MTS Peak Physicor Review: Is it the best muscle building formula?

MTS Peak Physicor is a non-hormonal pre-workout supplement manufactured by a famous brand MTS Nutrition, which is designed to help in increasing the muscle size and strength, and enhancing their overall physical performance during workout with the help of an all-natural performance boosting formula. The elements formulated in the supplement are regulated to deliver maximum amount of dietary nutrients and muscle increasing elements to amplify the muscle mass and also help lose extra fat in the body.

The exclusive formula blend effectively and safely increases the energy levels and enhance the endurance level of the body to withstand longer and harder workout sessions in the gym and also eliminating extra fat in the body. All the ingredients found in the supplement are 100% natural and organic which makes MTS Peak Physicor safe to consume without the fear of side effects. The supplement is especially designed for bodybuilders, weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to boost their performance and shed off unwanted bulk.

Manufacturer Information

The product is manufactured by a reputable organization, MTS Nutrition. The company has produced a large product line with highest quality standards and prides itself on using the most advanced elements rather than the propriety blends as seen on other supplement brands. With the release of MTS Peak Physicor, the manufacturer aims to provide a supplement with a scientifically backed formula that has shown definite increase in muscles and strength. It is easy to access the company as they have a very active presence on social platforms and one can easily reach them in case of any queries.

How MTS Peak Physicor Works?

MTS Peak Physicor contains natural and organic elements that work in a blend by raising the energy levels and increasing strength of the muscles to withstand endurance during longer and challenging sessions of workout. The formula also promotes lean muscle development resulting in stronger and bigger muscle mass. Incorporating the supplement in daily routine will increase fat burning in the body leading to more room for muscle development.

MTS Peak Physicor outshines other supplements when it comes to the real scientific research backing the claims made by the supplement. The formula has been clinically approved and tested on humans against a placebo product. MTS Peak Physicor has evidently shown to:

  • 2x increase in bench press strength
  • 2x increase in leg press strength
  • 11% increase in endurance
  • 5x increase in lean body mass
  • 2% decrease in body fat

Other products in the market claim a lot of benefits but they lack scientific evidence. MTS Peak Physicor has conducted necessary scientific studies to prove its efficacy. It is also noteworthy that the supplement is completely non-hormonal which makes it safe to use for both men and women. The supplement is recommended to anyone looking for muscle composition and strength.

Ingredients of Alpha Ripped

MTS Peak Physicor is a non-hormonal supplement that provides a complete muscle building solution. The supplement is probably qualified to be one of the most unique and proven supplements available in the market. The formula contains a mix of following two ingredient blends:

  • Physicor Blend 500mg

This blend contains Fenugreek and 70% Oligosaccharides. Fenugreek is traditionally used to help in boosting libido and increase testosterone levels. It is also known to control insulin and glucose levels.

  • Peak O2 1000mg

This blend contains a mix of difference species of mushrooms including Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane and Shittake. The names may sound odd but the scientific research on the composition has yielded amazing results. The blend has been shown to increase levels of endurance and performance.


  • The supplement promotes the burning of extra fat in the body.
  • It cuts the extra weight and gains more fitting shape.
  • It also promotes growth of lean mass and buildup of bigger and stronger muscles.
  • It enhances muscles strength and endurance.
  • It improves peak performance during workout.


  • The product can only be ordered online and is not available in retail stores and drug stores.

Users Review

Stan: “As I got retired a year ago and I thought about getting myself into better shape, I found that I was lacking something. I would get tired too quickly during sets and whatever I accomplished didn’t amount to much at all. So my brother – who is a body builder – suggested me to give this supplement a try. I wasn’t sure at first as I hadn’t tried supplements before in my life and was sort of against using them. But then I started using it regularly before workouts and I started noticing that my energy level had risen. And after using it for a few weeks, I can even keep with other guys at gym.”

Rob: “I have been bodybuilding for over 10 years and I never came across before a supplement that delivers such high amount of muscle composition and strength that I got from MTS Peak Physicor. I use it for all my workout routines and have already recommended it to my training buddies.”

Instructions and Precautions

The supplement comes in the form of capsules that are easy to digest. It is vital to follow the correct instructions of dosage provided along with the product. Another important thing to remember is to drink a good amount of water daily so the body functions work smoothly and effectively. Over dosage is completely discouraged, and it is also not advised to cut the dosage as it would not yield proper results. Teenagers should avoid using the supplement as it may interfere with their growth hormones. The supplement should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid exposure to heat and humidity. It is advised to consult a doctor in case one is suffering from any medical condition.

Where to Purchase?

MTS Peak Physicor can only be ordered online through company’s official website. The product is not available in retail stores. All the information relating to the supplement and user reviews are available on the website. The manufacturer can be contacted through email or phone call which is given on the website. Visit the website and fill the required information for the order to be processed. Then make the payment using different options available. Once the order is confirmed, it will be processed and dispatched to the address. Orders take about 3 working days to be delivered to the doorsteps.

Final Verdict

MTS Peak Physicor is a powerful muscles building supplement that helps to increase the energy levels and promote lean muscle mass. It is a made of natural, organic and clinically proven ingredients that are considered safe for consumption without fear of chemical reaction or side effect. The formula effectively boosts muscles strength and endurance, increases fat burning and also increases performance during workout. The supplement is intended to be used a few minutes before starting a workout session in order to maximize its effects.

MTS Peak Physicor is designed to give added physical performance, and improved stamina and endurance. There may be a free trial being offered on the supplement. The manufacturer makes a convincing case to trying out this muscle building product without any risk, and to rid the body of extra fat and also enhance performance during workout routine with improved physical strength during and after workout sessions.

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