Phentaslim Diet Pills – Boosts Metabolism and Revive Lost Energy Levels

Obesity is a problem that everyone wants to overcome but effective results are however not obtained even after following strict diet plans and doing strenuous exercises. There are many supplements available in market that claims for providing ideal solutions but people face disappoint at the end.

Phentaslim is a new dietary supplement providing superlative energy it counterattacks fatigue and dwindles stress.

People looking for an effective and safe diet pill, phentaslim is a best supplement that can actually help reduce body weight and suppresses diet.

The todays featured product which is most trusted, dependable and is equally effective as phentermine called Phentaslim diet pills.

What is phentaslim?

Phentaslim is a phentermine-alternative diet pill that is designed to increase body metabolism and energy level and on other hand suppressing appetite, which is being manufactured by Optimum Nutra, Inc. (a health supplement maker).

As to build trust, all the product from optimum nutra undergoes to a GMP manufacturing that ensures the quality of every product and also it is FDA approved.

This product is not only for single gender it is for both men and for women who wants to reduced their body weight faster and in safer way. Thus this product helps to shred unwanted body mass by boosting up metabolic pace and fortitude. Phentaslim is psychologically effective as well making a person feel motivated with sharper and focused mind that lower up crushes appetite and shifts body fats, which gives an intense fat burning action.

Each of the phentaslim capsules is highly safe and tested for any type of weight loss desired by a person, whether just want to lose few pounds or wanted to lose huge significant body mass, phentaslim has ability to give anticipated results.

Ingredients in phentaslim

The ingredients which makes this product super effective are mentioned below. Each daily serving of three capsules contains total of 1800 mg of the phentaslim formula.

Green tea (375mg):

Green tea is considered as high antioxidants in a group of catechins. Which promotes in fat oxidation and thermogenesis.

Caffeine (270mg):

Numerous studies have shown that caffeine helps in enhancing the energy level, mood and performance as well as gently boosting the metabolism.

L-theanine (225mg):

This amino acid may play small role in contributing its part in weight loss but it increases the feeling of relaxation also it helps to reduce the negative side effects of caffeine.

L-carnitine (200mg):

L-carnitine helps to lean muscle mass and it so supports fat oxidation.

L-tyrosine (200mg):

Tyrosine as an appetite suppressant supports in sustaining the energy level and battles post-workout fatigue and also its large dose may be useful for increasing alertness, especially in people who are sleep deprived.

Panax ginseng (120mg):

Panax ginseng is associated with improved cognition in fatigued subjects and helps to decrease the muscle damage after exercise. It also appears to reduce fatigue.

Guarana seed (100mg):

Guarana seed is berry which naturally high in caffeine and power boosting stimulant and that also act as an appetite suppression.

Cayenne pepper (50mg):

Capsaicin which is found in cayenne pepper plays a significant role that encourages thermogenesis that could result in weight loss and also enhances the ability of other ingredient’s rate of absorption.

Niacin (20mg):

It is a vitamin B3 which is responsible for helping to produce energy from consumed food as well as keeping the nervous system and digestive system healthy.

Black pepper extract (6mg):

Black pepper extract (piperine) is useful for increasing bio-availability of nutritional compounds which means it increases the number of nutrients that are absorbed into the body in the digestive tract.

Vitamin B6 (1.8mg):

Vitamin B6 serves function by storing energy from protein and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B2 (1.7mg):

Vitamin B2 is useful as it used for keeping the eyes, skin and nervous system healthy also it helps the body to release energy from carbohydrates.

Thiamin (vitamin B1-1.3mg):

It has been stated that thiamin known as vitamin B1 is important for helping to break down and release energy from food.

Vitamin B12 (10mg):

Vitamin B12 play a significant role in maintaining a healthy nervous system and covers up the deficiency may have any, and also helpful in losing weight.

Does phentaslim works?

Whilst many of the diet pill manufactures offer statement and makes dramatics claims but how ever less of them works effectively and very few of them offers evidence for their claims. This has no such dramatic tag lines because it aims at providing results not just the pep talks, that is why it is a trustworthy product.

Phentaslim includes more than 12 different ingredients and extracts in its ingredient list, and all the ingredient contribute different part of qualities and thus it makes single product which makes it operative and perfect choice to use, which focuses on losing weight in all natural means.

The proprietary blend of phentaslim goes well with blood, upon its intake the caffeine mix awakens our senses without making addiction or any sort of dependency over it. The blend controls the utilization of stamina in an appropriate way. For those who consider tea or black coffee, phentaslim in comparison to them is proven to be operative as it has other boosting elements other than caffeine which these ordinary drinks don’t have.

Makers of Phentaslim

Phentaslim is manufactured by Optimum Nutra Inc. Nutra was s founded in early 2011.

Address of the company as stated on its official website is:

Optimum Nutra Inc.

Costa Del Este, Capital Plaza Tower, E-1 Floor, Office 6

Panama City, Panama

Optimum Nutra has another product apart from phentaslim which is superfruit slim. Both products are genuine and fetches high quality components which is why this product is in demand worldwide.

Dosage recommendation for Phentaslim

3 capsules of phentaslim are prescribed to be taken daily with or after meals. The capsules are to be taken with water since it is already a powerful blend of caffeine and components which instantly stimulates body in a positive way. After few weeks a person will notice amazing changes in themselves which will completely satisfy them. however, change can occur after some time as well as it depends on individual’s capacity to shred fats.

Pricing of Phentaslim

The prices at which this supplement is available are:

1 Bottle: $59.95 (90capsules each bottle/one-month supply)

2 Bottles: $99.95

4 Bottles: $139.95

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