NutriO2 Review – Does It Provide Stabilized Oxygen at Cellular Level?

Oxygen is in the air we breathe and in the water, we drink, without this essential molecule, life is not sustainable. The present millennium is all about pure eating, drinking and breathing a non-toxic air; simply put the environmental issue is one of the top agendas of politicians and environmentalist pundits alike. The subject has given rise to a new set of dietary supplements that claim to deliver oxygen right at the cellular level where it’s absence is simply unforgivable because lack of oxygen means cellular death, an issue which lies at the heart of every disease imaginable.

NutriO2 is one such supplement, developed by Kevin Richardson. It claims to deliver sufficient oxygen to the body cells, resulting in healing almost all sorts of ailments and improving the general health status.

In the background of a lot of skepticism about such supplements that claim to be a great assist in improving the cellular oxygen levels of the body, the following review will try to analyze and reveal the facts regarding what NutriO2 is and how does it work for you.

An Overview of NutriO2

In the wake of ever-increasing pollution, it is not possible to wear oxygen cylinders and roam around with them. The smoke from industries and combustion of fuels add to the atmospheric damage and the truth is; our bodily systems are corrupted by the contaminated food (preservatives, GMO products, pesticide-treated grains etc) and loses its ability to combat the environmental stress over time. Such case scenario has pushed the researchers to devise a supplement that enhances the oxygen saturation of our bodies at the cellular level and the result is the emergence of products with “Activated Stabilized Oxygen”. NutriO2 is an example of such a deliverance system.

The main role of oxygen is to provide energy for cellular respiration. It is a complex biological process to comprehend here but simply put, energy is released by the metabolism of nutritional contents for which oxygen plays a role of utmost significance. The oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream in lungs from where it gets transported to other cell structures. If the absorption of oxygen is hindered in any way, either due to exogenous factors or the endogenous ones, it gives rise to cellular damage and a ripple effect is created throughout the body in the form of different disease conditions; acute or chronic, mild or severe.

NutriO2 contains the activated stabilized oxygen that has the ability to replenish the body’s oxygen requirements. It is a safe remedy with a bioavailable oxygen in a non-chemical liquid base, that does not disturb the pH balance of your body and can be consumed with any kind of liquid drink you prefer.

What is NutriO2?

NutriO2 is a specialized and revolutionary product. It is a supplement promising adequate amount of bioavailable oxygen to the blood cells.

Do you know what is a heart attack or a stroke? It is the death of cells specific to heart and brain resulting from blockage of oxygen supply.  That is exactly what is happening to cells at a microscopic level in our bodies that give rise to signs and symptoms, which are termed a disease state specific to that organ.

NutriO2 is an oxygen support system(CPR at cell level) that is applied and recommended by health experts owing to its ability to enrich the cell machinery with oxygen.

Kevin Richardson, founder of NutriO2 analyzed the problem and called it the root cause of almost all illnesses, infections and diseases. According to him, if body cell is well oxidized, you are able to cure any sort of medical complication in the body.

Taken on a regular basis, NutriO2 equips the body with better combat against the most chronic health issues.  The data Kevin has shared in his promotional video of the product, tumor and cancer cells start to melt away when they are provided with ample oxygen.

Asthmatics, dementia patients and people suffering from clogged and hardened arteries were cured with this simple treatment by the founder of NutriO2 as he calls it “Natural, Inexpensive, Non – Chemical Cure”. These healing miracles sound unbelievable but they actually worked for Kevin’s patients and many others around the world.

How NutriO2 Works for you?

NutriO2 delivers activated stabilized oxygen to the cells in a saline base. It is non-toxic and completely stable with a pH balanced at 7.4. Owing to these properties, it is safe to use both for topical use and oral intake.

The modus operandi of NutriO2 is via an effective release of oxygen at cell level, some of the upshots of which are

  • An enhanced and up-to-date immune system equipped with healthy white blood cells and interferon
  • An accelerated anti-oxidant activity
  • Breakdown and cleansing of toxins from the body

Naturally oxygenated cells leave no room for bacteria, viruses, and other germs to cultivate or even live in the body. NutriO2 provides the required amount of this essential nutrient to the bloodstream of lungs from where it is pumped to the heart and get transported to rest of the body.

It is a medical science-backed fact that bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances get killed in an oxygen-rich environment. This process would help your body in many ways.

  1. A faster metabolic rate
  2. A boost to the immune system
  3. An anti-aging drive with healthy cell generation
  4. A health boost to organs

Why prefer NutriO2?

NutriO2 has a distinctive feature that sets it apart from its counterparts; it is free from any chlorite molecules. Many of the supplements claiming to contain activated stabilized oxygen contain the molecule bound to chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, which lower the pH of such supplements to acidic side with hazardous consequences to the skin, if applied topically, or to internal membranes if ingested.

NutriO2 contains the safest and purest bioavailable form of activated oxygen that does not disturb the pH of the supplement or cause damage to the skin or membranes on contact. 

NutriO2 is devoid of caffeine or any other stimulant for that matter. Rather the supplement claims to cause a decrease in the cravings for sugar and caffeine-containing drinks because your cells are operating at their optimal levels, utilizing the oxygen to fullest with a maximum release of energy.

In addition to all of the aforementioned facts, there are no dietary precautions to be taken while on this supplement. In fact, NutriO2 might replace any multivitamin supplements you are taking because of its energy refurbish effects. It can be used in conjunction with other medicines(after your physician’s approval) and can be employed for long-term use.

The Dosage of NutriO2 for Best Results:

NutriO2 bottle is a dropper actually and all you need to do is add its 15 drops in a glass of water of 8oz. Drink this mix three times a day and you would be free from many illnesses forever.

The only caution is to take it half an hour before or an hour after your meal as the digestive process or certain nutrients may hamper the oxygen bioavailability.

You would feel more energetic with no more mid-afternoon or evening breakdowns.

Pricing and Purchasing of NutriO2:

You can purchase NutriO2 easily through the official website. The website offers three deals:

  • One bottle of NutriO2 is being sold at $49.95.
  • Three bottles pack of NutriO2 is at the cost of $119.95.
  • Six bottles pack of NutriO2 would be the best choice as it is for only $ 199.95.

All these costs are inclusive of shipment and handling charges. The company offers a commendable money back guarantee of 365 days i.e. you may return the product whenever you would want to without any limitation of days.

You will have your delivery package within 3-5 working days. Also, on ordering this product you won’t be subscribed to any unwanted auto-ship program. Their customer care service is available for any queries you have in mind.

Pros and Cons of NutriO2:


  1. Extra energy boosts all day long.
  2. A better sleep pattern.
  3. Better mental alertness and focus.
  4. Lower levels of stress.
  5. A rev up body immunity.
  6. Free from stimulants or sugar and no chlorites.
  7. It is an approved formula for vegetarians.
  8. Safe and non-toxic to use topically or via an oral route.
  9. Convenient to use with tea, coffee, water or others.
  10. It may even help you with weight loss with a faster metabolism.
  11. A dietary supplement that may render anti-aging effects, the initial signs may become obvious as beautiful and glowing skin.


Mild side effects are likely to be experienced in some cases during an initial time like a headache and fatigue.

Final Verdict:

Despite all controversy and skepticism, NutriO2 with its activated stabilized oxygen technology is emerging as a fair supplement proving to be Jack of all trades.

Kevin Richardson, creator of NutriO2 states that it can heal almost all the diseases by killing bacteria, viruses, and toxic substances through  “Stabilized Active Oxygen”. It even states to address issues like obesity and aging.

Containing safe ingredients that do not disturb the body’s physiology or biochemistry, NutriO2 keeps the cells at their optimal oxygen saturation levels and their functioning at maximum. Recommended by a wide population of health experts, NutriO2 is proving its efficiency in many conditions as cancer, Alzheimer’s, clogged arteries, arthritis, infectious conditions, skin conditions, chronic painful conditions, Chronic fatigue syndrome, and the list goes on.

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