Omega D3 With Astaxanthin

Vitamin D3, omega 3 and astaxanthin are combined together to create Axe ‘Omega D3 with Astaxanthin’ it’s formulated to give boost to your health and beauty regimen, it supports brain and heart functions. This product supports visual sharpness along with endurance and strength.

Dr. josh axe is a renowned physician and is popular speaker, through his national speaking he helps people from dealing with their health problems so they can opt for a beter life style he’s dedicated to bring revolution in changing the concept about good health around the globe and give people better understanding about how to tackle their health issues.

Why take omega 3’s

According to a popular research in Harvard University, the deficiency of omega 3 is one of the main reasons that contribute to so many deaths taking place in America each year. Omega 3 deficiencies can cause many problems to human body like hair diseases, inflammation, obesity, weak immune system and much more. Fish oil which we purchase from the market is highly processed so it doesn’t work efficiently, on few occasions fish oil have been found containing heavy metals like mercury.

Omega 3 normalizes and regulates cholesterol triglyceride levels, it efficiently reduces enzymes and prevents fatty deposits and fibrosis of the inner layer of arteries and works against all inflammation, swelling and pain etc.

– DHA affects child’s learning behavior omega 3 stimulates intelligence and vocabulary learning.

– EPA and DHA help in increasing neuronal growth in the frontal cortex of brain and keep dopamine level balanced.

It also increases circulation of cerebral.

– It’s also very helpful for the cure of short bowel syndrome in kids; it’s a common disease in USA. It usually hit newborns.

Other diseases in which it can play vital role

– Crohn’s disease
– Parkinson’s disease
– Stroke and heart attack
– prostate
– Breast cancer etc.

Importance of vitamin D

Vitamin D regulates absorption of phosphorus and calcium, getting required amount of vitamin D is crucial for health of teeth along with strong bones. It works as a shield against certain diseases, if a person doesn’t get vitamin D enough his body becomes more prone to bone diseases and abnormalities such as osteoporosis (fragile bones) and osteomalacia (fragile bones). Our body produces vitamin D, when we are exposed to sun we consume vitamin D a little of it can go for a long way, people can consume it through supplement or through certain foods.

Life style has changed a lot there are so many other priorities that people barely focus on their health issues, there are some environmental factors that can affect your vitamin D intake such as spending more time indoor, use of sunscreen, pollution and living in big cities where sun blocks sunlight etc. Vitamin D deficiency test could be taken by giving a simple blood test some of the symptoms may include

laziness, aches all over body
– Fracture in legs, hips and pelvis
-Muscle and bone weakness due to which you can’t work for long or climb stairs easily
– The deficiency in girls is relatively high which is 56% and in boys 32 %.

The health problems caused by its deficiency is

– Learning disorders
– Emotional stress
– Weak bones
– Weak immunity
– Red skin

Vitamin D helps in many ways some of them are as follow

– Fighting depression
– Weight loss
– Strong immune system
– Healthful digestion
– Better memory and brain health

What’s Astaxanthin

It’s considered to be very powerful antioxidant, the pink super nutrient keeps you in shape and healthy. It has rich anti oxidant properties and naturally works against inflammation; it keeps your immune system healthy, boosts your memory and keeps your joints flexible.

It does not only support healthy energy level but gives you a vibrant, flawless skin because it has anti aging properties too and will safe guard you against fine lines and wrinkles. As a dietary supplement it’s a superstar oxidant, it works against damaged cells and tissues and bring them to life. There are two sources of astaxanthin the micro algae that produce that and the sea creatures that consume the algae.

It helps in following things

– Wrinkle prevention
– powerful anti inflammatory
– boost immune system
– prevent radical damage
– reduction of lactic acid in muscle
– Natural sunscreen
– improves vision
– reduces macular degeneration
– prevents blindness
– cures Alzheimer’s disease

Omega D3 supplement
(Fish oil + vitamin D3 + Astaxanthin)

–  1010 mg purest form EPA/DHA
–  2000IU vitamin D3 serving
– Lemon essential oil for freshness

Benefits of Omega D3 supplement

– The product is 100 percent water soluble
– It’s best for brain and heart functions;  vision and joint support
– Best absorbent , one small ultra capsule replaces 6 fish oil pills containing same dosage, 1 omega3 is 70 % more absorbable fish oil .
– It’s clean and hygienic to use because you will not experience burps which will make others uncomfortable, it won’t get you in any trouble of rancidity.
– This product does not have any impurities
– Omega D3 with Astaxanthin is gluten free
– Quality wise it has its own standard
– Omega D3 with Astaxanthin is made in USA
– It is MSC certified
– BPA free bottles
– Omega D3 with Astaxanthin is easy to take because the bottle is not very big in size
– It doesn’t have horse pills
– It’s easy to swallow
– It is easily digestible it won’t make you uncomfortable
Omega D3 with Astaxanthin is very good for nails, mood lifting and weight management
– it stimulates growth of new brain cells

Who is it for?

Everyone can use it since vitamin D and omega 3 are common deficiencies, all three nutrients provide powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits to body.

Where to buy it?

It’s available on the official website at the discounted price of $39.97 with full refund if you are not satisfied with the results and will let you keep the bottle along with everything, offering refund policy which can be requested by contacting customer service at 866-909-6527.

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