Pink Shave review-Convenience at your doorstep


Pink Shave is a complete shaving kit, designed specifically for the sensitive and delicate skin of women. The manufacturer of Pink Shave presents their product with pride that women, catering to the specific needs and precautions a female skin, created the design for the shaving kit.

If you use the shaving tool of your man occasionally, do not consider your job done. The shaving gear for men is specially designed to take care of stubborn stubble that can leave the delicate skin of a female with unwanted skin complaints. However, with many brands that claim to be functioning exclusively for women, cannot get hold on to the exact requirements of a female skin as far as removal of unwanted hair is concerned. Pink Shave offers a solution for women, by women to address this problem and this review will analyze its value regarding the working, safety and cost efficiency.

Pink Shave, a complete way out

There are many ways to get a clean and smooth skin without any unwanted hair but nearly all of them have some glitch to it. Parlor treatments are not only expensive and time-consuming; they do not cater for your privacy. These treatments definitely become troublesome when carried out by the inexperienced, becoming a source of pain and infection spread. In addition, they need to be carried out at regular intervals, adding to the list of your chores to be done. Lasers offer a more long lasting result regarding unwanted hair but they are not designed for the sensitive parts as bikini areas and your personal privacy is certainly bothered, apart from being too expensive.

Pink Shave conveys a solution that is

  • Comfortable and safe
  • With 100% skin-friendly results
  • Caters for your convenience and privacy
  • Inexpensive
  • Delivered at your doorstep

There is no need for you to do a last minute run to pharmacy or grocery store, make expensive visits to parlor or laser clinic when you can opt for a private clean up procedure with the Pink Shave products. Here is how it helps

Products by Pink Shave

The primary problem with many of the shaving utensils around us; they are deficient. Some of the brands have the shaving razors to show off while others are content with the shaving foam only. At the platform of Pink Shave, you will find the complete package deal catering for all the shaving essentials.

  • Pink Shave Shaving cream
  • Pink Shave Bikini Smooth
  • Pink Shave razor heads

Pink Shave offers other products in their skincare line but this review will focus on their shaving care line.

Pink Shave shaving cream

If you think that using a razor for shaving without any shaving cream would give you a more close contact with your skin, you are dead wrong. Attempting to shave any area, be it arms, legs, underarms or under legs, without a shaving cream or foam can be disastrous to your skin. Shaving your skin in winters can pose another problem; dry skin and rash. The small cuts and nips can invite any kind of infection too. Sometimes, with frequent shaving, patches of dark skin appear at the shaved area. These are razor bumps, also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. These are actually minor abscesses formed by in growth of shaven hair. A good shaving foam helps you avoid this problem.

Pink Shave shaving foam acts as a lubricant between the razor blades and your skin, enabling the razor head to glide smoothly over your skin. This simple application of Pink Shave shaving cream will help you avoid any cuts or bruises and prevent any after-shave rash. This is particularly important for the most sensitive areas as the face, bikini, and feet because of the high vascularity; any minor cut would lead to bleeding that can turn to big trouble.

The Pink Shave shaving foam is incredible regarding its ingredients. The shaving foam delivers a smooth and soft result owing to its content of moisturizing, botanical blend. The shaving foam is packed with vitamins, specifically Vitamin E, that act on your skin to give it a smooth touch and the added benefits of Shea Butter will ward away any dry condition, moisturizing your skin for the rest of your day. Pink Shave shaving foam is enriched with Tea Tree oil, an ingredient known for its antiseptic properties that will keep any kind of infections at bay. Pink Shave shaving foam will deliver a shave that will prevent the appearance of any ingrown hair later. So enjoy a razor bump free ride with Pink Shave shaving foam.

Pink Shave Bikini Smooth

Did you ever wonder if after shaves were for men only? A female skin requires much more pampering after a shave and an after-shave serum from the Pink Shave club delivers the required job with ease. Bikini Smooth is an after-shave serum that promises to clear away any razor burns and rash with its soothing and calming properties.

Razor burns can be very painful, with redness, stinging and skin bumps. Sensitive skin is very common and is most susceptible to razor burns, affecting your face, arms, and legs. The bikini area is the worst affected of all. Razor burns are a result of skin displacement with the hair follicle being pulled by the sharp razor blades. If you have sensitive skin, changing the razor head every time you shave helps but you might be left with red and irritated skin. Application of Pink Shave shaving foam ahead of, and of the serum following the shave, will aid in achieving a smooth feel at the end.

Bikini Smooth is antiseptic in nature, which clears away any minor infections that may arise out of small nips and irritations. Our skin hosts a zillion of infection causing bacteria and if not properly taken care of, they can take over and cause a small irritation to develop into a nasty infection. A prompt use of an antiseptic after-shave serum as Bikini Shave handles the problem well in time.

Pink Shave Razor Heads

You have a superior shaving foam in your cabinet and you have taken the time to care for your skin with an after shave serum too, but if you do not have a fine tool for shaving, well that would be called a misfortune. The Pink Shave Club takes care of this hitch for you by providing a package deal for the smoothest of skin. The razor heads provided by Pink Shave are the finest in design and function.

If you were encountering any kind of skin ailment while shaving, an inexperienced would tell you to take care of your razor head. If your razor head is not in top-notch condition, there is not much shaving foam or after-shave can do for you. That is why; the designers of Pink Shave gave their best to creating razor heads, which come with a product with sharp razors to give a clean and close shave to unwanted hair anywhere on your body. These are gentle enough for your face and bikini areas and effective enough for your arms, legs, and underarms.

The Pink Shave razor heads are provided with a moisturizing strip enriched with aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe your skin simultaneously as you glide the razor on your skin. It has an ergonomically weighted handle that is sturdy to hold with a full 90-degree pivot head. The bottom blade is unique in its design that prevents your skin from nicks and small cuts.

The cost of Pink Shave

The cost of Pink Shave products are

Bikini Smooth $7

Pink Shave shaving foam $9

Razor heads $1

The complete range $22

The shipping cost is not included in it, rest of the package and discount details can be availed at the official website of Pink Shave.

All the purchases are covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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