Nutra Thrive Review: Canine Nutritional Supplement

Designed by Dr. Gary Richer, Nutra Thrive supplement for dogs substitutes the lack of vitamins and nutrients in traditional dog foods, and to offer the canine friends a balanced and well-rounded diet.

Dr. Gary Ritcher is considered one of the most notable holistic veterinarians when it comes to pets’ nutrition and healthcare. He has written a book called The Ultimate Pet Health Guide and he has now also developed a revolutionary canine supplement known as Nutra Thrive.

Dr. Ritcher firmly believes that proper nutrition is the solution to even the most commonly occurring health issues and concerns of the pets, especially including the rise of cancer in dogs. Nutra Thrive consists of premium and hand-picked ingredients without the use of artificial ingredients, chemicals or additives.

There is a huge amount of options for dog food available in the market. Dr. Ritcher explains how the standards for nutrition of pets are very low and most supplements and brands are only required to meet the minimum standards to get approval for sales. Even the products that might look healthy and tempting might not be as useful as one may think.

What is Nutra Thrive?

Nutra Thrive supplement comes in bacon flavor and in the form of powder. There are about 40 powerful ingredients included in the supplement to provide support to all areas of the dog’s body in a number of ways.

The supplement primarily helps in providing a healthy balance of food as well as bad bacteria present in the guts of the dogs. This is achieved by including a powerful blend of 4 different probiotics. A healthy microbe can marginally support and promote a wide range of body functions, including dental health and hygiene.

The supplement also contains vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to help in promoting healthy and efficient digestion and quick absorption.

Besides the digestive support, the canine nutrition supplement also consists of unique superfood blend for boosting the immune system in pet animals. NutraThrive contains a powerful canine blend that supplies necessary vitamins and minerals that work to enhance dog’s energy and mood, develop and recover joint health, and also support kidneys and heart.

How does Nutra Thrive work?

NutraThrive comes in powdered form which can be easily mixed with the dog’s own food. A helpful guide has been provided along with the product to explain the quantity of serving according to the weight and size of the dog. Bacon flavor is added in the supplement as dogs love that flavor, and it is highly palatable and encourages dogs to eat all its food.

Ingredients of Nutra Thrive

Some of the main active ingredients included in the supplement are as follows:

Price of Nutra Thrive

The official website of NutraThrive offers different options when purchasing the supplement. The price of purchasing one bottle is set at $69.99. However, one can save a few bucks by ordering the product in bulk.

On purchasing 3 bottles, there is a discount of 10% available on the entire order, and save 15% when purchasing 6 bottles. All orders come with free shipping and handling. The great thing about the product is that it is offered along with a 90-day money back guarantee in case there is a noticeable change in the pet.

There is another offer available on its official website ultimatedoghealthAfter watching a promotional video, one is offered the supplement for only $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping charges. A bulk option is also available; 3 bottles are priced at $134.85 on 36% discount or 6 bottles priced at $254.70 on 39% discount. Bulk options come with free shipping.

Where to buy Nutra Thrive?

NutraThrive pet nutrition supplement is available on many commerce website, and it can also be purchased by visiting the official website of the company. All the discounts and bulk promotions are available on the website. From time to time, the website gives away limited time deals and offers.

Once on the website, fill out some basic information and make the payment online using one of the available options. Delivery usually takes place in 3 to 4 days. For information on claiming the money back guarantee offer, the company representative can be contacted on the number provided on the official website.

Customer Feedback

Jenna – “I have a mixed breed Dachshund/Catahoula a year old little pup that has been grating and chewing for four months. He had areas of hair missing off from some places and had chewed the hair off the back leg. The doctor used allergy medications, allergens, and skin scrapings but still could not help much.

I ordered NutraThrive last month and my dog loves it. I use the supplement with the fish oil and have no issues with the dog’s eating till the end. And the best thing is that he has not scratched or chewed for the past fourteen days. My recommendation to all dog owners.”

Laura – “NutraThrive has sure helped my dog. I rescued a little dog off the roadside few weeks ago. The vet was not sure of the dog’s age as his teeth were worn out from persistently chewing on himself. The poor creature was unhappy the whole time. NutraThrive targeted the allergies and gave my dog complete relief and new life.”

Rebecca – “My Shin Tsu was beginning to lose all of his hair and also losing weight. I got very concerned and took her to the vet who put him on prescription food. He was on this food for many months, and he is still losing body weight and almost all of his hair. His tail looked like so rough and feeble. Then my friend recommended NutraThrive, which I thought I might give a try because nothing else had worked.

I thought I might end up losing my dog since he was now so skinny and hairless. After about a few weeks on NutraThrive, his hair started to grow back.

I was so surprised and happy, and now he has been on NutraThrive for almost three months. He has gained all of his weight back, and hair is also growing back nicely. He looks like a different dog now and looks happy and active. The doctor could not come up with a solution to his issues, but NutraThrive has helped greatly. I would highly recommend this product based on my experience to anyone suffering from the same issue.”

Final Verdict

NutraThrive is manufactured by a company called Ultimate Pet Nutrition and it offers 40 most useful ingredients to help promote and support the overall health of the dogs. Dr. Gary Ritcher, who is a renowned veterinarian, makes use of the combination of western and eastern medicinal methods to formulate the supplement.

Whether the dog is suffering from bad health or maybe needs a boost or even just to maintain good health of the dogs, the supplement claims to support the health of the whole body including the digestive system, dental health, organs, joints, coat, and skin as well as energy levels.

The supplement comes in powdered form which can be simply mixed with the dog’s food. One bottle contains 30 servings and it can be purchased in bulk to save substantial money. The company offers a money back guarantee for 90 days in case of no visible changes in the pet’s health and wellbeing.

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