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Nutrisystem Lean 13 Review – How To Transform Your Body In 30 days?


Nutrisystem Lean 13 is a promotional offer by the Nutrisystem website which is one of the most famous online support system for weight loss. The offer includes one week’s free supply of meals which you can try to check if these products work for you or not.

This promotional price is not for the month but for one week only. For the rest of the weeks, you have to purchase the package.

Before buying Nutrisystem Lean 13, there is plenty of information to get. Obviously, no one would like to order a scam product or a thing which doesn’t work at all.

This review is a little help for all our readers to evaluate this offer and meal plan in order to get their bodies in shape.

What is Nutrisystem Lean 13 Plan?

Being an overweight person has less to do with popular beliefs. No one wants to look chubby on purpose. Everybody is different and their bodies differ in weight gain and weight loss patterns too. There is a dire need to adopt dietary changes which are suitable for the body.

You need exactly something which matches to your metabolism and body requirements. Such weight loss plans will bring obvious differences which are customized as per your body type. That’s where Nutrisystem Lean 13 plays its role.

Nutrisystem Lean 13 is a plan which is a promotional offer by the website Nutrisystem. It is a help system to speed up the weight loss journey through diet.


Dieting is not always easy. There are millions of people which cannot do any of the diets because it’s not in their control. Trying the same thing again and again which doesn’t work at all is not a wise choice. In such situation, Nutrisystem helps like anything.

There are a number of programs from which you can decide which one to use. All the programs have one same target which is to lose weight.

The Nutrisystem Lean 13 plan is an offer which gives you free meals for one week. All three meals of the day are covered in this plan. These meals are power starter for the body to main the weight loss start.

The body is made ready for the fat burning process which is otherwise a difficult process. This program follows a per month weight loss regime which strongly emphasizes to help to lose 13lbs weight and seven inches from the body measurements only in the period of one month.

What could be more delightful than to lose weight and fat loss in inches at a time? This is the reason why Nutrisystem is so famous worldwide. Nutrisystem Lean 13 is just one type of offer which it has.

Other than this, it provides various time to time offers, which make your journey helpful and effective for losing weight. A complete description of each plan is available on the website. You can review each plan before making a final decision on which plan to select.

How Does Nutrisystem Lean 13 Work For You?

As per Nutrisystem Lean 13, the working is all about making the user lose weight. It is a diet support plan which teaches you the healthier ways to lose weight. These ways are lifestyle changes and food habits mainly.

The company Nutrisystem focuses on enlightening the users for the damaging health effects of weight. It enables a user to learn how the food can help to make your body strong or weak in terms of health status and apparent physique.

There are thousands of satisfied users which can be tracked online. All of them are happy with the choice they made and it adds points to the authenticity of the product.

One of the biggest struggles to make is to control what you eat. Probably half of the overweight people are psychologically convinced that they need all of that food. whereas the body requirements are very low.


This enables a new discussion theory that weight gain is more of a psychological game than biological. Most of the overweight people consume high amounts of food. so the first and foremost technique to help the body to lose weight is to cut the calories.

Eating a low-calorie diet will help your body to get attached to a low intake plan. It will make the already deposited fat cells to crack and utilize the energy.

Nutrisystem Lean 13 has meals which are pre-portioned to overcome meal size and calorie count. It has the right amount of nutrients which are required by the body. All the essential nutrients are right incorporated into the body which leads to a healthy growth. It will show fewer hyper-reactions in the form of obesity and fat gain.

Nutrisystem Lean 13 uses a plan which has three essential meals of the day. It makes the meal size small and takes a control of the calories. It helps to balance the appetite which further enhances the metabolism to work hard. The idea of eating low calories is not very literal.

Many of the weight watchers are so much strict on their diet that they end up getting a metabolic or digestive problem. They don’t eat the minimum requirement of the body and result is a medical condition.

So the best idea is to break the calories in small meals. Instead of eating three meals, using six small meals is much better and helpful to make you feel energetic and healthy all day. Nutrisystem Lean 13 follows the same plan. All the meals match to the standard option of eating. The calorie intake is just perfect and the chances of getting a negative health impact areas less as zero.

What Are The Options Under Lean 13 Program Meals?

If you are worried that using Nutrisystem Lean 13 will starve you, you are wrong. The Nutrisystem Lean 13 plan gives you a relief from cooking at home. All the meals are precooked and delivered to you.

Eating outside and other than Nutrisystem Lean 13 meals is strictly prohibited. There are plenty of options to take meals from. Most of the programs give you an open choice to select from a number of meals.



You can absolutely select any meal, snack or drink as per your calorie count. Some of the options which are available are listed as below.

  • Biscotti Bites
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Nut Bar
  • Buttermilk Waffles
  • Double Chocolate Caramel Bar
  • Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
  • Chocolate Cupcake
  • Chocolate Brownie Sundae
  • Caramel Apple Muffin
  • Four Cheese Melt
  • Black Bean Polenta Enchilada with White Meat Chicken
  • Cheesecake Flavored Bar
  • Chocolate Biscotti Bites
  • Fudge Graham Bar
  • BBQ Seasoned Chicken

These meals are just to explain to our readers that Nutrisystem won’t make you eat raw foods, salads or soups alone. These recipes are yummy and taste just like your regular meals. You can choose anything in accordance to your plan. Other than these, there are other options of snacks, shakes and complete meals too. You can find a complete list of all food items at the official website of Nutrisystem.

How To Select A Plan For You?

Choosing a plan needs the careful analysis of what you want and what is suitable for you. Regardless of the plan, you select, the meals options are more or less same. The Lean 13 offer is in all the meal plans. If you select Lean 13 offer, you have to select a plan which you will start from week two.

As the Lean 13 is only one week plan, from the second week onwards, you would need a plan to maintain the weight loss plan.

The Lean 13 kit has a one-week meal details, all such meals are to boost the metabolism for effective weight loss. There are so many programs from which you can select anyone. No matter whichever you select, the Lean13 is valid for all plans. Following is a complete list of details on some of the vital programs offered by Nutrisystem company. Check them out to find a suitable plan.

  • The “Uniquely Yours” Plan

The first plan is called Uniquely Yours. It costs you around $11.96 USD per day. With this plan, you can have a variety of options to take. All the meals are frozen which will be delivered to you on your doorstep after you select any. You can prolong the plan for as long as you want.

  • The “Core” Plan

As the name indicates, Core plan is the most basic plan which you will ever find. It is priced at $10.54 USD per day cost. There is an option to select from over 100 recipes.

  • The “Basic” Plan

The basic plan is for everyone. It is more like a starter plan for every user. Whatever your weight loss regime is, one can start from the basic plan which costs around $9.82 USD per day.

Other than these, there are various other plans which can be tracked on the website. These plans are for both men and women. However one plan is particularly designed for men, you can find it on the online website.

All the food items are nicely packed and frozen. You can reheat them before using. They come with complete instructions and nutritional guide on calories. Selecting any plan subscribes you to per month package.

It delivers the food through FedEx at your doorstep and there are no extra charges for the shipment.

How To Contact The Company?

Nutrisystem is the company name of these diet plan system. If you have a query or question to ask, there is an option to contact them online. Since it’s a vast company, it has been categorized for customer care so that a maximum number of people can be attended at one time. For example, the contact details of some departments are as follows.

  • Sales Department

All the sales-related questions can be directed to this department. You can contact through customer helpline of the sales department at +1-800-435-4074. The office hours are between 7:00 am and midnight EST on any day. If you prefer writing an email, write them at [email protected] for assistance.

  • The Plan Counselors

The website provides counselors to all the people seeking for an advice. If you are not sure whether or not you need to take up this weight loss plan, you can talk to them and discuss. You can also ask them the details of each plan and which plan is better as per your needs.

The customer support helpline for product counselors is +1-800-585-5483. And the office hours are same as that of the Sales department. The email address to send written queries is at [email protected].

  • The Program Consultancy Services

This helpline is to give information on all the available programs along with the offers. The program consultants help you with a choice of program and delivery schedule of them. They can be contacted at [email protected].

  • The Dietary Counseling Services

If you are a patient or a sensitive person, you can contact the dietary counselors before selecting any plan. They will tell you which meals and plans to take up and which to avoid. It will make sure that you aren’t subjected to any side effect or harm. They are available at [email protected].

  • The General Queries

The up-listed customer helpline is for specialized functions. If you have general queries, there is a general helpline too. Their phone number is +1-800-585-5483 with the same office hours and timings. One can write to them at [email protected] at any time of the day.

If someone wants to cross check the company for their authenticity and legal status, here is their address.

600 Office Center Dr.

Washington, PA 19034

Nutrisystem Lean 13- Review Summary

Nutrisystem is a slowly emerging name in the world of fitness and health. It is a complete project of helping people from excessive weight by simple dietary control. The new Nutrisystem Lean 13 plan is a promotional offer for free meals for one week before selecting any other meal from the website. Their meals are simple, easy and yummy in taste.

The reason why is it getting famous is that it is putting extra effort in all its clients. The website is fully developed and functional. There is customer helpline for each problem. Overall the company has been working good. It is recommended to try it for a safe and easy solution for weight loss.




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