Polyphenol Reparative Serum: Age defying miracle serum

Polyphenol reparative serum

is a revolutionary anti aging cream which mainly targets fine lines and wrinkles it also helps in rejuvenating skin and combats sagging which begins to appear as the age increase in time, mostly women start showing their age through the fine lines in neck and around chin area this product helps in reversing age and reduce wrinkles. Gundry is the label which sells this product.

About Dr. Steve Gundry

He is quite famous among people who have better understanding of health, he has been doing a lot of work in the field of nutritional supplements and skin care. He’s been in to retailing business for quite long and his anti aging products are being recognized widely.

What is Gundry Polyphenol reparative serum?

Aging is a natural process and everybody has to go through it, Gundry polyphenol reparative serum work wonders for those who are actually looking for some miracle to slowdown aging process this formula contains effective ingredients which targets to vanish wrinkles and reduce fine lines, there are certain areas on your face and neck which starts reflecting your age very quickly like around the eyes, chin and neck. This serum is specially made to work on those areas and help against any chances of further damage, this cream has polyphenols and all natural extracts which helps in giving you younger looking and flawless skin. The manufacturer claims that with a younger looking skin it will also help in firming and tightening of skin.

Protection fromula

Along with increasing age some other factors stimulate aging process too like excessive stress, unhealthy eating, drinking habits, chain smoking and sleeplessness. People barely get time to focus on their health because life has become very fast. This formula protects against all the damages which could harm your skin in the future too this product is full of antioxidants and these antioxidants actively plays its part in reversing aging process moreover polyphenosl are very good source of producing protein and amino acids which makes skin more elastin and flexible. It also protects skin layers from the harsh rays of sun which make wrinkles deep and apparent.


-It is GMP certified
-protects skin from UV rays
– Wrinkles are caused mainly because of dehydrated skin this formula provides beneficial hydration to your skin.
-It provides all the nourishment that your skin lacks for a glowing skin
-It does not only work for face but it has equal effects on vanishing neck lines too
– Since it is rich in antioxidants it gives away a radiance to your face
– This product shows result in very short period of time you don’t have to wait for long
– It will reverse aging process and will boost elasticity in you skin
– Just by using it few times visible results will be observed
– Mostly creams make your skin greasy and oily but this formula is absorbable and after applying you will have smooth texture of skin
– It rejuvenates skin
– The application does not take a long time it is very easy to apply
– By looking younger you will not only  feel satisfied but it will boost your confidence too

Essential elements used



Blueberry fruit extract

This is extracted from Himalayan roots which is very rare to be found, it helps in reducing fine lines and boosts skin natural strength

Oriental tea complex

It is exquisite blend of different teas from Korea which have excellent antioxidants in them that helps in diminishing wrinkles.

Plant collagen extract

It is extracted from 5 different plants to retain skin natural moisture and stimulate substances that can exfoliate and provide radiance.

Red grapevine extract

It has number of nutrients that boosts elasticity of skin and give you more tighter and youthful skin.

Wild yam extract

It basically helps in bringing more glow to skin and boosts skin radiance.

Side effects

This formula is harmless it does not have any negative effects because it is made out of things which are not harmful for skin instead it will soothe and comfort the skin, it will protect your skin against any damage. The antioxidants in this product provide revitalizing effects to skin which will stop it from aging and this cream is suitable for everyone.

How to apply?

It is recommended to use this cream before going to bed it will have double action effect on skin because at night time skin naturally fix itself with damages so when you apply it over face it will give away prompt results. Take a small portion and massage it for sometime leave it overnight and when you get up in the morning wash it off with tap water.

Will it work for you?

This formula is made out of all natural ingredients which provide all the nutrition that your skin needs for a younger look; it helps in firming and tightening of skin with a radiant complexion. All skin types can use it without any hesitation because it does not have dense ingredients and it will penetrate in to your skin and you will soon begin to notice visible results.

Bottom line

polyphenol reparative serum is cost effective and has promising results for skin, it can be used for unlimited period of time because it does not have any damaging effects for skin. This product has positive feedback and it is dominant among others in the market because it will not only give you younger looking skin but it will also provide you with a radiant complexion.
Where to buy?

Polyphenol reparative serum is currently available on the official website and if you are not satisfied with the product due to any reason you can claim a 90 day money back guarantee for further customer satisfaction you can directly contact Gundry for any queries and he will get back to you within 24 hours.
There is a discount package if you buy this product in quantities.

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