Nutraher Lean Review – Does it Work?

A weight loss system exclusively for HER…..that is right ladies, you heard it right. NUTRAHER LEAN is a weight loss system designed with exceptional consideration for the female body. As flattering as it may sound, a query arises “why only for her”, let us reason this WHY

It is recognized that men do not put on weight easily and if they do, it is generally not very difficult for them to shed it off. On the other hand women gain calories by only glancing at food and breathing air (well, true for me). That is because of the biological make up of the female body, females have more fat to muscle ratio in their bodies (men have more muscle to fat). The hormonal composition of females also promotes fat deposition. This fat is layered around the center of the body, the waist and the buttocks which is also the most stubborn of fats to liquefy.

Owing to these organic reasons NUTRAHER LEAN is an exact for HER only.


The manufacturer of NUTRAHER LEAN is the Holy Land Health. The company has a QC commitment;

Q stands for QUALITY all their products are manufactured in a FDA approved facility, certified by an independent third party laboratory. With thousands of products in commerce, the company takes satisfaction in the fact that they say what they present in their produce, nothing more and nothing less.

C stands for the company’s COMMITMENT to it’s customers and the products.


NUTRAHER LEAN is weight loss pills exclusively for ladies. The ingredients that make NUTRAHER LEAN specific for women are

GREEN TEA EXTRACT it would not be an exaggeration to say that after water, green tea is the healthiest drink. Besides it’s many benefits on brain, heart, the digestive system, it has anti cancerous and anti bacterial properties. A powerful combination of anti oxidants, it helps melt away fat by increasing metabolism in general and fat oxidation in specific.

COLONG TEA is also a bundle of anti oxidants and polyphenols which regulate the blood sugar levels and control the carvings. The polyphenols in the tea reduce the fat absorption and help lower the cholesterol levels. The tea increases metabolism in the body thus aids in fat melt down. It also increases the norepinephrine in the system.

WHITE KIDNEY BEAN EXTRACT is sometimes called the starch blockers because they inactivate the amylase (an enzyme which converts the starch present in food to simple sugars for rapid absorption). With amylase inactivated, the starch passes through our body as such. The body stores sugar by converting it into fats, so less starch means less sugar and consequently less fat.

CARNATION improves the level of norepinephrene in the body.

L CARNITINE is an amino acid, suppresses appetite and increases the fat oxidation, thus increasing the energy levels of the body at the same time.

CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID and the white kidney bean extract work alike i:e by passing the conversion of starch into simple sugars and reducing their absorption.

CAYENE PEPPER FRUIT EXTRACT revs up your metabolism.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT acts by maintaining the sugar and cholesterol levels in blood, blocks an enzyme (citrate lyase) that is used in fat conversion. It also causes the release of serotonin in the brain that helps the food cravings and keeps the hungry feeling in control.

Other components in NUTRAHER LEAN are

Alpha lipoic acid

Coffee bean extract

Guarana seed extract


NUTRAHER LEAN contains all natural ingredients. These exert their action by acting as a catalyst for Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine naturally occurs in the body, also called Noradrenalin, along with its companion Adrenalin. These are also called “fight and flight” hormones or “Catecholamines”. They act by mobilizing the fat from its stores for energy via activating Hormone Sensitive Lipase enzyme.

Put it simply the natural yield of NUTRAHER LEAN accelerates the fat combustion with energy release and weight loss.


              Here is what should you expect out of NUTRAHER LEAN

  • You will start losing some pounds of fat stored particularly the most stubborn areas
  • A burst of energy through your system
  • Further fat deposition is inhibited or at least resisted
  • The anti oxidant properties of green tea and oolang tea rejuvenate you and retard the aging process
  • You may find your hunger being suppressed and food cravings long gone
  • Your body will start taking a leaner shape
  • Your health will flourish with a better intestinal health
  • The anti oxidants will aid in detoxifying your blood, a bonus for your overall well being


There have been no side effects reported as yet, the product can be used anyone over 18 years of age. Contraindications to use are pregnancy. Consult a doctor if you are taking any prescription drug.


NUTRAHER LEAN is available on their official web site, promising a delivery at your doorstep within 48 working hours.


NUTRAHER LEAN is available at a cost of $69; it would be a profitable investment as regards your health


The product is all nature based so that is a guarantee itself. The company promises a QC commitment (mentioned in the beginning). Some of the retail sites give a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. NUTRHER LEAN does not contain any harmful or synthetic elements so you can confidently make your purchase any time.





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