Nephure Review – Low-Oxalate Solution

With the increase in cognizance and health concerns, people are beginning to study the ingredients used in the food products they consume more and more every day. They analyze and study about their after effects on the body.


As a result, many diet plans and products are revolutionized which restrict your carbohydrates intake and guide you towards the gluten free system. Despite these out-numbered diet practices there still are many that lack significant science. There is one diet that is acquiring quite a lot of popularity these days called the ‘The low oxalate diet’.

The low oxalate diet has been clinically proven and highly recommended by the doctors to reduce kidney stones and the risks it fetches on the body. In addition to that, it also offers a wide range of other health benefits.

As the name suggests, oxalate is the prime notion behind the formation of this diet. Oxalate is a compound found in different plants that impact body’s nutrition negatively. It is known as an “anti-nutrient” that is released into the digestive system to bond with the acute micronutrients by making them unapproachable to the metabolism.

In addition to oxalate’s role as an anti-nutrient, it also escalates the risk of kidney stone development intensely which is an extremely painful and dangerous issue. An average person consumes about 200mg to 300mg of oxalate every day which can negatively affect the overall nutritional intake.

In order to prevent from the diverse effects of oxalate on the body, health conscious individuals pursue a low-oxalate diet to minimize the total oxalate intake. It’s possible to increase the nutrient intake and boost urinary tract health by eliminating oxalate-rich foods such as chocolate, nuts, spinach, potato, and beetroots and replace all oxalate products with healthier options.

But one’s diet gets extremely bound and restricted after excluding these food choices. Fortunately, we have a revolutionizing and innovative dietary enzyme supplement that is capable of breaking down the oxalate content in food and free up the nutritional content. With this, the health-conscious individuals will no more have to limit diet options and sacrificing some dietary choices.

Customarily, foods that don’t have high nutritional value are supplemented with nutrients known as fortified foods, which you are scarcely available in local stores. Some common examples of fortified foods include milk with added vitamin A and D, table salt fortified with iodine, and orange juice with calcium supplementation.

Whereas, Nephure does not add nutrients to your food, but instead removes the so-called “antinutrients.” As the name indicates, anti-nutrients work against the nutritional value of your food by linking some particular nutrients, making them unavailable for your body to absorb.

Therefore, by removing these very anti-nutrients, you can fully benefit from the nutrients present inside your food with every bite taken.This is where Nephure differs from fortified food products. Instead of adding nutrients to your food, Nephure disentangles the nutrients within your routine diet that were there all along.

This innovation also allows you to take control of your health and nutrition without restricting your dietary options, which is a conventional health solution that can be very challenging to stick to in long-term. By targeting anti-nutrients contained by your food, Nephure converts your favorite foods into healthy superfoods, allowing you to keep them in your daily diet.

Nephure is a new and groundbreaking dietary supplement that decreases oxalate intake as well as break up the oxalate, allowing the body to absorb it. In order to minimize your oxalate intake, add it to any beverage or sprinkle on any food item.

Product Information

Nephure is a dietary supplement that works differently than other micronutrient supplements saturating the market today. Instead of providing the body with additional nutritional content, the Nephure formula unlocks the dietary content that is already in regular dietary intake. The Nephure formula essentially transforms any oxalate-rich food into a superfood by dramatically enhancing the bioavailability of the grave nutrients they contain.

The Nephure formula is the result of ten-year extensive research performed with the funding and sustenance from the National Institute of Health. This intensive research and development process results in a simple, easy to use powdered enzyme supplement that is able to directly break down oxalate without any negative side effects.

The Nephure formula has been approved by an independent third party panels as GRAS, or generally regarded as safe, and is expected to fulfill the FDA requirements for official FDA GRAS certification in the second quarter of 2017, after which point it will be available to order.

Nephure Working Procedure

The secret ingredient in Nephure is a protein that is capable of digesting anti-nutrients. When this protein bumps into the anti-nutrients, it breaks them down into small pieces safely. Oxalate is the targeted anti-nutrient by Nephure.

Oxalate is a small compound that bonds with the nutrients like calcium and magnesium in your food. Nephure breaks down oxalate into carbon dioxide and formic acid which are safe compounds that we encounter every day preventing it from binding to nutrients.

Nephure frees the body’s absorbed calcium and magnesium by removing oxalate from your diet. Oxalate can be very harmful if ingested in greater quantity, it is basically a waste product. It is a component of the kidney stone formed inside your body.

Nephure works through a very effective and simple mechanism that can aid in achieving health empowerment. Oxalate characteristically bonds to calcium and magnesium, which can remove a significant amount of electrolytes from the digestive tract, making them unreachable to the metabolism.

Once these bonded oxalate and nutrient compounds come into contact with the Nephure formula, however, the resulting digestive process releases the critical micronutrients back into the body, significantly improving the nutritious value of food.

In addition to providing the health conscious consumers with the only oxalate-reducing supplement on the market, Nephure also provides a comprehensive catalog of low-oxalate foods and diet systems on their official website.


High oxalate content in diets is growing in number; a large number of people are facing health problems due to it and looking for ways to decrease it. An estimated number is 1 out of 10 people are advised every day to look after their kidney and urinary tract health.

These very people need to strictly follow a low-oxalate diet as a part of their lifestyle. Oxalate-packed foods include rice, seeded veggies like tomatoes, spinach etc that are consumed commonly and many of us are unaware of the side effect.

Nephure educates consumers by empowering them to lead a healthy lifestyle through oxalate reduction and by watching a low-oxalate diet regimen. It is the only potential supplement solution that can lower the oxalate content of food.

Whether you are just a diet conscious fellow without any medical reason or following any low oxalate diet, Nephure is the solution you should opt for. It will increase the nutrient value of your food by helping you succeed in a health and wellness.


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