Pain Relief Institute review – Find the best refuge from pain


The Pain relief institute in New York is establishing new boundaries in pain management of arthritic origin.  The subject clinic specializes in identifying the pain triggers and gets them fixed by a personalized recovery plan.

There is nothing more pampering in the world than getting a big wheel treatment, be it your home or anywhere else. Imagine getting yourself an exclusive club membership or getting on an executive class flight. Well, at the Pain Relief Institute, you are treated with the same indulgence and commitment delivered for a first-class individual. Why, because every person is an entity with individual needs and deserves to be treated in a way that caters to his or her exclusivity and distinctiveness.

The following review will give an insight into the clinic and its working.

An overview of the Pain Relief Institute

The online site of the Pain Relief Institute begins with a quiz that is based on seven questions. The answers to those specific questions would change your life for better regarding arthritis pain and disability, that is the promise of the Pain Relief Institute.

Though the clinic is based in New York, one does not require spending hefty money on an airline ticket or paying some bucks on lodgings while the treatment lasts. The online mode of delivering a therapy at your doorsteps is outclassing other means for some issues, arthritis being one of them.

While arthritis is a debilitating and limiting disease, there is nothing more convenient than finding the solution to this chronic ailment while sitting in your home ground. However, if you want to take a trip to New York after mending and recovery to meet the team upfront, you are more than welcome.

The modus operandi of the Pain Relief Institute

Arthritis is a chronic disease with many incapacitating signs and symptoms that leave your body weak and your soul dependent on outside support. While many prescription medicines for arthritis pain relief are effective for the encountered symptoms of inflammation, joint swelling, stiffness, and pain, they are tagged with a load of side effects. Some examples of customary drugs are NSAIDS and Corticosteroids while recent additions to the arthritic therapeutic line are Biologic, and Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs).

Some of the side effects of these drugs that are sufficient to signify the use of alternative therapeutic means are

  • GIT bleeding
  • Heart attacks and stroke
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Brittle bones
  • Skin thinning
  • Cataracts

When you look at the figures that describe the percentage of people who used powerful prescriptive medicines for pain relief (like opioid analgesics) and the ones who died from its use, you will be startled. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the relevant data is as follows:

“From 1999–2002 to 2011–2012, the percentage of opioid analgesic users who used an opioid analgesic stronger than morphine increased from 17.0% to 37.0%”

“During 2007–2012, the use of opioid analgesics was higher among women (7.2%) than men (6.3%)”

“Opioid dependence and opioid-related deaths are growing public health problems”

The Pain Relief Institute is an initiative proposed with the same alarming milieu. It targets the subject matter with trigger identification and finding a solution accordingly in the form of a Personalized Recovery Plan.

Trigger identification

In order to guard and look after the patients suffering from the unbearable pain and disability of arthritis, the Pain Relief Institute has devised a system to detect the specific trigger that ignites the inflammatory reaction, characteristic of arthritis.

What is the importance of this trigger identification? Arthritis is an inflammatory disease and inflammation is not something that you contract from outside. It is the body’s innate ability to fight infection and ward off harmful agents.

When the same inflammatory system starts to attack the normal cells in the body, the cellular structure starts dying and the system deteriorates. This is what happens in arthritis. The inflammatory agents attack the joint structure resulting in what is called as arthritis.

The holistic advancement to treating arthritis believes there are four triggers in our food that initiate this arthritic cascade and the same route is approached to treat the condition. That is why trigger identification in individual cases is of utmost importance.

Personalized Recovery Plan

Once the trigger is identified, a free guide is issued which is your own, Personalized Recovery Plan. The plan is supposed to ease you out of the terrible pain and suffering of arthritis.

What is this plan comprised of? Here is a peek at it.

  • Different food items that flare up arthritis
  • Identification of chemicals and synthetics used in our daily lives that contribute to arthritis
  • A herbal remedy that the Pain Relief Institute claim can reduce the intensity of pain, stiffness and joint swelling within a mere seven days

  • The number one painkiller to alleviate arthritis pain with an introduction to three more agents against this menace
  • A revelation to an easily available and inexpensive food that rebuilds the joint cartilage
  • The recognition of a cartilage eating enzyme in our body and how to keep it in check

How to identify triggers

For this purpose, one does not need to go to a laboratory or submit any kind of samples. The specialists at the Pain Relief Institute have devised a short quiz that takes seconds to complete and submit. Based on your individual replies, a result is compiled and a plan is devised. The plan is sent to you in a matter of minutes so that you can get a relief as soon as possible.

The quiz takes into account

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Specific diet patterns
  • Involved sites of pain
  • Severity of pain
  • How it started
  • The particular timings of the pain attack

The answers to these questions are specific to every individual. Some people might experience symptoms of mild nature in a single joint so the therapeutic approach will be different. For chronic conditions that are accompanied by severe pain and disability, an aggressive approach will be forwarded (the most probable outcome).

What we like about the Pain Relief Institute

The Pain Relief Institute gives you a sense of earnestness by honestly acknowledging your disease state. The most frustrating thing about a condition is when one does not understand it. Once you grasp the reasons behind your disease state, the psychological strain is lessened there and then. One is able to approach the condition with a determined and resolute mind to fight the target culprits.

Judging by patients’ testimonials, they were better able to cope with arthritic pain once they understood the triggers. It helped them manage their daily chores in an efficient manner.

The understanding of the ‘perpetual pain cycle’ enables you to modify your lifestyle and adopt methods to relax your body. The therapeutic mode offered by the Pain Relief Institute that makes you understand the inflammatory play your body ignites and how to work against it so as to get a relief from the pain and agony of arthritis.

The Pain Relief Institute enables you to detox your body of the devastating side effects of potent painkillers by going off them. Once the dependency is over, the whole approach leaves you in a better state of body and mind.

The Pain Relief therapy starts with simple seven questions and equips you with tips and instructions to get instant relief. All you have to do is take the quiz, enter your e-mail, and benefit from their initial free guidelines. You do not lose anything except the debilitating pain and suffering.

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