Muscle Gain Truth Program for Building Muscle by Sean Nalewanyj – A Truth or Gimmick?

In order to have a great muscular body, not everyone is fortunate enough to be a born muscular. If it all came in genes half the people wouldn’t ever tread even. But that’s just a partial belief.

Many of us have had a share of disappointments over scammed bodybuilding and fitness programs those over-promise and under deliver with an extortionate price. And not to forget the time and effort wasted by beating your body and muscle weight on a wrong sluggish state.

For all the scrawny kids out there, whose fate has doomed them with a thin and sleek body, try this out to get out of the misery.

About Sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj is a well-known bodybuilder, online fitness and muscle building coach and a best-selling fitness author. He has helped thousands of people to build muscle, lose fat and improve not only their bodies but their lives too.

Sean has gone through this phase of being skinny and weak himself and understands the bullying and being pointed out. Because of his understanding and knowledge of the struggle of muscle growth he is highly capable of coaching the ones with no muscle at all.

After being a scrawny kid, Sean discovered the truth about what it really takes to build muscle size and strength. He honestly voices the facts and tells it straightly without any exaggeration.

Sean Nalewanyj has studied several books about bodybuilding, workout programs, exercises, routines, principles, diets, nd supplements, and he then created his muscle building system based on all the information he gained throughout the many years of research and experimentation.

Sean is a living proof of his own system and depicts how effective his system really is. From a scrawny 125-pound teenager, he has become a totally shabby 200-pound muscular man. He accomplished this at a very young age just by educating himself through books, magazines, trying out supplements, diets etc.

“The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System” even made it in the New York Times, describing it as one of the most popular online muscle mass gaining program to date.

Who is Muscle Gain Truth System designed for?

The muscle gain truth system is for people who want to become big and muscular. This program is built on a classic bodybuilding approach of gaining muscle where you bulk up by training hard and eating heaps and then cutting down to trim.

If you are willing to take your workout and eating regime to the next level then this program is for you.

The program is more about looking good rather than enhancing your athletic performance. It focuses primarily on lifting weights to make you look huge rather than helping you get stronger, faster or more powerful with confidence.

Unlike other muscle mass building solutions, muscle gain truth is specifically designed for skinny people who want to gain muscle mass in no time. Many people suffer from this problem where nothing seems to be putting on weight no what or how much they eat.

Sean Nalewanyj’s the truth about building muscles is best for your skinny self. He has discovered and created a system to help skinny people like you to build more muscle and get the ideal body you’ve always dreamt about. It has been proven to be so successful that the New York Times magazine had featured it.

The truth about building muscle will tell you secrets that the pros use in their training. It will also guide you regarding the time you need to spend in your workout. It also teaches about the compound movement and why this is important. The information on free weights and muscle building machines is also included.

What is the Muscle Gain Truth System?

Muscle Gain Truth is an innovative strength building and muscle bulking program designed created by Sean Nalewanyj based on his personal experiences.

Drop by the Muscle Gain Truth website where Sean reveals a story written by him, in which he describes his body transformation from a weak, scrawny teen to a fit, powerful and muscular lad using the knowledge provided inside his personally put together Muscle Gain Truth package.

Muscle Gain Truth is one of the most popular and effective strength building programs available online. Muscle Gain Truth package includes several components that can be delivered online in your Mac and Windows Operating system compatible formats.

The e-book, one of the components provides an introduction to the program. While the other component called ‘personal training software and body tracking transformation software’ offers communicative features based on your strength and progress of body building goals.

Sean Nalewanyj personally backs the Muscle Gain Truth system where he openly allows and invites new members to join in by sending him a personal email. He also answers all your personal queries that are not answered in the personal training software or regarding the program itself or your personal fitness. Simply write him an email and he’ll resolve your issues with a quick reply.

Muscle Gain Truth fitness program offers guaranteed visible and significant physical results within 12 weeks. In case of dissatisfaction after purchasing Muscle Gain Truth fitness program, you can confidently take advantage of the company’s no-questions-asked 60 day return policy.

-The Program Includes

  • The Truth about Muscle Gain Ebook
  • 26 week workout plans and printable Logs
  • Video Exercise Database
  • Online Muscle Building Video Lesson Series
  • An mp3 course on Bodybuilding mistakes
  • A Program Tracker
  • 3 months of email support backed by Sean himself
  • 8 Week unconditional money-back guarantee

There is also an upgrade feature offered in his program that includes tips and tricks on staying consistent and avail free lifetime personal coaching.


  • It is an ultimate program with useful exercise and nutrition tips.
  • The EBook dispels all muscle building myths.
  • The video exercise lessons in muscle gain truth are very critical especially for beginners.
  • The Online by body part video series is very helpful especially if you want to build muscle of a specific body part such as your chest or arms.
  • A program tracker helps track results which is a very impulsive feature for moving forward with consistency while keeping a track of your progress.


  • The warm up technique Sean talks about is not quiet workable.
  • All the components given inside the Muscle Gain Truth fitness package require high- end gym facility or access to heavy duty body building machines and tools.

So, it is not very flexible and helpful for people with fewer resources and who are seeking help in least accessible scenarios. This can be a major deal breaker a sign of inconvenience for many people.


The Muscle Gain Truth fitness program costs $ 77.00 and is delivered in an entirely online format. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, allowing you to receive a full refund of the purchase price if you aren’t satisfied with the features. Muscle Gain Truth offers customers a number of payment options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

Wrapping up Thoughts

If you are skinny and desperate to build muscle mass then Muscle Gain Truth Program offers you everything it takes to maintain and develop muscles.

Muscle Gain Truth is a perfect virtual solution for anyone who desires to build strength. Whether your goal is to attain a muscular body for a muscle mag cover photo, bathing suit or an entirely working muscular body, this program solves it all.

This program is aggressive yet judicious and greatly stresses upon the role and importance of weight lifting but in a moderate balanced way.

With that said, there’s something noticeable and that is that the Muscle Gain Truth is not an ideal practice for those who intend to bulk up from the comfort of their own homes. Despite the fact that the program provides flexible ways for people with busy schedules, still the included materials need you to access a high quality gym.

Although Muscle Gain Truth guarantees to produce results within 12 weeks, you should not just raise the bar high for 12 week completion. The program further explains that building a muscular body is an ongoing process and can take longer than expected for some people.

The long-term workout plans and such comprehensive nutritional information proves the fact that Sean and his company are determined to help people get successful with their extensively reachable strength training program.


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