Nivele review-is it a guard enough against cellulite?


Nivele cream is an anti-cellulite treatment with an easy no mess application. Claiming to treat any affected part, Nivele equally benefits subcutaneous fat, spider veins, unattractive and unsightly stains. The audacious statements by Nivele owe their tone to the superior quality ingredients, including fifty active components, and experts’ back up.

Scientifically validated, Nivele is safe and harmless yet highly effective in cellulite treatment, which is known to be the toughest and resilient to skin troubles. However, all of these statements are self-proclaimed by Nivele. Do not attempt to buy this product before going through the following review, which will scrutinize the subject product for its credibility to secure a place in your bathroom cabinet.

What is Nivele?

Cellulite is here to stay, ever heard your nana saying these words. She is certainly not wrong; it is obvious she has never heard of Nivele in her time age otherwise her statement might be different for today’s account. Nivele is a topical cream that acts deeper within cellular layers to iron your skin of creases for a smooth and attractive look.

Women in their middle age cohort and beyond better understand the term cellulite because it is a condition not known to prevail in younger lot. Nevertheless, a precautionary approach and an understanding of a condition always help to remain in charge of your body. A choice among numerous products is also made easier by understanding their working because you know what will suit your body the best. Before embarking on Nivele, let us see how cellulite affects us.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the ‘orange peel’ appearance of our skin at specific body sites caused by irregular fat deposits that alter the distribution of connective tissue beneath the skin giving it a puckered and dimpled look. As we age, the fibrous tissue holding the skin and connective tissue is also shortened, adding fuel to fire.

As the distribution of fat, muscle, and connective tissue is different in men and women that is why the condition results in varying degree of manifestation in either sex. More common in women and more prevalent at the buttocks, hips, and thighs, cellulite makes your beach body look unpleasant and in extremes of cases, repulsive.

When it starts to affect the arms, breast, belly, and abdomen, it is time to either accept as ‘an aging’ quandary or adopt a proactive approach to deal with it and here is when Nivele can lend its hand.

As an aesthetic problem, cellulite is generally treated by specialists in the field either by invasive or non-invasive methods. Whether you decide to get your cellulite treatment by topical or injectable medication, adopt massage, wraps and dietary remedies, go for laser treatment or radiotherapy, a big chunk of your savings is departed with them.

Not only financial but these methods put a drain on your valued time along with adding to the psychological stress. Therefore, a proactive precautionary approach in the form of Nivele topical is always an intelligent and smart decision to counteract cellulite, a condition that is notoriously challenging to treat.

How Nivele addresses the cellulite issue?

You can throw away an orange peel, change an old mattress and decide not to go for cottage cheese, but once cellulite sets in, it is difficult to get rid of the orange peel, cottage cheese and mattress appearance, the different grades by which cellulite is graded.

The only solution is to start a therapy ASAP. Nivele is a convenient and practical way to initiate an early defensive approach to remain a step ahead of cellulite.

Nivele claims to completely eradicate cellulite at the cellular level. The fibrous tissue in women is distributed vertically that is why the condition is more pronounced in women than in men where the connective tissue is evenly spread. Moreover, the fat content in a woman’s body is also high.

Any remedy, like Nivele, that addresses the two aforementioned aspects with a targeted approach would give you a solution. Nivele contains a high level of seaweed extract and caffeine that increase the elasticity of the skin by 92% and cause a meltdown of subcutaneous fat.

With a firmer connective tissue and less fat deposit, your skin regains the smooth and erased look of the younger days, lovely to look at and pleasing to touch.

Made with 100% natural ingredients in a certified GMP facility, Nivele claims it has helped millions around the world to shed the old peel. With its extended-release formula, Nivele enables the skin to counteract the continued wear and tear underneath and renders its action over a sustained period.

Owing to these attributes, Nivele is a clever approach to any existing and potential cellulite fix.

The ingredients at work in Nivele

Experts’ choice, Nivele is a new innovative remedy with 100% satisfaction guaranteed for cellulite, a condition being categorized as a disease state by many.

Nivele touts the following ingredients for its effectiveness

  • Seaweed extract
  • Caffeine
  • Calendula extract
  • Cola extract

Caffeine is known to keep you alert and awake but Nivele takes special pride in its caffeine content for combating cellulite, and the product is very right in doing so.

Caffeine is a stimulant and it results in vasodilatation that increases the blood supply locally but transiently. When local circulation is increased, it not only increases the lymphatic drainage out of that area (less water retention) but also causes a rise in local metabolic activity of the cells, leading to thermogenesis and fat meltdown.

Topical caffeine works via another route too, augmenting its overall effects. Caffeine inhibits an enzyme, phosphodiesterase that functions by conserving fat metabolism. With an inactive enzyme, fat metabolism speeds up resulting in less fat subcutaneously to add to the puckered effect of cellulite.

The overall effect is thus a toned and taut tissue.

Cola extract works in a similar manner to caffeine, improving the microcirculation at the cell level and thus potentiating the effects of caffeine by fat removal.

Seaweed extract in Nivele is not specifically mentioned but our guess is a combination of kelp, fucus, and bladderwrack. Seaweed wraps and bath are famous for their guard against cellulite by virtue of their extraction properties; seaweed extracts extra water and toxins from the body in addition to improving the blood supply and lymphatic drainage.

However, seaweed extract seems to work on superficial levels of skin, except in cases of topical creams like Nivele, which penetrate into deeper tissues and hunt for fat.

The Nivele anti-cellulite cream contains Calendula, a plant extract, the flower of which was widely used in World War I and II for its intense healing and antiseptic properties. With its pore opening effect, it adjuncts the entry of other components deeper into the skin. Nivele flaunts its Calendula content by claiming that it removes toxins, rejuvenates and improves the elasticity of the skin.

The proposed working plan of Nivele

Nivele saves you the hassle of going through DIY massage remedies and wraps or baths by providing a simple solution with a no-mess strategy.

Nivele claims to deliver results within four weeks, with visible improvements as early as the first week. Skin becomes tighter with a reduction in skin tubercles. As the elasticity increases, the skin tone and color is improved with a return to a rejuvenated look and feel.

The cost of Nivele

Nivele is available in different packages, with two, four and six bottle deals, every bottle lasting a month (according to the individual requirements).

As the order increases, the discount is also raised per bottle. A single purchase cost $39.99 with a cost of $25.99 following two bottles and a cost of $21.99 for a six-item purchase.

A mega discount of 60% is offered to first-time customers.

Final say on Nivele

Cellulite is not limited to the aging population; rather it is observed to become a disease state now that is marking younger age cohort owing to the fast food and sedentary trend of current lifestyle.

While it is easier said than done to treat this condition with the help of invasive techniques in elder community (because of the health risks involved), these cannot be applied to a young body either. The best alternative is to take a proactive approach for younger individuals and a non-invasive therapy for older cohort.

Nivele provides an effective tool for either target. The subject anti-cellulite cream is based on natural ingredients with no short or long-term effects on the body. Instead of using cheap and ineffective formulas with lofty promises and expensive price tags, it is advisable to invest in a competent product as Nivele.

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