant and presenter for the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Complete Health Improvement Project, Plant Pure Nation and a guest lecturer at San Francisco State University. The Mindful Vegan has been selected as an obligatory course text book at Butte College where Lani is Associate faculty.

What is inside the book: The Mindful Vegan?

In her book ‘The Mindful Vegan’, Lani teaches how to practice mindfulness and shows how freedomistic it can turn out to be if you just switch your food choices. Lani Muelrath calls it an ultimate living experience and bliss towards the health journey. This publication is an outgrowth of Lani’s personal trial and error experiences.

The Mindful Vegan is backed by science and extensive research. It consists of step-by-step guide, true and relatable personal life stories, with a dash of humor and useful recipes.

This book unties you from the power of compulsive food choices and as a result, sways you with a peace at heart and mind.

With the help of this book, you’ll learn to different ways of mindful meditation and conveniently adopt a vegan lifestyle. Under Lani’s guidance, you’ll discover how eating right and clean gives you good health, overcomes stress, increases happiness and enhance your overall environment.

The Mindful Vegan cultivates peace and happiness in your life so you are directed on a path towards self-satisfaction. This book is designed to help anyone who is tired of bad eating behaviors and is seeking simple diet to shed excess body weight naturally. Lani’s message clearly illustrates all of the above:

“Stop stressing. Start living—and eating—mindfully. Your body and mind will thank you.”

The Mindful Vegan provides you with a plant-based journey to transition your lifestyle and achieve an ideal figure. This book illuminates a holistic approach and understanding towards mindful eating and healthy living.  This expedient piece of literature assists you in getting around your food challenges that revolve around your entire diet regimen.

In an interview Lani Muelrath shares five tips to set yourself up for success if you feel discouraged or are new to veganism these might help.

-FIND OUT your “WHY” and stay connected to it, and build upon it. This is the single most important step of the journey because it is what got you started. Is it health, the environment, or other ethical considerations? Which, by the way, I think is inclusive of health, the environment, and other sentient beings. What we eat, and what we buy to use in our homes, are ethical decisions in all three arenas.

-DISCOVER the simplest, most direct things you can do to move in the direction that you want to go. For example, get more plants ON your plate (there is “plantify” once again!) and move animal products and highly processed foods in the direction of OFF your plate.

-LEARN some plant-based, vegan nutrition basics. Satisfy the questions about protein, calcium, and B12, so that you can be more confident and be basically conversant about these questions that others are going to pose to you.

-TAKE-UP a mindfulness practice, or some PRACTICE that restores your resiliency and allows you to get beneath the surface of reactivity so that you can actually get out of your own way in making lifestyle choices. This is pivotal to success, for it is the only way to see how we have built up automaticity, and the process for navigating fears andallows you to get beneath the surface of reactivity so that you can actually get out of your own way in making lifestyle choices. This is pivotal to success, for it is the only way to see how we have built up automaticity, and the process for navigating fears and anxieties that arise as we try making changes.

-CULTIVATE kindness, compassion, and patience for yourself. This is an outgrowth of mindfulness practices. How we are toward ourselves is how we are toward others. If we want to SKILLFULLY change the world around us, which includes our own behaviors, it’s essential we change our inner world.

My Ending Thoughts on the Mindful Vegan

If you are over or under eating and are deeply indulged in binging over unhealthy foods then follow this book to get rid of all such false cravings. Most of us cease to realize that our mind, environment and habits influence the way we eat. The reason is, we are not mindful when we eat.

Eating is a healthy, natural and joyful activity for curbing the hunger pangs. However, it should not be a mindless activity. In today’s diet obsessed culture full of abundant alternative food materials and diet plans we are often unaware of the long term results they can bring upon.

Eating right plans and transitions are time-taking and difficult but solve our food troubles in the most ethical ways.  Healthy lifestyle switch helps you get rid of guilt-inducing food choices and unleashes you towards a happy well-being. In this way, your mind-body war will end.

The main problem that hinders our way to achieving a healthy and clean lifestyle is the MINDSET. If we simply understand the impact of the foods we eat we’d easily switch. Vegan lifestyle is chosen as an ideal way for weight loss because it is easy to manage even with a disease. Doctors also recommend vegetables in any form of illnesses.

Habits do no change overnight so grab a copy of the Mindful Vegan to get to the roots of your food challenges. Take your new-found plant-based eating journey on the road to success. If we just understand the effects food has on our body we’d come to realize we are living in utter darkness.


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