Piyo by Beach Body Review – Is it Worth the time and money?

Piyo by the company Beach Body is an exercise workout that is a combo of Pilates and Yoga to help maintain a healthy figure. The company claims that Piyo is a technique of different steps based on the science of Pilates and yoga, with no requirements of any equipment, skipping the jumps and strains of conventional exercise and yet defines your body in an ultimate manner.

There are no short cuts to a lean and trimmed body and exercise have always been, without a doubt, the route to a healthy physique. The world of physical fitness makes use of different kinds of exercises that deliver all kinds of results from simple weight loss, spot training, muscle and bodybuilding and ultimately a dream figure, both for men and women alike. Exercise not only keeps one physically fit but also renders a strong mental state in the pink.

Despite all of these advantages of exercise, not everybody is able to follow these rituals religiously. Some might not have the physical endurance while others might have time constraints, whatever the reason, without exercise, your life is sure to take a downhill drive with an average quality life.

To ensure a merit to one’s health, some kind of physical workout must be adopted and there is nothing better to take up a combination of input. Today’s review is all about analyzing the blend of two exercise regimes in one, Piyo, to see how well they can be accommodated to an individual’s routine and what kind of recompense can be achieved.

Some words about the designer of Piyo

The routine and steps of Piyo are designed by Beach Body that is a reputed name in the community of physical fitness. Founded in 1998, this company is a primary in fitness programs, gears and nutrition guide for almost two decades. Their collaboration of 450K independent fitness coaches and a thousand plus employees have helped over 23 million customers to reach their health goals. The founders of Beach Body, Carl Daikeler, and Jon Congdon, believe in progression rather than perfection and with a realistic target approach, continue to help many across the globe in their health-related aims.

The particulars of Piyo

Piyo is a low impact workout that combines the upshots of Pilates and Yoga (pi-yo) with a gradual build up of intensity to deliver a fat burning routine that sculpts your whole body into a leaner physique.

For complete 60-days, the Piyo workouts led by Chalene Johnson, a celebrity fitness expert, would take you through a transformation that promises to make you trim n slim.

What is Pilates? Pilates are a series of movements, which are low intensity, aimed at stabilization of the core and sculpting the muscles. Similar to Yoga in attaining focus and breathing control, Pilates works at the flexibility and strengthening of the muscles by targeting the back, legs, glutes and core, using one’s own weight. Pilates can be a great help in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis and low back pain.

What is Yoga? Yoga is an ancient lifestyle term that covers religion, philosophy, and physical exercises. The physical aspect of Yoga relates to the control of mental and physical aspects of our body via different exercises or postures that render more control over oneself.

Piyo makes use of ‘dynamic, flowing sequence’ incorporating the muscle sculpting of Pilates and flexibility of Yoga into a ‘non-stop fluid movement’. A strong core and muscle help you burn calories at a faster rate. Being a low impact workout so there is a minimum risk of any injury and it suits any body type, fitness level, and age.

What is the deal about Piyo?

Piyo consists of

  • A pack of three DVDs comprising of seven workouts in all
  • A quick start guide
  • Piyo 60-day calendar
  • Get lean eating Plan

The quick start guide includes tips on getting the most out of every workout as well as details about the scientific strategy each workout follows. A little homework before the practical is sure to accommodate you with ease.

The Piyo 60-day calendar is organized by Chalene to monitor the daily/weekly progress and keeps you motivated until the end.

The Get Lean eating Plan helps satisfy your hunger in addition to your taste buds with healthy calories, ensuring your workouts do not end up consuming empty calories but help you in reducing the waistline and the scale figures.

The seven workouts cover the following aspects of exercise

  • Align with the fundamentals

A proper alignment of the body’s framework is essential to prevent injuries and get the projected result.

  • Definition of upper body

Spot targeting the biceps, triceps, and shoulders for a strong upper body

  • Definition of lower body

Focusing on the glutes, thighs, and calves to chisel the lower body into a slender form

  • Sweat

A fast paced cardio-yoga blend and resistance training utilizing the body’s own weight

  • Drench

A kick start to the metabolism, an endurance step-up to accelerate the fat burning mechanism

  • Sculpt

Hits the various muscle groups for maximum strength and endurance so you burn fat even at rest

  • Strength intervals

The ultimate workout of all to rev up the fat incineration without any weights or equipment for an entire 25 minutes

These seven workouts are to be carried out six days a week with recognizing one’s own pace and following the alternate steps wherever required. Each workout takes an average of about half an hour. Though the workouts are performed by the experienced cast, each workout has a modifier to guide you through any hurly-burly.

The expected outcome

The before and after testimonial pictures on the official web page show people belonging to different walks of life and age categories. The weight loss described by them ranges from 8lbs to 44 lbs over the course of 60-120 days.

The cost of Piyo and guarantees

Piyo is available at the official website for about $19.95 excluding the shipping and handling charges. However, this price is for a three-month plan, billed every month. The cost of the complete kit is about $59.95. Your purchase is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.

The pros of Piyo

  • Accommodates individuals of any age, fitness level, and body physique
  • For those new to Pilates and yoga, a great beginning
  • Time saver workouts with realistic goals
  • Difficult steps of the workouts can be modified according to one own pace
  • Low impact exercises that do not involve any jumps or strenuous moves
  • Many customers have reported it to be a ‘fun’ routine
  • Gradual building up of sequence to avoid boredom
  • The calendar is fine tool for motivation

The cons of Piyo

  • Some of the customers complained of the workouts being too short and suggested the commercials could be avoided 
  • Though the repute of Chalene is commendable, some of the customers wished she talked less, for the followers to focus more on the steps
  • Some of the customers also reported the transition to the next step as too fast for them to follow
  • The DVD quality was not up to the mark and some purchasers said it did not play at all
  • The company does not offer customer’s services if purchased on sites other than the official

Overall, the Piyo workouts should work for you bringing more flexibility to your muscles and joints and toning up of your body. There were no reports of any injury or muscle strains (main concern for any exercise). We recommend that you make your purchase through their official website to avail their customer services and guarantee in case of any hitch.

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