Patriot Renewal Review: How does this Anti-Aging supplement work?

With the passage of time, Science has surely developed with leaps and bounds. But even in the 21st century, it’d be nothing short of a miracle to come across a product that could effectively claim to lessen or slow down the aging process and prove it.

Such a product in the market is the Patriot Renewal by Patriot Health Alliance that provides an anti-aging formula. It comes with a 30 day supply of 120 capsules, aimed at not only slowing the aging process but also helping aid the brain, body and overall healthy functioning of an individual.

It contains 4 Genesis Nutrients in a single pill that has been clinically tested and proven to not only have anti-aging properties but also aid in maintaining and regulating the body’s deteriorating metabolism with age. A disclaimer though – this product is in no way a cure or treatment for any sort of disease. It is not magic, it is Science!

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So before we move on to its ingredients, working, benefits, etc., let us first establish what aging really is.

What is Aging?

Aging is a natural process through which the body function and health slowly deteriorate as a human matures into his later life years. It is characterized by less immunity and resistance, sagging skin, wrinkling, slow metabolism, memory loss, lack of energy, etc.

Although it is a completely natural human cycle, one cannot determine how fast they might age, which is why this product offers such a formula that the apparent problems faced while aging may be catered to in the first place without any drastic results. The overall health and metabolism of the body should be maintained so that there is less chance of a rapid loss of health and life.

The core ingredients used in the Patriot Renewal are specifically there to gain maximum benefits with an effective anti-aging formula. So let us now look at what the product contains and how is it supposed to aid in the anti-aging factors.

Core Ingredients of the Product:

There are 4 main and core ingredients (Genesis Nutrients) used in the product which are as follows

  • Deep ocean water minerals: These deep ocean water minerals first originated in Greenland glaciers, which include 70 rare, ancient, ionic, absorbent minerals and trace elements, clinically proven to increase your youth span and deliver health and age-fighting benefits.

          These minerals trigger biogenesis to create up to 900% more power generators in your cells, flooding your body with youthful energy. What is that supposed to mean? This means that these minerals involve the generation of more powerhouses in your cells, i.e., the mitochondria. The core function of mitochondria is to generate energy for the cell by respiration. With more number of mitochondria, more energy will be produced, which means that an individual consuming this pill will be more energetic and boosted, despite his age, as aging is characterized by less energy and youth span. So this ingredient provides you with the boost of energy that you’re looking for.

  • BacoMind: This ingredient is derived from the Indian pennywort herb (Bacopa monnieri) which has been prized by Ayurvedic healers for centuries. It activates the neurogenesis to create new brain cells and is clinically proven to boost the memory and retention power by as much as 78%.

          With rapid age, the cells of the body become damaged goods or become less in number, leading to a slow metabolism of the body. This ingredient allows the generation of more brain cells, which aids in heightened brain activity. The characteristic of aging is the loss of memory or the less retention power of the brain. With BacoMind, this problem is solved and the formula allows the brain to function at a faster rate compared to the age of the individual.

  • Resveratrol: This ingredient stimulates the genomic genesis to create new youth genes in the body. It is famous for its anti-aging and disease-fighting abilities.

Resveratrol also keeps your blood flowing smoothly by improving the health of your arteries by 50%.
What’s more, when SIRT1 is activated, you reduce the risk of the five most common signs of aging, i.e., exhaustion, body shrinking, sedentary habits, slowness, and weakness.

Resveratrol triggers TyrRS, a powerful molecule that activates a protective shield around your cells that offers steel-trap protection against age-stealing stressors like inflammation and oxidation. It protects your blood-brain barrier against toxic substances that can rob your memory and brain power. It also subdues inflammation in your brain.

  • Gynostemma Pentophyllum: This ingredient activates the antioxidant genesis to create new “Prime antioxidants”, which help the body in resisting the aging factors.

As an “adaptogen,” it increases energy, endurance, stamina and recovery time.

It also raises the levels of two other Prime Antioxidants: glutathione and catalase. High levels of these two antioxidants mean greater resistance to aging.

It also supports healthy blood sugar and insulin response, improving physical fatigue and stress.

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How does Patriot Renewal work?

Since the supplement is in capsuled form, thus on consumption it is dissolved into the bloodstream. The ingredients included in the product are easily absorbed in the body due to their ionic properties and nature. They easily bond with water and get dissolved in the body for an effective functioning. This makes it easy for the body to take in the essential nutrients and minerals of the pill.

Also, the capsule dosage is easier to consume with meals since the digestive function helps in dissolving and working the action of the supplement.


  1. Consult a physician before using, especially patients with any known or harmful medical condition.
  2. Do not exceed the recommended dose, else it could lead to complications.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.

Final Verdict:

Patriot Renewal by Patriot Health Alliance is an anti-aging supplement that provides with the benefits of healthy aging, along with supporting a better youthful span, memory, and body function.

Although the results are scientifically backed and researched, it is important to note that the product results may vary from individual to individual. What works for one may not work for another.

The good thing about the manufacturer is that they give you money back guarantee, not just 100% but also 200%, in case of not liking the product with a return policy and payback of money. This goes on to show their faith in the product’s effectiveness and functioning.

The supplement comes in various packages and deals of two, three and five bottle supplies.


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