Power Growth Review – Read This before You Buy It 

Power Growth is a dietary supplement which is formulated to fulfill the purpose of body building and extensive workout. It creates a situation for the body which brings intense strength and stamina to perform all the hard workouts. Here is our review which will provide all the necessary information on this supplement.

What is Power Growth?

Power Growth is a workout support supplement which is ideal for gym maniacs. It is targeted towards men which are putting so much effort to gain lean muscles. Most of the people who hit gym have a target of weight loss. body building is a next level aim which has more than double effort and patience required. Another thing which is essential to building strong muscles is a strength, stamina, and energy. When a person starts his body building routine, the diet which he takes is restricted to a particular type. It is thought to be effective but it might not provide him with the sufficient energy. This energy can be taken by a little extra supportive element which is Power Growth.

As the website suggests, the price of this supplement is $94.67 which is so much high for one month supply of Power Growth. This high price is justified by the manufacturer for the amazing benefits which they offer.

The manufacturer claims that Power Growth has L-Citrulline and L-Norvaline which are two amino acids which are linked with nitric oxide production inside the body. So this means that when you take this supplement, it produces nitric oxide which subsequently dilates the blood vessels. This dilation improves the blood circulation and each cell of the body gets all the vital nutrients. Eventually, you feel energetic during the workout at the gym.

How Does Power Growth Help You?

Power Growth has a unique herbal formula, as per the website which uses only best source based ingredients. Here are three top elements which make Power Growth a muscle building complex. Let’s evaluate each one for its efficiency.

  • L-Citrulline

It is an amino acid which has been made part of Power Growth. As per the manufacturer’s claim, it will help to produce nitric oxide in the body. The main function to get more nitric oxide is to dilate the blood vessels, making the circulation more. There is no information that how did the manufacturer acquire this amino acid.

  • L-Norvaline

It is another amino acid which has the same function of producing nitric oxide for improved blood circulation. It is not a naturally occurring amino acid, you have to take it externally. L-Norvaline is rich in dairy products, meat, and grains. Power Growth has a high amount of this ingredient but without any mentioned source.

  • Pure NO Super-Molecule

It is an artificially created molecule which has more amino acids in it. It works as an extra support for the L-Norvaline and L-Citrulline. The ingredient list on the website says that Pure NO Super Molecule helps to release human growth hormone and other substances, which are not clearly mentioned. This ingredient is not herbal but its source nowhere mentioned.

The Complete Ingredient List

Up listed components are only three most highlighted ingredients of the formula. Obviously, such a well-recognized supplement has more than just three ingredients. So as per the official website, there are NO MORE ENLISTED INGREDIENTS. yes, that’s true. The only ingredients mentioned are;

  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Norvaline
  • The Pure NO Super Molecule with L-Arginine

That’s it, no more ingredients or information. These three ingredients which they have mentioned lack quantity, dosage, and sources. All the creators say is that it is “100% natural” formula, which is doubtful.

It is a highly disappointing factor when the manufacturer doesn’t provide the complete ingredient list with proper quantity and per serving potency. Usually, when there is no such information provided, the supplement has either some harmful ingredients or the quantities of even the good supplement is too low to be effective.

Although amino acid helps to build the body but are these two amino acids and a chemical based complex are working for getting you lean mass is a question mark. If we are taking amino acids from natural sources, there is no chance to achieve lean mass with low quantities. The daily requirement of amino acids for body building is at least 6000mg. since there is no such information available in this regard, the status of this supplement is dubious.

Who Is The Manufacturer?

The manufacturer of this supplement is not a popular name. there are absolutely NO OTHER PRODUCTS which it manufactures.  It is important to verify the status and credibility of the manufacturer before purchasing a supplement. This is strange that a company only makes one product and that too with incomplete information. Usually, people who go for body building and gym fitness supplements are highly concerned about the results and efficacy of a product they are using. It’s an insane idea to not provide answers to their questions.


Popularity And Certificates

The Power Growth is a relatively less famous name for fitness world. It has been there for long but the popularity among users is not that much high. The supplement has not won any certificate or award. One of the thing which the website mentions is that one of the ingredients of this supplement  L-Arginine from pure NO super Molecule has won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. But that is just the ingredient and not this product has won.  There are no other details available on this supplement. Also, the supplement has no media coverage.

User Reviews

Only a few user reviews are available online. You might like to read these before making a decision about it. One of the users  Josh, 32, Salem, WV says that he feel relieved to use this supplement which was never happening before. This Power Growth has increased his muscle recovery time. There are more similar reviews which tell that this supplement has worked for them but they are very few in number, may be four or five.

Ordering Power Growth Online

The supplement Power Growth is only available online and that too through their website only.  You won’t find it anywhere else. The price of supplement per bottle is as following.

1 Month Supply (60 Capsules): $94.67
2 Month Supply: $114.99
3 Month Supply: $139.99

The website now offers free shipping with ordering one month supply, one free bottle with buying two month supply and two free bottles with ordering three months supply.

The company can be contacted at;

Phone  888-976-4970
Email  support@power-growth.com

Money Back Guarantee

The company offers a money back guarantee which means if you aren’t satisfied with it you can send it back within 30 days of purchase.

Shipment Cost And Handling Charges

The shipment charges are $4.95 for all native orders. They may be different for international orders.

 The Free Trial Offer

Power Growth, a pre-workout supplement provides a free trial offer to all of the new customers. You don’t even need to pay for it at the start. Just order it and you will receive a trial pack. The duration of this trial period is 18 days. You would only need to pay for shipment charges and nothing extra. You can use it till then and chose to pay for it after 18 days or return it if you don’t find it effective. The price of one bottle in this trial offer is $99.94 which is even more than routine order. Also, it has an auto-renewal set up which sends you the same product each month without you even ordering it.

Evaluation Factors Of Power Growth Supplement

The Positive Points

  • Amino acids which are helpful to gain lean mass.
  • Helps in workout and muscle recovery
  • Helpful to gain lean mass as per user reviews
  • Free trial offer
  • Free bottles with each order.

The Negative Points

  • Expensive
  • No clinical trial
  • No research
  • No ingredient list
  • No ingredient sources mentioned
  • An auto-shipment process which you can cancel.

Power Growth- Can You Trust This Product?

Power Growth is a pre workout supplement which promises to help you get lean mass and muscular body. There is no approximate time given by the creators to expect these results. it is a popular choice as a pre-workout solution in small gyms but in reality, it has almost no data or information to back up its claim.  The ingredient list is incomplete and missing. There are no quantities mentioned. Even the sources of these ingredients are not mentioned, all they mention is “herbal formula” which you nowhere find especially in Pure NO Super Molecule. Usually, the body building supplements are launched with all subsequent information so that the users would know what are they using. It is strange for a fitness supplement for not having it. the price is so high, almost $100 for one month supply which is quite expensive. There is no research, no clinical trial available. The company offers a free trial which if you decide to keep is an even more expensive product then separate order. All these factors and information is not sufficient to trust Power Growth. Although a few user reviews are positive but one can not only rely on a bunch user reviews. It is not recommended if you are highly concerned about your fitness and gym routine. For more details on the product, visit the official website.

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