NUVEGALash review-can it grow your eyelash denser?


NUVEGALash is a blend of vitamins and biopeptides that promises to bring life to dull eyelashes by increasing the length, density, and thickness of lashes, both upper and lower ones. Containing natural products, NUVEGALash is the perfect complement for eyelashes that does not harm your skin or the sensitive lash follicles. NUVEGALash claims to deliver results within 6-8 weeks with the convenience and ease of use of only one application a day.

Whether you are a teenager, a young woman or started your climb at the aging steps, NUVEGALash promises to help you maintain the health of your eyelashes and make them striking and fine looking. So read on how the subject serum would help you in getting the reverie eyelashes.

An overview of NUVEGALash

NUVEGALash could be called ‘eyelash growth stimulator’ with its vegan based conditioning agents for the ultimate intensification of eyelashes. Manufactured as a conditioning serum, NUVEGALash claims to help your eyelashes grow by 30-50% with a thicker and darker appearance.

The particular serum works at the follicle level of the eyelashes to groom them from deep within that is why the effects are long-lasting and permanent.

Eyelashes impart a protective function to our eyes apart from an aesthetic one. They shield the eyes from harmful environmental agents and an eyelash, which is dense and long, can serve as a better shelter than a thin and weak one.

The aesthetic aspect of eyelashes was always on the panorama of facial splendor; women from old times used to adopt ways to enhance the appearance of the eyelashes to make their eyes more prominent. From the innovation of false eyelashes in the 1960s to actual eyelash transplant of modern times, every possible approach is taken to get the ‘wonder lash’. However, anything unnatural brings its repercussions,

Allergic reactions,

Weakened and falling eyelashes,

Superimposed infections etc

A more natural approach to the eyelash dilemma presents a more lasting and safe solution, both for the eyes and eyelashes and NUVEGALash guarantees the innate health and beauty of your eyelashes.

How NUVEGALash works for you        

NUVEGALash is a revitalizing serum that works in five ways to pump up your eyelashes.

  • Helps growth of individual lash
  • Prevents fall off
  • Strengthens the lash at the root
  • Nourishes the lashes
  • Conditions the follicle

NUVEGALash is scientifically proven to accelerate the growth of eyelashes and prevent their breakage and fall. There are typically 100-150 eyelashes in the upper lid and about 50-75 in the lower lid. An eyelash is similar to a hair strand and has a life cycle of 100-150 days and that is approximately equal to the time taken by NUVEGALash serum to render its effects.

The most effective eye serums that work in fact for longer and denser eyelashes are the ones that affect the growth phase of the eyelashes. NUVEGALash stimulates the cellular growth of the eyelashes and makes them denser by actual multiplication of individual lash.

NUVEGALash also adds to the moisture content of the eyelashes, particularly damaged by the extra judicious use of mascaras and eyeliners, which damage the root of the eyelash and in extreme of cases, may lead to infections and result in eyelash scarcity and breakage. The vegan-based ingredients of NUVEGALash retain the moisture of eyelashes putting a stop the overall spoilage.

Let us see what are the functional ingredients of NUVEGALash is.

The primary components of NUVEGALash serum

There is not much detail about the subject serum on the official website, except that it contains a blend of vegan-based biopeptides and vitamins.

Most of the serums on the market make use of proteins, commonly described as peptides on the label. Eyelashes have the similar structure as of hair and proteins or amino acids are the building blocks of our skin, hair and other appendages. A peptide is a simple chain of amino acids that nourish and even repairs the damaged hair shaft and same is the case with NUVEGALash.

According to Faith Kim, creative director and co-founder of LashFood, “peptides nourish, condition, and strengthen frail and brittle lashes.”

If your eyelashes are damaged due to any reason (cosmetic damage, infections, toxins, allergens, radiations from sun, medications, and metabolic disease) peptides, offer the best solution.

NUVEGALash contains vitamins, however, no details are offered at the official site about them. Our only guess is some of the common vitamins used in eyelash serums as Vitamin B3, C, E, and H.

These vitamins act as an aid by stimulating eyelash growth, eliminating dryness and improving the condition of brittle eyelashes, enhance the blood circulation to the follicles, and accelerate cellular and keratin production. Vitamins also act via antioxidant activity and improving immunity status in the body. These are some of the attributes associated with NUVEGALash serum.

Method of application of NUVEGALash serum

NUVEGALash is simple to apply in a no-fuss manner. Three effortless steps promise to give your eyelashes the nutrition and care they need

  • Properly cleanse the eyelid area with a mild soap and pat it dry.
  • With only a single stroke, apply a thin layer of NUVEGALash serum at the base of the upper and lower eyelid.
  • Let the serum work its way and get absorbed before touching your eyelids.

Pros of NUVEGALash serum

The NUVEGALash serum helps you achieve the arch-grazing eyelashes without the hassle of flowing mascaras or dropping falsies. Some of the points in favor of NUVEGALash serum are

  • The final product is clinically verified to deliver results and positive customers’ reviews are evidence to this fact.
  • The NUVEGALash serum is free from synthetic chemicals as paraben and alcohol, which add to the dryness and brittleness of eyelashes.
  • The subject serum is free from any mineral oils that provide a temporary relief to damaged eyelashes.
  • The serum is easy to apply; only a single application delivers the entire dose to the whole eyelid.
  • The serum is colorless and odorless ensuring a naturally concealed and discrete application, thus individual confidentiality is maintained.
  • The eyelash serum is equally effective for eyebrows.
  • The serum is safe to use with contact lenses and it does not change the color of the eyelids.
  • Concomitant use of false eyelashes and extensions is tolerable with this serum.
  • Free from synthetic and harsh chemicals, NUVEGALash serum poses no risk to eyes and is gentle enough to be used during the recovery phase of a disease (that affected the eyelashes) or after eyelash transplant.
  • Not an exclusive product for women, men can also benefit from NUVEGALash serum.
  • A continued use leads to the deliverance of results within as little as six weeks.
  • The manufacturer of NUVEGALash provides a 100% guarantee regarding the efficiency of their serum.

Cons of NUVEGALash serum

There is not much that we could find wrong with this product, except, that the details about the working ingredients are too brief on the official website. Furthermore, the manufacturer has not offered a money back guarantee but a free trial offer can be availed.

Some precautions for use

  • Not intended for individuals under 18-years of age
  • Not to be used on broken or inflamed skin
  • Pregnant and nursing women should avoid the use of this serum and so should patients on chemotherapy
  • Take extreme caution while applying on lower lid to prevent spillage into the eye
  • In case of redness or irritation, discontinue use and see your physician

Cost of NUVEGALash serum

The cost of NUVEGALash serum is about $94.97 however if you decide to avail their free trial offer you will be charged only $4.99 that will cover the shipping cost. The trial offer lasts for 14 days after which you will be automatically charged for your next shipment (an auto subscription).

If for any reason, you do not find this product suitable, you can always opt out of the subscription.

Our final say on NUVEGALash serum

NUVEGALash is a certified vegan product that is gentle enough for your eyes and effective for your eyelash health. If you are the one who believes in a more natural solution to thinning and falling eyelashes, then join the ascending numbers of satisfied customers of NUVEGALash.



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