Misfit Juicery Review – Bringing you Nutritious Beverages from Un-harvested and Wasted Produce

Have you ever given a thought about how long it takes to produce the food we eat? How much hard work does it take for the farmers and growers to supply you with the best quality food? Have you ever wondered the fruits and vegetables we reject because they are bruised, ugly or oddly shaped are thrown directly in the dump, or left unharvested?

According to the World Food Day USA, every year, consumers in industrialized countries waste almost as much food as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (222 million vs. 230 million tons). Surprised right? Well just like there are people deliberately wasting food there are also those who want to combat food waste, and one such movement that we know about is known as the Misfit Juicery.

The Misfit Juicery

Misfit Juicery isn’t actually a juice producing facility, it is, in fact, an interest group that wants to minimize wastage of food that we eat, especially those vegetables and fruits that don’t live up to our expectations of how they should appear and appeal to our eyes. In the current food system about 6 billion pounds of fresh yet imperfect produce goes unsold, un-harvested and wasted; because they are ugly in appearance, they are blemished, they are not straight, they are a bit too bendy etc. The perfectly straight carrots that we buy from the big grocery stores are not the result of a happy accident; those were handpicked by the suppliers before they hit the shelves of a super store. The big sized strawberries weren’t all grown this way, before the box of big fleshy strawberries reached the market, thousands of small sized and asymmetrical berries were simply discarded. The fresh golden apples didn’t grow flawlessly; the bruised and blemished apples were just thrown in the waste bins.

To fight this sort of food waste and bring these unappealing produce to use, Yang and Wong came up with the idea of cold press facility that uses this unwanted produce to make the best juices you will ever find in the market. The facility is known as the Misfit Juicery, where 70 to 80 percent of misfit fruits and vegetables undergo a cold press in order to extract fresh and healthy juices out of them. The mission of Misfit Juicery is to combat this deliberate food wastage and altering our food system where billions of pounds of produce are left un-harvested.

Misfit Juicery has incorporated into its business the concept of repurposing ugly or discarded food so as to cut down on food wastage, which is a growing concern worldwide. And guess what Misfit Juicery is not alone; there are several other food and beverage companies that are now adopting this formula to play their responsible part in minimizing waste produce.

Misfit Juicery would collect all the ugly, oddly shaped and bruised fruits and vegetables from the farms and extract juices out of them; about 70 to 80 percent of misfit, waste and un-harvested produce is being utilized in the Misfit’s juices recipes. And this not only includes the un-harvested produce, but also the discarded items and scraps from grocery stores and retailers are recovered to serve the purpose. These scraps include the discarded parts of vegetables such as the carrot sticks that are cut into a particular shape before being packaged, as well as those cut apples used for making pies but their cores were of no use. All this unwanted produce and scraps goes into the cold press machinery at the Misfit Juicery that transforms them into amazingly delicious fruit juices.

About Cold Press

Cold Pressing is a process in which large grinding machines literally chew the fruits and vegetables put inside them to extract juices. The motors that drive the blenders of the cold press do not heat or boil the produce due to which it is ensured that maximum nutritional content is retained in the beverage, making the juices extremely healthy and delicious. So when you get a juice from Misfit Juicery be assured that you are drinking the most nutritional beverage in the market and at the same time helping the environment by fighting wastage of food.

The Unique and Amazing Blends of Misfit Juicery

Misfit Juicery is about reducing food waste and transforming the unfit produce into cold press juices, in fact, it aims at delivering unique and delicious healthful beverages to its valuable customers. Keeping that in mind, and enriching their drinks with more vital nutrients Misfit Juicery created blends and mixes of fruits and vegetables in order to create the following drinks:

  1. Scream

Scream is a delicious flavor made by incorporating strawberry, pear, lemon and ginger altogether. This drink is loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that not only boost your health but also improve your energy levels so that you can spend the rest of your day fully energetic and active.

  1. The Offbeet

This particular flavor is very helpful for those looking for an instant energy booster. Beets are very beneficial for reducing fatigue and enhancing mood. Moreover, beets also help in detoxifying your body of harmful toxins. Thus those of you feeling a little offbeat should try Misfit Juicery’s amazing blend, Offbeet – prepared from beetroots, carrots, apples, lemon, and ginger. It is a great beverage choice for those working through busy schedules, and want to relieve workplace stress.

  1. 24 Carrot Gold

This is the golden beverage that can make the bunnies envy you. This amazing anti-oxidant and detox beverage has been infused with carrots, apples, turmeric and lemon. 24 Carrots Gold will not only boost your metabolism but it will also elevate your energy levels. And because of the turmeric infused in this blend, it can help people reduce inflammation and bacterial infestations.

  1. Pear to the People

Prepared from pear, cucumber, spinach, and lemon this refreshing drink is a great choice to hydrate yourselves during the heat of the summers.

  1. Far from the Tree

This energizing drink is prepared from apples, lemons, and mint. Far from the tree is a great choice to beat the summer heat.

Final Word

People with their bellies full really don’t care about how food is really produced and how much of it gets wasted on purpose. When we are done with our meals and discard those scraps and leftovers in the waste bin we rarely pause and think about the significance of our action. Wasting food has become a usual routine for us, and this has made the global wastage problem even bigger than we can imagine. But thanks to the companies like Misfit Juicery that aim at preserving the environment and controlling unnecessary wastage. Misfit Juicery makes sure that no produce of vegetables and fruits goes wasted or un-harvested, and it recovers them to produce the best-tasting beverages one can think of.

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