Patriot Power Greens review – Does It Work?

Patriot Power Greens is an instant drink that pledges to reverse the inflammation processes continually going on in our bodies. Patriot Power Greens is a smart concentrated blend of fruits, vegetables (both land and sea), probiotics and digestive enzymes in powdered form. The green drink wipes away the acidic setting in the aging body to a more alkaline mode, creating an ambiance where body cells flourish to an incredibly healthy state.

Inflammation is the main culprit behind aging, a process characterized by signs and symptoms as aching and painful joint conditions, declining energy levels, fading memory status and other health problems.

The relationship between inflammation and aging is the subject matter for the latest research and studies; therefore, a parallel quest is also underway to combat this situation. Patriot Power Greens is one such endeavor and the following review will help you decide if it is worth your investment.

An overview of Green powder drinks

Green drinks and their Powder formulation is the latest craze in health and supplement industry. Accommodating to the busy life schedules and an attempt at meeting the nutritional requirements of individuals belonging to the current millennium, Green superfoods are a significant addition to the supplement subject. A blend of many fruits and vegetables, these Greens deliver a concentrated blend of Phytosterols from plant origin that is scientifically proven to add health upshots. Many green supplements contain an added digestive enzyme blend and probiotics for a super gut health. When opting for such varieties, it is suggested to go for the powder form of the Greens, because they are devoid of artificial sweeteners and are more concentrated in nutrient content. The Patriot Power Greens is among the list of few greens recommended by health experts in the specified field.

What is the deal about Patriot Power Greens?

It is amazing what a green colored powder can do for your health. Called the ‘secret green drink’ and adopted by the ‘old gentry’ in the US coast guards, Patriot Power Greens holds the key to unlocking the youthful power and vitality for the ailing aging body.

The deal about Patriot Power Green is not about some random fruits and vegetable blend labeled as a miracle food. The formula is an intellectual merger of forty fruits and vegetables from an organic source. In addition, Patriot Power Greens also incorporates ten probiotic strains and six digestive enzymes.

The reason behind the smart and careful combination of the Patriot Power Greens is the ability of the designer of this protocol; that is Dr. Lane Sebring, a licensed medical doctor and an Air Force Veteran. A specialist in the holistic approach to anti-aging regimes, Dr. Lane is also a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.

Dispensed as an instant drink, The Patriot Power Greens is ready for consumption whenever you want. This specific formulation enhances its absorption across the gut lining with a maximum bioavailability of the essential phytochemicals, nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes. This attribute is important in elderly when the gut lining might already be compromised due to ongoing inflammation processes.

Free from any allergens and synthetic chemicals, the Patriot Power Greens vows to get rid of toxins and free radicals from the body. As a result, the body gets rid of the factors responsible for inflammation and out with it goes the troubles that are the hallmark of the aging process.

The working of Patriot Power Greens

The designer of the drink, Dr. Lane Sebring M.D., independently tested the Patriot Power Greens for efficiency. About 1000 volunteers came forward to test the nutritional efficacy of the combination and amazing results were announced, including relief from

  • Occasional heartburn
  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Joint discomfort
  • Memory turn down
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Declining cognitive functions

The working functionality behind the Patriotic Power Greens lies with a carefully selected list of fruits and vegetables that impart an alkaline setting when ingested. The combination of organic nutrients along with probiotics and digestive enzymes create the most efficient of nutritional state without any acidity.

The question arises, why an alkaline environment is necessary to attain a state of health and vigor. The fact of the matter is, every item of food we ingest either takes our body towards the acidic or alkaline side but our body’s tissues and fluids do not take sides towards either. Our body constantly tries to maintain a homeostasis between the two except in regions where absolute acidity or alkalinity is required as the stomach, which has an acidic setting.

This balance is overturned in disease states or stressful conditions, inflammation is one of them. The pH balance is important in maintaining a normal functioning of our body systems. According to ‘The pH Miracle’ a book by Dr. Robert Young, an alkaline state is important in maintaining weight loss, increased immunity and superior strength and stamina.

The best way to achieve the dominant alkaline phase is to incorporate fruits and vegetables as the primary diet potion. However, none of us is competent, resourceful and organized enough to get the amount of fruit and vegetable prepared on daily basis. The Patriot Power Greens may not have the miracle ingredients but the product is not less than a miracle with the amount and variety of ingredient combination.

The science behind the working of Patriot Power Greens

The Patriot Power Greens makes use of an incredible blend of 40 alkaline fruits and vegetables, 10 strains of probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes. The ultimate goal is to reduce inflammation all across the body tissues and cells, an unseen quandary that poisons our bodily systems with every minute and push us to the infinite limits of aging.

The inflammation-fighting power of the Patriot Power Greens is possible by the action of the following

  • Ten strains of probiotics including three essential strains; B. Lactis, L.Paracasei, S. Thermophilus
  • Six assorted digestive proteolytic enzymes as acid protease, amyloglucosidase, cellulase, amylase, protease, and lipase
  • 1067 mg of Spirulina, wakame, nori, and kombu(sea vegetables known for their enriched nutritional status)
  • 1100 mg of Kale, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and other land vegetables
  • Apples, blueberries, cherries, and other fruits
  • Naturally sweetened with Acai berry, goji berry and apple juice (less than 2mg)

The potency and efficiency of the Patriot Power Greens lie in the fact that it utilizes only the organic sources of land and sea vegetables as well as fruits.

Moreover, the final drink is free from artificial sweeteners and thereby ideal for diabetic patients. Being vegan-friendly, it accommodates individuals from different lifestyles.

The green drink constituents are free from major allergens as soy, barley, wheat, gluten, dairy, fish, egg, peanuts, and dairy, thus catering for a large community, often overlooked while designing nutritional supplements.

The expected upshots of the Patriot Power Greens

Volunteers showed results (reversal of major complaints) within six days of regular use of green drink in the independent trial carried out by Dr. Lane.

More energy, less pain and sharp focus and thinking are the primary benefits that are obvious within the first seven days of consumption. With a continued use, some of the other upshots become apparent as

  • Better digestive state and bowel regularity
  • Healthy blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Less pain specifically of muscles and joints
  • Improved state of alertness and concentration
  • Improved cognitive health
  • Beautiful skin and its appendages (hair, nails)
  • Weight loss to a certain extent
  • An improved sex drive
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • A rebound energy status

Moreover, the Patriot Power Greens delivers a luxurious flavor according to the aesthetics of your taste buds unlike the grassy flavor of many of its counterparts. Convenient to use, take only one serving in the morning and you will find yourself saying adieu to many other vitamins and supplements on your ascent to health and vigor.

Cost of the Patriot Power Greens

The cost of the subject green drink is about $49.95 for a 5.70z canister that suffices a month supply. A purchase of 3-5 canisters comes along with gifts worth more than $50,

  • 16oz Patriot Power Greens shaker bottle
  • A special report ‘no more pills’
  • Another report on ‘nine powerful food cures for pain’
  • Free shipping worth $8.95

With a 200% lifetime, money-back guarantee, the Patriot Power Greens would ultimately save you some dollars by cutting back on your vitamin and other supplement purchases and clinical visits.

Our final take on the Patriot Power Greens

Though specifically designed for the worthy elderly cohort, the Patriot Power Greens is also recommended for individuals in their middle age to maintain their form and fitness.

With their GMP certified manufacturing facility and collection of the organic yields from best localities around the world, the Patriot Power Greens is a supplement that not only fulfills the nutritional gaps in our body but also keeps the cellular status at the best of its working without any inflammatory toxins.

A well-extended assurance that covers a lifetime, the Patriot Power Greens is an investment that would propagate towards a healthier prospect.







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