Nitridex review – Can it really make you bigger?


Nitridex is a fast acting, male enhancement formula that delivers longer and harder erections on demand. The supplement is an effective tool to maximize the pleasure by increasing the size of the organ as well as enhancing the performance between the sheets. Nitridex accomplishes all these upshots with the help of its natural and powerful ingredients that work to bring both short-term and long-term benefits.

There are many male enhancing supplements that claim to bring the alpha male out. However, very few supplements claim to accomplish an on-demand erection with the addition of amplified sexual endurance.

Having a failed or inadequate erection at the time of need can be an utmost embarrassing situation. The creation of Nitridex aims to target the subject issue with specific ingredients with clinical validation to bring an end to the humiliation and shame of a lifeless organ, small penis syndrome or a futile erection.

How does Nitridex achieve that target? Is it any different from other supplements with the same claims? Should you be investing in Nitridex? Is it safe from side effects? The following review will analyze the supplement to answer the questions form a customer’s point of view to ease any purchase decision.

What are the claims of Nitridex?

Nitridex is a male enhancement supplement containing ingredients with a specific target; to increase the male size. The supplement sets off the increased size with matching sexual endurance. It, thereby, completes the whole sequence of a vigorous performance that ends up building an increased self-poise and confidence.

The penis is a mesh of muscle, nerves and blood vessels. Where nothing much is possible to do to the muscle and nerve, enhancement in the blood supply is possible. Consider the example of a balloon; when a new balloon is inflated, it is resistant and may not increase to its original size.  However, if the same balloon is inflated and deflated number of times, it produces elasticity and stretch. After some attempts, the size to which the balloon is blown is increased.

Without disturbing the natural hormonal profile of the body, Nitridex increases the local production of nitric oxide in the chambers of the penile structure. Nitric oxide is responsible for an increased blood supply at the site of action. Therefore, Nitridex brings instant relief to small penis. With continued use, it brings about local changes in the penis to make it bigger in size as a lasting solution.

Here are some benefits Nitridex states after a regular use

  • Nitridex delivers five times the enlargement result as compared to any other formula
  • Increases the penis size for maximum pleasure and sexual satisfaction
  • The ingredients work safe, without any side effects and causing harm to body’s hormonal profile
  • An extended use of Nitridex is possible owing to its safety profile

The functional ingredients of Nitridex

Nitridex contains simple yet effective ingredients. The derivation of components of Nitridex is from all-natural sources so that a continued use of the supplement is possible.

Most of the ingredients carry a traditional history of use as an aphrodisiac. With their roots in traditional medicine, the ingredients play safe with the body’s physiology. The safety of a supplement is imperative because benefits to one system should not cause harm to the other systems of the body.

The ingredients of Nitridex are

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca root extract
  • L-Arginine
  • Ginseng blend

Tongkat Ali is also known as Malaysian Ginseng or Eurycoma Longifolia. Native to the rainforests of Malaysia, this traditional herb is a natural aphrodisiac and improves the level of free testosterone in the blood.

The herb reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thereby increasing the levels of the former hormone.

It also affects the levels of SHBG, resulting in more of the free state of the hormone.

Tongkat Ali is a natural remedy for an age-related sexual decline and it caters to increased levels of stress hormone, the cortisol, which is known to suppress testosterone production.

Some of the specific actions that the active compounds of the herb cater to are

Improving libido

Enhance smooth muscle growth

Upgrading the semen quality

Cultivated in the high mountains of Andes with a primary culinary use, Maca is a sister vegetable of radish. However, the medicinal benefits of Maca have gained increasing attention. Called a superfood, Maca is an adaptogen, implying that it aids the body in adjusting to stressors found in our body. Its rising popularity in the supplement industry is due to its ability to

Improve the sex drive

Improve the semen quality

Improves mood

Refurbishes energy stores

Sharpens the memory

L-Arginine is an amino acid and is used extensively in supplements claiming to treat erectile dysfunction. When supplemented with other ale enhancing ingredients, L-Arginine might play a role in overcoming a flaccid penis. This is because it is converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes the smooth muscle in the penile structure and allows for an increased blood circulation.

Ginseng is one of the most prevalent ingredients used in traditional medicine. It is useful in cases of mood disturbances, improve physical endurance and recover cases of erectile dysfunction. Though the evidence for its various benefits is not convincing ginseng is used in conjunction with other aphrodisiac ingredients in many supplements.

How does Nitridex work for you?

Nitridex works by

  • Balancing the free testosterone levels
  • Increasing the production of nitric oxide locally in the penis
  • Improving the blood supply to the smooth muscle of the penis
  • Relaxing the smooth muscle around penile structure allowing more circulation
  • Increasing the cell capacity on a permanent basis for enduring and lasting results

Are there any side effects of Nitridex?

The manufacturer of Nitridex has not provided any information on any reported side effects. On the contrary, the manufacturer claims that the supplement is completely safe without any damaging effects to the consumer.

Nevertheless, there are side effects associated with individual ingredients. Therefore, a consultation with one’s physician is obligatory. If you are already taking medicine for erectile dysfunction, then a visit to your doctor before starting the supplement is even more necessary.

Is there any guarantee with Nitridex?

Yes, the supplement comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with Nitridex or you find the supplement not working for you, you can return the bottles. Get a 100% refund minus the shipping and handling charges.

Should you be considering a purchase?

Nitridex is an herbal supplement with no reported side effects. The working of the supplement takes a natural course too. The dosage schedule is easy and convenient; only two capsules per day is the entire requirement. The supplement maintains your privacy and guards your confidence.

However, there are no details available regarding the manufacturing company. No specifications are given concerning the manufacturing process. The supplement is not tagged with any certifications either.

If the above-mentioned points do not upset you and you really want a bigger size, Nitridex is a safe supplement to purchase and consume. There is a free trial offer for first-time customers; by availing it, you can test the supplement and not spend a penny either.

The cost and availability of Nitridex

The subject supplement is available at the official site only. Cost of a single bottle is about $56.

Additional discounts are added to the purchase with an increase in order size.


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