Neumentix- A Phenolic Support For Memory And Focus 


The world has become a big global network. People have become busier in their routines as they were never before. Everything is in a continuous motion. This increased people to people interaction has been increased to a record level. Social media, personal connections, work, studies have made the interaction even more active. Increased social responsibilities and multi-tasking need high mental capabilities. Even when the technology has made the life easier, the cognitive functions still need to be enhanced. To achieve this status, Neumentix is a new supplement for playing effective roles.

About Neumentix

Neumentix is a revolutionized phenolic complex which has a natural formula. It provides the users with enhanced capacity of memory, concentration and multitasking ability. Using this supplement will make you more focused towards simple life tasks in the busy routine around us.It supports, the memory and sharpness of the users. It makes you remember things.

Neumentix uses a specialized ingredient formula which is derived from spearmint plant. The wisely chosen blend is proved to be memory booster. It is for all the people who struggle to manage things. They constantly forget the important tasks. Neumentix welcomes the attention for the user. The improved memory helps to remember notes, important events, meetings and the assignments.  Failing the memory can make people fall in serious situations which may end in a psychological condition.

Outcomes of Neumentix

o    Neumentix has numerous benefits to offer. Some of the few benefits are stated as following.

o    It helps the users to attain a certain level of activeness. It uses a system which promotes the nerve to nerve connection and the response to a stimuli are improved.

o    It helps to sharpen the memory. It makes events and important tasks not to be missed by us.

o    It modifies your responses.

o    It helps to improve focus and concentration.

o    It helps to assist in improving coordination of brain with the different part of the body.

o    It supports the out of the box thinking and innovative ideas.

o    It improves your mood and restricts mood swings or abnormal cravings.

o    It helps you to enjoy a peaceful and complete sleep, it provides rest to your body sell thus stress is released.


These are only a few advantages with come with this miraculous product. Neumentix is one of the few products which are tested, clinically trained and verified by the higher authorities for its effective working. It has been made after years of research and modifications. The version which is available in the market is not the one which was initially designed. A continuous process was followed which made changes and tested them and finally a product with maximum support to nervous system was developed.

Another plus point which Neumentix has is that it has no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients in it. It is a safe choice for everyone. People who are concerned about healthy parameters can start taking it without a second thought.

Good food, healthy routine and external aid in the form of Nootropic supplements when combined, make the perfect formula for a better life.

What Makes Neumentix Effective?

The most important role for making Neumentix effective is its ingredients. It is made from phenolic molecules which are extracted from spearmint plant. For the question on the quality of this ingredient, the manufacturers cultivate their own spearmint farms which are carefully managed for the highest quality yield. This ingredient source is much more potential than all other sources which any supplement manufacturer can offer.


The phenolic formula of Neumentix is a finely mixed combination of around 50 compounds, some of which include;

  • Rosmarinic Acid
  • Salvianolic Acid
  • Lithospermic Acid
  • Caftaric Acid

These compounds combined overall increases the effectiveness of the product. The multivalent benefits which are offered by Neumentix are as following.

o    It helps to reduce and eventually remove oxidative stress at a cellular level.

o    It protects the neurons and improves the neuron to neuron interaction.

o    It enhances the level of neurotransmitters which result in timely cellular communication followed up by appropriate body response.

o    It supports the neurons for their potential.

Remember all these benefits are attained by the source which is herbal. It means it has zero side effect and health risk associated.

Availability And Purchasing

Neuromentix is available in various forms . Some of the major choices for Neumentix are;

  • Memory Matters by Bricker Labs
  • Spearmint Phenolic Complex and Neumentix by Swanson Health Products
  • CogniBrain by NutriCology
  • Advanced NeuroPlus by Allergy Research Group

All these supplements are available online on official websites only for $14 which is a timely offer.  It is important to order a health related supplement via authentic website only. It is manufactured by a USA based company which ships the product to your doorstep.


Neuromentix is a cognitive support supplement which helps to boost the natural working off nervous system. It includes focus, memory, concentration and response. This supplement is available in oral tablets/capsules which are advised to be taken once daily. It promises to improve your mental abilities, mood, food habits, energy, and stamina. All these changes provide an overall health shift to a higher level.


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