P-28 High Protein Spreads-  A Healthy Spread For Your Bread



To obtain maximum nutrition from the food we eat is a real challenge. It is not only important for the weight-watchers but also for everyday people like you to know what they are eating. This struggle is even racier when it is accompanied by a weight-gain or weight-loss goal.

It is important to maintain the diet if you are working out to lose or balance your weight. Your fitness instructor will prescribe the particular type of foods e.g. proteins for you to be taken in more quantity than others so that you can utilize the natural properties of food in an efficient way for your body. More proteins consumed means more energy to the body which enables you to work out with an ease and end up with really amazing results.

So there are numerous ways in which diet helps to improve weight-loss patterns, some of them may be quite unhealthy, so a wise choice is required before making a final move for your body. Sometimes we order a fast approach food just because it is saving our time of cooking or you are drained to cook the food, or you don’t feel like cooking today. All these choices are 80%wrong most of the times. Whatever you order, you would end up regretting it. There must be something to help to improve your food habits.

P-28 Protein Spreads- What’s The Catch?

P-28 High Protein Spreads are an easy snack hack to overcome your hunger pangs in no time. It’s a quick way to eat something which is absorbable by your body and has good nutritional count. Be it a morning bite or midnight much, P-28 Protein Spread is a quick and easy on stomach solution for your body.

It is a solution to hunger with no weight gain approach in the form of a delicious spread which has protein content. For consideration, these spreads are similar to peanut butter spread or nuts spread. There are flavors available in it, from which any one can be selected. For breakfast, P-28 Protein Spreads are highly recommended because they provide a high energy start for the day. The taste is good which is additional since most of the healthy food has less value for the taste buds.

It can also be used for crackers or as a dip for your veggie snacks. The ingredients are all natural and can be incorporated into various recipes including salads.

The best thing about P-28 Protein Spread is that it doesn’t have the high amount of calories as offered by most of the spreads available in the market. It is so healthy that you can even use it in dieting plans. The typical serving per day is 2 tablespoons which have 14 grams protein overall with 7 grams protein per tablespoon.

newspreadnutritionals_copy                               Variety In Flavors

One can easy get bored of the same breakfast daily. Everyone who likes to eat would prefer a different taste each day than a daily breakfast daily. Even we get bored with the big spreads once we buy it because we can’t simply eat it every day. This problem is solved by the yummy P-28 Protein Spread as it provides a broad range of flavors to choose from. Even if you consume a healthy protein shake, your stomach will not be satisfied. To make your stomach happy, P-28 Protein Spread is the best quality of healthy food choice. Here is a complete summary to introduce all the delicious flavors by P-28 Protein Spread.

Peanut Butter

Everyone loves peanut butter unless they aren’t allergic to the peanuts. This is a traditional character which is offered alongside high protein values. This is a  perfect mix of premium quality roasted peanuts and proteins whey to give a classic taste to it. What makes it better than the commercially available peanut butter is its nutritional value which is enhanced by additional protein whey to it. It’s an ideal choice for body builders and weight watchers.

Signature Spread Blend

The manufacturers offer one of the house special spreads which have a peanut butter base with almonds, cranberries, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, honey, and cinnamon. The delightful ingredient summary which this first spread has would change your choice for the snacks altogether. If you are a big time snacking person, this is highly recommended to you.

Almond Butter

Almond butter is another flavor which P-28 spreads offer. This is similar to peanut butter, but it has replaced the peanuts with almonds. These almonds are carefully selected and used. The enriched spread has vitamin E and magnesium as an extra treat for your health.

White Chocolate

The traditional white chocolate is admired by everyone. To use white chocolate for a spread is a good idea. This spread has white chocolate and real vanilla with peanut and whey protein in it. It doesn’t only sound yummy but tastes too. Its flavor can be fully enjoyed when used with low-fat Graham cracker or fresh fruits for a delicious mid day or mid night snack.

Camel Turtle

To avoid any misunderstanding, no this flavor doesn’t have camels and turtles in it. This catchy name is given for a different recipe of spread which has cashew nut base. Added crunchy caramel and rich cream make a delightful combination of taste and health. It feels great with banana and strawberries. It can also be used for desserts toppings.

Apple Crisp

A warm, baked apple is one of the nostalgic memories of childhood usually associated with grandmas. It is an alternate to it with equally crispy taste and nutritional value.  This spread has a peanut butter base and apple pie spices with raisins, granola, and fresh apple chunks. It’s more like a dessert itself than to be used as a spread.

Banana Raisin

A healthy alternative to peanut butter spread is banana raisin spread. As the name indicates, bananas and raisins make this spread an overwhelming choice. The different taste would please your taste buds, and it will be a new addition to your crackers.


Gingerbread is an innovative idea of spread to add some creativity to food.  It’s a well-proportioned blend of molasses, ginger, vanilla and whey protein. It can be a perfect choice for breakfast. A fine layer of gingerbread spread on toast with a mug of coffee is a treat to you by you.

Pumpkin Spice

Th autumn special memories of pumpkin can be cherished throughout the year with P-28 Protein Spread choice. It is combined with pumpkin, nutmeg and ginger with added proteins to give you a different flavor with healthy benefits of protein. Cut out all the unhealthy snacks and add this unique flavor to your meal routine.

P-28 High Protein Spread- Summary

Lunch is equally important in routine as regular meals are. It doesn’t matter wherever you are; it’s always good to much something which doesn’t harm your health but tastes good. An ideal snack is the one which can be used at any time. P-28 High Protein Spread is not only healthy but has fewer calories than regular spreads; the added protein content makes it highly nutritional even in dieting.  It offers the wide range of flavors to choose from which is a highly appreciated factor. All these spreads can be used on bread, crackers, bagels, fruits or veggies. Even they can be added to salads and desserts. So overall it fulfills the requirements of taste, quality, health and variety which is more than enough to desire for.


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