Neumentix Review– A Newest Edition In Nootropics


Nootropic supplements are slowly making their name in the health supplement market. The use of nootropics or cognitive enhancing supplements has lately become famous among users which are undergoing aging.

For some reason, the nootropics have been associated with older people, considering that they need more of it. However, it is not a universal thing. Now, even high profile professionals, students, and everyone need it.

Nootropics aren’t medicines, they aren’t a drug and obviously not a treatment for any health issue. Using nootropics doesn’t mean that one is suffering from a mental condition. It means that the user just wants some extra energy and boost to perform better in all brain works.

There are a lot of options if you want to go for a nootropic purchase. Certain ingredients are best cognitive boosters such as Ashwagandha, Maca root etc. So reading the ingredient list and information on how it works is always a wise idea. Cognitive functions need more accuracy and highly précised administration to make people excel in their professions.

Using a nootropic supplement gives you a good memory, sharp focus, improved concentration and enhanced analytical skills. It enables a person to multitask, making each task efficient.

Neumentix is a phenolic complex which is a herbal based nootropic supplement by Kemin. It is thought to be effective against the common day problems. This article is a detailed review on if Neumentix is worth trying or not.

What is Neumentix?

Neumentix is a herbal cognitive booster which is made to support the work of the human brain. The idea behind the creation of Neumentix is to formulate something which improves the memory and focus of users. It also enforces the multitasking ability which is a 100% plus point in today’s world.

The ingredients of Neumentix are extracted from a plant called Spearmint. It has a formula which has proved to be the most user-friendly by its advantages. It is a safe recipe which helps thousands of people to perform well in their routine tasks.

What do you get from using Neumentix?

The benefits of Neumentix are majorly linked with the brain. Using Neumentix enables all its users to excel in life by improving the quality of their work. Be it an important office project or a class test, even the household tasks need our complete attention which is divided most of the times. In this case using Neumentix is a support which makes its users one step ahead of all other people.

The benefits of Neumentix are not just verbal. It has been tested scientifically to prove its efficiency. So it’s one of its own type of cognitive enhancing supplement which has a research based evidence to proof it’s working. There are two prime advantages of using Neumentix

  1. Memory Enhancing
  2. Multi-tasking support

The company which manufactures Neumentix ensures that there are no synthetic ingredients, additives or harmful components inside its formula. It is totally natural which uses the bioactive compounds of spearmint plant only.

This is in a capsule form like all other dietary supplements and is advised to be taken with water daily. The company ensures productive results only in one month of using Neumentix however, it may take up to three months to show up any positive thing in a user. Regularity and consistency are two things which determine the work efficiency of Neumentix for your body.

One less common benefit of Neumentix is that it regulates the sleep cycle. So if you are suffering for irregular sleeping patterns, using Neumentix is an extra benefit for you. It will not only sharpens your brain, make your thinking clear but also make you sleep peacefully. The next morning, your body and brain both will be in excellent form to kick boost the work. Whole this idea sounds sane and logical and there is no impossible promise in it. It further strengthens the efficacy of Neumentix formula, which makes its makers sure for its high performance.

The major benefits of using Neumentix are as following.

  • It improves your memory.
  • It reduces the stress from the brain.
  • It makes the oxygen supply smooth for the brain.
  • It makes sure that all the vital nutrients are supplied to the brain.
  • It enhances the capacity to remember and recall things.
  • It maintains a healthy blood pressure.
  • It improves the working of the brain.
  • It increases the analytical capacity of the brain which ensures multitasking at best.
  • It improves mental abilities.
  • It makes the focus more intense.
  • It improves concentration.
  • It ensures a peaceful sleep.

What are the ingredients in Neumentix?

The structure of Neumentix involves phenolic molecules which are taken from spearmint plant. Spearmint is not a random ordinary plant which the company selected by the way and extracted molecules from it.

The manufacturing company of Neumentix is called “Kemin” that has a systematic approach to produce and improve the quality of its products. It has a department called “Specialty Crop Improvement” (SCI) which conducts researches on plants for their possible potential as a brain booster. For now, they are cultivating their own spearmint crop which will be used for making Neumentix as it gets mature.

Selecting “spearmint” over random plants means that spearmint has something highly beneficial which makes it a powerful ingredient. Other than spearmint plant, the formula of Neumentix includes several other ingredients as co-components. They are more or less 50 in number. A few of these components are as follows.

You might feel that the power of Neumentix is solely because of spearmint plant. That is not true. As a matter of fact, the formula is effective when spearmint has added ingredients in it too. Without the extra ingredients and the perfect composition, the Neumentix may not be as effective as it is now.

How does it Work?

Working of Neumentix is simple. It helps in more than one stages of the brain. It strengthens the brain cells, repairs the damages and boosts them to work well for future. It improves the blood flow, by which all the necessary nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants make their way to brain cells. It manages the release of certain hormones i.e. serotonin which supports the memory building to be powerful. It will refresh your brain and the result is an overall improved mental performance in all your tasks.

Key features of using Neumentix

Following are some striking features of Neumentix which are common in all its regular users.

It reduces oxidative stress. All of us understand that the body is undergoing so many functions at the same time. When we are not eating healthy, or are on excessive medicine usage, it creates oxidative stress which creates a fatigue like feeling in the body. Neumentix has been loaded with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which remove this oxidative stress. It also releases the harmful free radicals and toxins. Eventually, the result is a fresh and toxin-free body.

It protects the brain cells. Brain cells are highly specialized cells which do not resemble any of the other cells of the body. They are called neurons and they are highly specialized for their functions. Using Neumentix covers the neuron with an extra protective layer which reduces the sudden damages to them. Once damaged, neurons cannot be regenerated. So it is an immensely needed factor to protect the neurons from damage and injury. Fortunately, Neumentix does that for us.

It makes improves the intracellular signaling and message delivery better. The messages are transmitted in the form of neurotransmitters in the body. A regular use of Neumentix ensures the production, transmission and reaction mechanism of these messages to be safe and effective. It improves the memory, enhances focus and concentration also it increases the vitality of the user body.

Various scientific studies have proved that Neumentix helps to increase the neuron development rate. This is exceptional property which no other brain enhancing supplement shares.

Is Neumentix Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe to use. This supplement has a herbal formula which doesn’t interact with any other organ, thus it has no side effect linked. It is not a medicine so it doesn’t heal any medical issue. It is just a cognitive booster which improves the working of the brain.

Scientific Evidence Of Neumentix

Neumentix has been launched after years of scientific research and clinical trials. There is a lot of data to support the promises of its manufacture. In a trial study, people were given 900mg of Neumentix to test. The results after sometime showed remarkable progress. The memory was improved by 15% and the working memory was improved by 9% Other improved factors were concentration, focus, strength etc.

Neumentix has also been studied to regulate the sleeping cycles. It has been checked under a three-month RDBPC study where the 900mg dose was given to the users. The next day, they felt a positive change and refreshing energy after a complete cycle of sleep. It ensures that Neumentix does help for sleeping patterns improvement. All these effects are completely side effect free.

Directions to use it

Neumentix is just like your regular multivitamin or antioxidant supplements. It is available in a capsule form. The capsules are contained in a jar which holds 30 capsules in it. This is one month supply which suggests using one capsule daily. The only precaution to use Neumentix is to swallow it with water or fruit juice. Never combine it with alcohol or a frizzy drink. It is highly effective when you take it after a meal.  However, you need your doctor’s advice on using Neumentix in the following cases.

  • If you are an underage person i.e. below 18 years age.
  • If you are already taking any other nootropic.
  • If you are on a medication.
  • If you are a patient of any brain related disease.
  • If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

About The Company

Neumentix has been manufactured by various companies and names but the product which we are talking about is made by Kemin Industries.

Kemin Industries is not just a single product company like most of the supplement companies. It is a wide network of products which are so many things to offer. The products range from animal nutrition to human health. They are highly administered as per their work. They share all the information of their status and a product because they believe it’s a customer’s right to know what is the purchasing and using.

They are open for questions and queries.  All the products made by Kemin Industries are bio-secure and show traceability of ingredients. It ensures the final product to be a high quality and effective one.

Although it is a USA based company it operates in all major regions of the world. For example, it has its locations in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Russia, South America and China. All the addresses, contact number and email addresses of the corresponding customer care by region is available on the official website of Kemin Industries.  The address of its corporate headquarter is as following.

Corporate Headquarters

Kemin Industries, Inc.
1900 Scott Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa USA 50317

They can be contacted on the telephone number which is +1 515 559 5100. The customer care line for Kemin headquarter office is +1 800 777 8307 which is toll-free. They can also be contacted via Fax by sending it to  +1 515 559 5232.

 How To Purchase Neumentix?

Neumentix is available online for purchase. For now, there are many supplement names by which it is available. Some of them are as follows.

  • Memory Matters by Bricker Labs
  • Spearmint Phenolic Complex and Neumentix by Swanson Health Products
  • CogniBrain by NutriCology
  • Advanced NeuroPlus by Allergy Research Group

The complete detail on each one of them is available online. The product is available for 14-day trial offer by paying just $4.96. If you are satisfied with the results, you will be charged $89.56 for it which is the actual price of Neumentix.

However it is a trial offer and allows the user to return back the product if he isn’t happy with it. The time limit is really short i.e. 14 days. Any complaints cant not be processed after this deadline. Make sure you cancel your subscription on time, or you will receive one month supply each day without ordering it. This system is self-administered auto renewal plan so you have to be careful about it.

Challenges And Risks involved

Neumentix is a nootropic by Kemin which is very famous for the amazing benefits that it provides. Its website makes every effort to proof it to be an effective brain booster but there are a few things which are not even mentioned on the website.

There is no information on if Neumentix is approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) or not.

  • There is no information on if it follows a GMP cycle or not.
  • The price is significantly high than all similar products.
  • The trial period is very short.
  • The links to scientific research which are said to be a proof of Neumentix efficacy are not available on the website.
  • There is no rating on the website which tells if the product is selling out or not.
  • There are no user reviews to tell if the product is actually helpful or just playing with words in the description.

All these factors make Neumentix status a little shady. Though there is no hard to try, yet the website lacks to major information regarding the product.

The Kemin has a fully developed website which has all the required information for the future customers. It also has locations where you can find these products, as per your local area. For more details, check the website and try Neumentix yourself.

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