Peloton Bikes Review – Is it your definitive work out resolution?

The generation of the present millennium has brought forth immense technological advances in all fields but the only aspect where our age band lacks is physical fitness. Today’s technology has made everything available at our fingertips but regrettably, we do not have time to invest in our health (as an individual) ordinarily. This lack of investment has come with a price, worldwide obesity and different complications that mushroom out of it.

The food industry and its parallel, the diet industry have coined their pockets by manipulating this situation. The fact of the matter is, our ancestors had no history of metabolic diseases, their life expectancies were also high, and the major grounds for their well-being were physical activity. They used to hunt for their own food and harvest their own crops, ate simple and worked simply harder.

Today as we explore the health-disease relationship, we must acknowledge the present day scenario, which is that life, is no more that simple and to remain in the best of shapes is a complex set of affairs. Nevertheless, the basics of health requirement are same; physical activity.

Physical activity comes in all ‘shapes and sizes’, from aerobics to cardio, yoga to spiritual meditation that cater for one’s endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility in a number of ways. Cycling falls in the category of aerobics, specifically aimed at your heart, lungs and circulatory system to build the physical endurance and stamina. Few up shots of riding a cycle are

  • An easy, low impact and muscle strengthening routine
  • Burns almost 300 calories per hour
  • Fun way to lose some pounds with numerous health benefits for joints, heart, bones, posture and coordination and last but not the least, stress management
  • Time efficient mode of transport

Many of the benefits of cycling are not achievable if one’s lifestyle does not accommodate the cycling routine to your 24-hour rotation. For this many indoor cycling, equipment is marketed and Peloton is one such gear. Most of us (true for me at least) get exercising tools but they lie about in our quarters as showpieces that serve no function except for easing a guilt within ourselves “yeah I do exercise but….”.

What is special and unique about Peloton Bikes that would erase that “but” and make you exercise like a pro…let us find out.

The construction of Peloton

The Peloton is an indoor bike with a stroke of up-to-the-minute technology. The design of the bike includes

  • The contemporary framework
  • Belt drive
  • Resistance
  • Seat
  • Pedals
  • Handlebars
  • A touch screen

Except for the touch screen, rests are all the basics of any bike one would find in today’s market. The features that make Peloton stand out from its counterparts are

The framework of Peloton is made of carbon steel. According to American Iron and Steel Institute, any steel is considered carbon steel when there is no specified minimum content for any other alloying element other than carbon. There are three categories of carbon steel according to the amount of carbon and other alloys. The manufacturer of Peloton has not given much detail about the kind used in peloton so we could not make a guess at the strength of the framework nor have they provided the weight of the equipment so that we could comment on the stability of the tool.

However, the settings for the seat and handlebars could be adjusted to suit your requirements and the angles used in the bike framework are constructed to give a maximum intensity workout.

The next important part of any bike is its belt drive that should be able to give a smooth, silent running without much resistance. The low maintenance rate and long life of a belt drive are common to all; however, these come in limited lengths so the adjustments to the bike’s framework are essential to its working. The service and repair of these belt drives are also in short supply unless the company renders it compatible with their deal.

The resistance provided by a stationary bike is essential to get an experience of an actual ride on a road. To provide this resistance, many indoor bikes utilize the direct contact, magnetic brakes, and airflow mechanisms. The Peloton makes use of the magnetic resistance mechanism that can be adjusted by a touch on the touch screen and it avoids the wear-n-tear usually associated with the other brake resistance systems.

The seat of the Peloton can be adjusted according to your height and the slant of your physique during exercise. The position of the seat of an indoor recumbent bike is very important especially if you are working out for extended periods. The specially designed ergonomic design of Peloton comes with an assurance of a comfortable session for all kinds of physiques without stress.

The pedals of Peloton bike are accommodated to adjust a variety of shoes utilizing the Look Delta clipless pedals. The handlebars of the Peloton bike are padded for a strong grip that accommodates the touch screen system.

The touch screen features all the conventional vitals to keep in check your activity. You can follow the live streaming and on demand classes via the Peloton subscription to their studio classes.

The Peloton Subscription

As far as the bike is concerned, it seems to have all the updated features a fair bike is concerned. However, the reason behind making a choice between preferring it to others or not to make the purchase could be same for many customers

“It comes with a subscription to the Peloton studio classes, delivered by world class instructors”

Without this subscription, the deal is about just up-to-date exercise equipment. The charges for this subscription are $39 per month with a mandatory one-year commitment. If you find this subscription not useful, you will have to pay the termination charges for it. This subscription is valid for only one bike and for only one account at one time being non-transferable.

The Cost and any Warranty

The cost of Peloton is about $1995, excluding the subscription and delivery charges. The purchase is covered by a 30-day return and refund policy, with professional assembly by the technicians of the company. The company provides a warranty on various parts of the bike for specified time, the details can be found on the official website.

Cost comparison of peloton with other recumbent, indoor bikes

The Peloton is quite an expensive bike as compared to other indoor bikes, considering the fact that its present cost excludes the delivery charges and the subscription one, which is obligatory (we might as well say enforced on the customers).

Our final word on Peloton

The Peloton bike is surely an expensive piece among many but if you are a real pro at cycling and need to place the endurance stakes a bit higher for yourself, then it is a recommended apparatus for your physical fitness. This bike is also a fair deal for the ones who really have the resolve and determination to bring about a change in their physical well-being.

However, if you do not have realistic goals to pursue and do not recognize the actual potential you can push yourself through, this bike would be a drain on your pocket and another tool lying around in your house.

Identify your goals and make a decision according to your actual use.


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