Organic Goji Berries Jam – for Fun Flled Breakfast and Delicious Evening Snacks

Traditional breakfast can be boring and can make day a little less exciting. For many office and school going people nutritious yet something delicious is always a consideration. House wives and working women both find sandwiches an easier and quick option.

Health ranger’s organic goji berries is a multivitamin and super food that enlightens morning and evening snacks. The jam is filled with the goodness of goji berries.

What is a Goji berry?

The bright in color, orangey red goji berry is a Chinese fruit which is also known as wolfberry. It belongs to the night shade specie of berries which means it is a great source of anti-oxidant which is quite helping in fighting diseases and managing weight.

These berries contain beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, lutein and polysaccharides and 18 other critically needed essential amino acids.

What is Health Ranger’s Goji Berries Jam?

An amazing blend of raw goji berries, chia seeds and honey are incorporated to provide a sweet yet healthy mixture. This thick mixture is labelled as jam or spread for providing a classic sandwich and traditional smoothies a new twist with the fusion of a superfood.

This jam is low in cholesterol and fats free, as goji berry has a great potency of absorbing excess calories and fats from body. it also provides the speed release of good cholesterol and improves digestion and gut.

Goji berries has a bright red color which gives this product an amazing attraction which is loved by its customers to keep trying it again and again. Health ranger’s goji berries jam is gluten free and is non-GMO. It has no addition of starch, artificial colors or flavors or preservatives to keep it fresh. Dried goji berries have a quality of preserving food so the company has used these “red diamonds” eliminate the need of anything hazardous.

This jam is free from granulated sugar and uses honey as to give it sweetness and thick characteristic.

Tremendous health benefits of the ingredients

The ingredients used in this jam are 100% organic and safe in nature. To make this jam perfect health ranger offers a complete range of these ingredients individually too.

Organic chia seed:

The low calorie and rich source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and high anti-oxidant organic chia seeds. It also has some more amazing health benefits such as it has phenolic (anti-oxidant), which speed up skin repair system and can prevent pre-mature skin aging due to inflammation free radical damage and also helps in digestive health because of high fiber content present in chia seeds, promoting bowel regularity and healthy stool and never the less it boosts metabolism and energy level which can helps in burning belly fats.

Goji berries:

Goji berries is considered as an excellent high-protein snack and good dose of fiber, containing anti-oxidants which boosts immune system and protect the body from high levels of inflammation, and also fights from free radical damage. Goji berries also have high ORAC value which results beneficial to reduce oxidative stress, while it also detoxifies the liver.

Canadian raw honey:

The thick brown syrup like substance contains the vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants and natural nutrients that make it natural wonderfully healing food such as it helps to improve sleep, helping body to release melatonin into the brain which promotes deeper and more restorative sleep. Raw honey also contains probiotics which supports the growth and activity of good bacteria in body gut, making it a very efficient for digestion and according to some study the gold liquid like substance also helps to treat allergies.

About the company

Mike adams the health ranger and the founder and editor of, an awarding winning investigation journalist is widely recognized as having a strong technical aptitude that has followed his websites to achieve a high goals and degree of success on the internet all around the world and he is widely known to be a highly influential. When he wrote the internet’s first permission based email newsletter distribution software in 1993 then mike develops and programmed a designed natural news, based on non-server-side ‘static’ HMTL system designed for the key purpose of making which is nearly immune to DDoS, since it distributed its service it has never been taken offline.As it becomes rapidly famous without any advertisement of the website because of the trusted and genuine products.

How goji berries provide excellent health benefits?

Goji berries when consumed in morning excites the metabolic rate which increases the energy and helps to sustain it throughout the day. By consuming this jam in the evening it protects the immunity and fights threats to major diseases. It helps to keep bad bacteria out of the body and ideally manages weight.

This diet product helps to stimulate signals in the brain which suppresses appetite and makes stomach feel full. It also blocks bad cholesterol which thickens the blood and clogs blood vessels. It reduces the risk of heart attacks and other cardiac diseases.

Few recipes using goji berries jam

Perks of delicious taste of goji berries jam, it can be served as yummy sandwich and more it can be added in the fresh salads and it can be use as sauces with other dishes as side line or it can be eaten as desserts by making as ice-creams and more than this goji berries jam can be eaten with snacks and can be used in many other recipe and make desired dish and dessert more delicious.

Price of Health Rangers goji berries jam

Organic goji berries jam costs $73.58, while purchasing it from the official website it will cost $66.90 with having super discount $ 6.68 and with about 9.08 % of saving.

The whole product includes four product pack:

A pack of organic goji berries, 100% pack of organic chia seeds, Canadian raw honey and 100% organic maca root powder.

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