Numax TestXT review-a legit or swindle?


Numax TestXT is a male vitality and enhancement formula manufactured in the US out of all natural ingredients that are clinically verified to deliver the acclaimed results. The formula claims to increase the free testosterone levels in the blood thereby helping in losing belly fat yet conserving energy. The overall effect is a boost in physical endurance and stamina and with perked up sex hormone, sexual endurance is also enhanced that inflates your self-confidence and poise in life.

During the younger years of life, an individual is keyed up and has a daring and enterprising attitude towards life. With passing years there seems to be a meltdown of oomph factor, rendering one to a more cautious and wary stance in lifestyle. The fault does not lie with one’s personality; rather the slipup is with the hormonal status that gradually starts declining and drains the life out of you.

Ever wonder why some men are different in their approach towards life while you are crashing with passing years. Hormonal supplementation creates this difference and if you are not taking one yet, well it is high time that you give Numax TestXT a shot that claims to reverse the clock back in time for you.

What is Numax TestXT?

Numax TestXT is a male hormone supplement that increases the free status of the testosterone in the body and brings about the benefits tagged along with the said hormone.

Numax TestXT state, “you haven’t experienced anything quite like TestXT”. This is because the formula rewinds your body’s hormonal status in a natural mechanism without disturbing the normal hormonal physiology. This result in an innate enhancement of the hormone level and therefore, the results are not simulated or fake.

When you are taking Numax TestXT, rest assured that you would not be requiring any other supplement as a workout support or a libido enhancer. With results delivered within the very first week, Numax TestXT is likely to become your vital boost formula for a very long time.

Claims stated by Numax TestXT

Unlike their female counterparts, men experience a hormonal decline as early as 20-25 years of age and it continues at a rate of 1.25% every year.

This decline is manifested in the form of many signs and symptoms, usually declared as aging. The bone mass gradually decreases as well as the muscle mass. The muscle is replaced by fatty tissue with the appearance of age-specific potbelly in men. A low testosterone level is also manifested in the form of a receding hairline in men with balding patterns.

Energy rations are depleted as well as sex drive.  With changes in internal organs as prostate, which enlarges in size and causes urinary complaints, there are cerebral changes that become the grounds for lack of focus, brain fog, mood and behavioral changes.

With such life-altering changes, a low testosterone causes, it is no surprise that researchers are leaving no stone unturned in their endeavor to find the perfect vitality enhancing supplement for men. Something similar happened at Numax Health, which claims to impede these symptoms and help a man be in charge of his body. Here is a look at what Numax TestXT promises to deliver.

  • Raises the free testosterone levels in the body
  • Rations energy stores in the body
  • Helps in weight loss by cutting out the deposited fat
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Strengthens the bone
  • Enhances sex drive
  • Improves physical and sexual endurance

The functional ingredients of Numax TestXT

The manufacture of Numax TestXT, Numax Health, tout their product is made of clinically safe ingredients, which are scientifically engineered to deliver results. Numax TestXT promises to take you to new heights of vitality, virility, and vigor.

The list of ingredients of Numax TestXT is discussed in brief details so that the customers can know how the ingredients are establishing their play in the body.

  • Primavie Shilajit T-booster
  • Boron
  • L-Citrulline
  • Vitamin B12 (an energy shot)
  • Zinc (testosterone precursor)
  • Bioperine (increases the bioavailability of the ingredients)

Primavie Shilajit T-Booster

Primavie is a registered term for Shilajit, a natural mineral potion, known in holistic medicine and its history dates back to The Indus Valley Civilization 3000B.C. A superior anti-aging remedy, Shilajit, sourced from the Himalayas, is clinically verified for its many benefits particularly addressing male sexual health. A combination of 40 different minerals, some of which are dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), Fulvic Acid, Shilajit delivers the following acts in the body.

  • An intense energy booster via mitochondrial support
  • Enhances physical endurance, for both exercise and sexual
  • Increases the testosterone levels in the body, particularly the free type

Ayurvedic medicine describes it as carrying the healing power of mountains as it is obtained in the form of an oozed out liquid from the mountain. It is said to promote longevity by healing many chronic disease states.

According to a research report published in “Andrologia” (First International Journal of Andrology),

a 90-day treatment with purified Shilajit under a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study at a dose of 250 mg twice a day was carried out. The results showed that the dose of Shilajit significantly increased both total and free testosterone levels as compared to placebo.


Boron is the current fad regarding research in revealing its ability to affect testosterone production in the body. Boron delivers its results by stashing the basic nutrients required for testosterone production. The bioavailability of the raw materials, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D is increased by boron.

In addition, boron decreases the SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and estradiol levels, which counteract the effects of testosterone in the body.

Boron is also backed by research to build strong bones and muscles. Cognitive function enhancement is another attribute to boron leading to a better focal power and concentration with an enhanced learning ability.

A research studied the effects of 10mg of boron given to men and the results showed an increased level of testosterone, vitamin D while a decrease in estradiol was observed.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid that plays an important role in detoxification of the body and causes an increase in blood circulation. L-Citrulline is converted into arginine, which is the precursor of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a powerful booster of blood supply and owing to this mechanism, L-Citrulline is famed for its physical enhancing power, be it in the gym or between the sheets.

The circulation enhancing the ability of nitric oxide also results in better erections with an extended sexual endurance.

The projected benefits of Numax TestXT

Numax TestXT is a superior supplement when it comes to improving the physique of the body along with physical endurance and stamina.

Of course, ‘simple muscle’ does not weigh much if it is not able to deliver in the bedroom and here again Numax TestXT surpasses its counterparts with the deliverance of bursts of energy and blood flow to where they are required the most at the required time.

With a strong built and the corresponding staying power and energy, Numax TestXT pushes one to ultimate limits both in the gym and in bed. With limitless energy stores and enhanced brain functioning, one can deliver a performance that outshines others in every walk of life.

With an availability of free testosterone in the body, which is able to exert its effects, Numax TestXT promises long-term benefits for health.

Cost of Numax TestXT

The cost details of Numax TestXT are available at the official website. However, you can check out by availing a free sample by entering specified details.

Conclusion on Numax TestXT

Numax TestXT is a superior blend of exceptional ingredients that are not found in regular testosterone supplements. Furthermore, the supplement is manufactured in the US with particular consideration to ingredient details and delivering with precision.

When Numax TestXT claims their ingredients are scientifically engineered to deliver results, they are following the precise research that is already done to validate the ingredient efficiency. Their product is devoid of any lofty claims with solid scientific backing and quality manufacturing for deliverance.

With a convenient to follow dosage, Numax TestXT is well suited to the general as well as specific requirements of any individual (not to be taken by person under18-years of age).


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