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PrebioThrive Review: Is It Worth Buying?


You have heard a lot of taking probiotic but you haven’t heard of taking prebiotic. Gundry MD PrebioThrive is the latest supplement that supports and maintains good health of your digestive system in a unique way.

What is Prebio Thrive?

Gundry MD has come up with a tremendous and groundbreaking formula to improve and support your digestive health because we all know that “all disease begins in the gut”. Therefore it becomes imperative that we keep our digestive system in optimal condition.

Gundry MD’s Prebio Thrive is a new supplement in the market that uses five probiotics ingredients to support a healthy digestive system.

This supplement helps the good bacteria to flourish in your gut. Since Prebio Thrive is created by Gundry MD, it is an affirmation itself that it is a quality product as the company is quite famous for creating some of the best and worldwide famous science-backed supplements that helped a number of people improve their health and well-being considerably.

Benefits Promised by Prebio Thrive provides

As discussed already in the previous section that Prebio Thrive is a nutritional supplement to support and improve digestive health and maintaining ideal gut condition.

The manufacturer of this amazing formula, Gundry MD promises the following noticeable results within few days of use:

  • It helps to improve the digestion
  • Also, helps in increasing vitality and energy
  • Helps to give you a balanced and healthy gut
  • It makes the digestion comfortable
  • Sugar-free, lectin-free, artificial sweetener free formula.

How does it work?

This supplement helps your digestive system in keeping it healthy and also maintains a healthy balance of your gut flora. It is basically prebiotic but has the benefits that are similar to probiotics.

But to understand its exact mechanism of action, it is important to first understand what Gut Flora actually is. Nature has made our gut home to millions and billions of microbes, both good and bad.

It is nature’s way of maintaining our health with the help of these microscopic organisms; they help in the proper and uninterrupted digestion of food, maximum absorption of nutrients in the body, defending our health against yeast and fungal infections, as well as boost immunity. But all of that is achieved only until the perfect balance between the good and bad bacteria is maintained.

The moment this balance goes out of order and the bad bacteria out grows in number, our health is badly affected and it tends to deteriorate.

This is where it becomes pivotal to support our digestive health with the help of good bacteria so that the dominance of bad bacteria can be overcome, and this is what Prebio Thrive does for you except for one thing that it is not a Probiotic supplement but Prebiotic.

There is a little difference between prebiotic and probiotic supplement. The difference is that prebiotic supplement clears the way for the probiotic.

It creates a healthy and neutral environment in the digestive track, in which the good bacteria can prosper. So the question is, “Why do you need prebiotic?” The answer to that is simple.

It is because the probiotics do not kill the harmful bacteria that are already present in your digestive system. It just overwhelms the harmful bacteria by unleashing good bacteria.

Taking probiotics is actually like you are trying to overpower the bad bacteria in your gut by releasing the few good ones.

Prebiotics work in a different way. Their main purpose is to kill the harmful bacteria in your gut. It just not overwhelms it, it kills it directly.

Ingredients Constituting Prebio Thrive

The formula of PrebioThrive has been infused with potent and proven ingredients that neutralize gut flora and make sure optimum balance of these microbes is maintained inside the gut.

Gundry MD PrebioThrive contains five of the most effective and compelling ingredients available. Each of the ingredients is labeled as organic. These five ingredients are:

  • Acacia gum
  • Flaxseed
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides
  • Agave insulin
  • Guar gum

The job of these ingredients is to provide a high dose of fiber in the body. The high amount of fiber in the body maintains digestive regularity and also encourages a good digestive balance. Moreover, it helps to push out waste out of the body, making way for the healthy good bacteria of probiotics.

Acacia Gum has more content of fiber than any other food available on the planet. Flax-seed contains a high amount of omega-3s and fiber. Flax-seed also has powerful antioxidants properties.

Galacto-oligosaccharides are the molecules that are designed to improve the absorption of minerals in the digestive tracks. Moreover, it also supports the immune system. All the above-mentioned ingredients work to support the healthy digestive system in some form.

Other Ingredients

Several other ingredients that constitute the formula of Gundry MD Prebio Thrive are organic agave insulin, galacto-oligosaccharides, organic guar gum, organic acacia gum, organic flax seed, and milk.

Potency of the Formula

1 scoop of this formula contains 7 grams of carbs, 25 calories, less than 1 gram of sugar, and 7 grams of dietary fiber (28% daily value).

You only have to take one scoop of this formula with water or milk or even other drinks of your choice. The manufacturers recommend taking one scoop daily in order to get the best results.

Pros of Gundry MD Prebio Thrive

Prebiotic Thrive is the most famous supplement that offers many medical advantages. The five ingredients in this formula help a lot to give you a healthy digestive and immune system. These are the benefits that Gundry MD PrebioThrive gives

  • This formula keeps you fit and healthy.
  • This product is made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • This formula is sugar-free, so it can also be used by the sugar patients.
  • It helps to maintain the blood pressure.
  • It helps to reduce your anxiety level.
  • This formula will perk up your energy levels and prevent you from sluggishness.
  • This is the best formula available for digestion and it helps to digest food quickly.
  • You can use this formula with any drink (non-alcoholic) you want.

Cons of Gundry MD PrebioThrive

It has many advantages but this product also comes with some side effects at the same time. The drawbacks of this product are given below

  • You can get this product online only. You cannot purchase it from any pharmacy.
  • You have to keep it out of the reach of children.
  • The only limited stock of this formula is available. So order now to get your pack.

The Price of Gundry MD Prebiotic Thrive

The Gundry MD Prebiothrive is available at these prices.

  • 1 bottle (30 scoops/ 288 grams/ 30 servings): $79 + free shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $222 + free shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $414 + free shipping

Money Back Guarantee

The Gundry MD Prebio Thrive comes with 90-day money back guarantee. You can see all the other products of Gundry MD that they also come with a money back guarantee. You can return this product within 90 days and claim your full refund.

Bottom Line

Prebiotic formulas can be used in the combination with probiotics to supercharge your digestive system.

Prebiotic is the high level of fiber that is mixed with some ingredients that work to support your digestive system and ideally 28% of the daily value is recommended.

Prebio Thrive ensures that you get your daily recommended dose of Prebiotics and allows them to work efficiently in improving your health and making a real difference.

Taking Prebio Thrive ensures flawless digestion, healthy and regular bowel movements, and also eliminates harmful toxins from your system completely.



    • I found a website called “Don’t Waste The Crumbs”, Tiffany teaches you how to eat real food on a budget, make your own condiments ,bread and other things and get rid of the overly processed foods, it is an awesome site, I’ve been eating this way for a year, I’ve lost the weight, feel better , and hardly ever ill anymore! just check out the website!

    • Have you tried it? If so, for how long? I’ve listened to the doctor’s entire infomercial and am intrigued. If it actually works, I’ll try it but need unbiased opinions from current users first.

      • it does work. that and the vital reds gundry md offers are awesome. it started working right away for me, but took about 3 weeks for my husband to notice a difference. With the prebiothrive i was able to have regualr bowel movements. without it ill go like 10 days or more with no bowel movement. it also gave me more energy. the vital reds not only improved my energy but it took away the morning, sometimes all day fog i had had for years. not only did it wipe out that foggy feeling, but it helped significantly with the after dinner sugar dumps id had had for yrs. also. now instead of going to bed after a meal i have good energy to get things done that i normally couldnt do after meals

      • i am on my second jar i bought 3 and am half way through with second jar do not see any difference except i am out over 100.00 dollars would not buy again

  1. Does NOT dissolve in water. When you get to the bottom of the glass, you are left with a big slimy mess of goo. Not very tasty.

  2. Cheaper to eliminate meats with antibiotics from diet because you have to do that anyways or you will have to buy this stuff for life.

    • unfortunately, very true…. we could truly benefit from this product but it’s financially out of our reach…. so sad 🙁

  3. Amazon has Bimuno for $19.99 it doesn’t have all the ingredients as this product, but it does restore the good bacteria in your stomach, I’m going to try that first. I can’t afford this price for two people.

  4. I started taking this on January 12. I absolutely agree with speakfriend. It does not dissolve well. I actually invented my own method of mixing it. I put the powder in a little bottle, add about 6 oz. of water and shake, shake, shake! Then, I pour that into a bigger bottle of water, and continue to shake, shake, shake. I used a straw so I could keep mixing it until I was done. Using 16 oz. bottle of water.
    So, anyway, the first couple of days, I’m okay, nothing different. However, over the first weekend, as I’m about half way through the drink, I became very nauseous. Did not attribute it to the drink. Just figured I was coming down with something. But when the same thing kept happening, I figured, oh boy, I can’t put up with this every day, but stayed strong for a full 2 weeks. Yesterday morning though, I had had all I could take. Not a good way to start my day. I realize the instructions say to take this product for at least 30 days before returning it for a refund, but I’m not going to take this for another 2 weeks, especially since I’m certain nothing will change. I will wait until the 30 days are up before I do return it. I’m sure some people can take this with no effect, but I’m not one of them. Life is too short (I’m 71) to start every day feeling yucky!

  5. Oh, also, when I do return the product (I bought 3 big cans), I will write again to tell you whether or not I received my refund.

    • I am trying to get a refund also, but cannot get them to answer my request to Customer Service. PrebioThrive made me very sick after several weeks with painful, swollen joints.

  6. I’ve listened the whole video,it intrigues me,but i would like a more convincing remark,what im reading up above is not very convincing.

  7. I’m pretty sure the one ingredient is inulin, not insulin. These are two vastly different compounds. I would expect a site such as scholarsofsuccess.com to be accurate.

  8. There is a type o in this article, in the beginning when it says what is prebiothrive? And then in blue it says 5 different probiotics well that means to say PREBIOTICS.
    If you cannot afford it just google prebiotic foods and you’ll see many foods listed like chicory, jicama (yucca), dandelion greens, garlic, onion, asparagus, leek, banana, wheat bran/germ, and yam (all eaten raw, cooking destroys the fiber), just to make a few.

    • The Editor is correct. Go with the REAL prebiotic foods — not some kind of grey powder that cannot be identified without taking it to a scientist with a microscope.

  9. I wish that you and Icould get an actual answer from the good doctor. He says that if you are near his place in Palm Springs, etc. stop in. Hey can he answer ou questions right here. I see all of you, like myself, with questions. Could you please answer our questions with an answer that we can understand. Yes, cost is a big one God people retired,like myself. How about 10 questions that he would answer.i can’t get to Caifornia to see him.

    • Try and get a copy of the book:The Plant Paradox. I have been eating the recommended way for over 8months and I can say that the no nos for food if followed will make a difference – no grains whole wheat – there I was thinking that wholegrain was healthy – fructose and lectin laden foods. I have been taking a probiotic prebiotic combination for over a year and only recently started this Prebiothrive formula. For me it works in that there are no side effects and I truly feel better – mostly due to avoiding grains etc. No rice , bread, grains, legumes, tomatoes, eggplant and other nightshade vegetables and cut down drastically on fruits. I was diagnosed with excessive inflammation and have seen a great improvement.

  10. I started using it today, as lately I have been having major digestion issues. I put it in a shakable container and added 16 ounces of water, then added a little more water to keep it mixed well. It has no taste or no smell. I will keep you posted on the outcome, as yes it was expensive, but I figured I would give it a try. After watching the video, I have also cut out some foods from my diet to help with the outcome.

  11. I make and drink milk kefir, cultured vegetables and kombucha to get the best probiotics possible. I can get my prebiotics from some vegetables fruits nuts and some grains. Please look at the website culturedfoodforlife.com. it is truck full of wonderful information regarding probiotics and prebiotics. You don’t need expensive supplements

  12. I bought the 3 container trial offer. I am now on my second container and I am up to two scoops.. I lost weight and I can now eat in the evening without heartburn waking me up at night. It also seems that I am not as hungry during the day and for lunch I simply have a handful of pistachos or somehing like that, and can easily wait until evening for supper..

    And here’s the sad truth: I can’t afford it. But that’s the way it is for good stuff…

    • He wants people to take their money and put it directly into his pocket for a product that can cause severe health problems for anyone who takes it for a month or more. He sucks people in with a fake 90 day money back guarantee. He doesn’t return your money. His customer service does not even call you back.

      • This has not been my experience. They mistakenly sent me 6 instead of the 3 I ordered and they offered me 3 options: return 3 and get a refund;keep the (excessive) 3 and they will refund 40% o cost; or, try the 1st one and, if nit satisfied can return the 6 for refund. I chose to keep the 3 for the discount because I like the product and there are no side effects, personally. The only downside is the cost>

    • I just received my shipment today. I listened to the entire video. I bought six. Final cost was $199.00, apparently a special offer. I am a little discouraged by all the negative comments, but I will try it.

  13. I am an 83 yr old with several chronic conditions. I’d like to get of the meds I take for these.
    I’m eating a very healthy diet now with mostly veggies and fruit, n o dairy, sugar or gluten. I try to incorporate fermented foods as much as possible. I’m still having problems with digestion however and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t think taking Vital Reds will help me nor is it good for my BP or a fib.though I tired Vital Reds for 2days. I had some diarrhea from them with cramping. I also know stimulants are out of the question. I fear I must return the order and ask for a refund.

    • If you are eating a lot of fruits, you are eating sugar, which feeds the bad microbes, which keeps them strong, which defeats your efforts.

    • Gundry is a snake-oil salesman. Go to a dietician to help create a healthy diet for yourself. Good luck getting his customer service to return your money!!!

  14. I have been following Doug Kaufmann for years. His book “The Fungus link” explains it all, and no huge sales pitch. He has a you tube channel also.

    • So what I do whenever these sales pitches are available, I do my due diligence. I check the internet for information on the company or doctor which some have done. I check out the ingredients and then I look for negative press on the subject. 100 percent of the time I do not participate because it seems like a scam. Nobody has the magic potion to make you feel better or get well. You have to participate in the process by eating healthy and nutritional foods, exercising the body and the mind and learn to deal with your current circumstances in a natural way, not a quick and easy way (cause quick and easy does not really exist).

  15. I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone as it could be just me. I have anxiety disorder and when my stomach is upset it gets worse….and it upset my stomach and caused diarrhea. I could not wait for wait for the stuff to get out of my system.
    No doubt it will work for some….but just not me. I am just warning anyone with anxiety disorder is all.

    • I am not able to take the PreBioThrive any longer. I developed extreme pain and swelling in my joints — knees, shoulders, neck, hips. I took it for 90 days and purchased 3 containers (enough for 3 months). I contacted Customer Service on the Gundry site twice in the last 2 weeks. They have not contacted me back since I want a refund for the PrebioThrive which they promise if you take it for 90 days and have a problem with it. It is a rip-off!!! Do not buy it!!! It could also make you very sick!!!

      It also causes joint pain — severe joint pain. My knees and other joints started swelling with pain about 3 1/2 weeks into my taking the PrebioThrive. It has been weeks since I took it, and I am still dealing with pain and swelling!!!

  16. I’ve been using Prebio Thrive for 3 weeks now. I’ve lost a few inches around my waist, my pants are not as snugged. I would suggest taking it with 8 0z water as instructed on the container. I drink it the first thing in the morning with my breakfast. Yes, I will agree the powder does not dissolve well, so when I get to the bottom of my cup, I just add a little more water to dissolve the clumps. The weight loss was not my purpose in buying the product, however, I’m not complaining. In addition, I’ve removed some of the lectins out of my diet as well. By mid April, I will definitely know whether this product is worth the money.

  17. I am lactose intolerant so I called Dr. Gundy’s customer support line and asked about the “milk” that is listed as an ingredient in the PreBioTHrive powder. I was told that it is actually “Fructooligosaccharides” and that it helps aide in the digestion of milk products. I looked the word up online and found that to be true.
    Also, for people who are complaining that it is too expensive, which I agree, if you order on a membership your price is greatly reduced, and you may still cancel at anytime. You also have 90 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, simply return the empty bottles for a full refund.
    I went ahead and ordered 3 bottles on a membership for every 3 months. If I don’t feel a vast improvement I will return the bottles. I will update my post after I’ve taken it for two weeks.

  18. Something I learned a loooong time ago about the interwebs is,
    If you have to sit through a long video presentation that has a hook at the end,
    It probably isn’t worth wasting your hard earned money on…

    It’s kinda like those “As seen on TV” products, A good idea, poorly executed, with an always disappointing end result…

  19. It’s very expensive and if you have to use it for life it adds up. I think I’ll try any other prebiotic such as Olympian Labs Blend Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement. It’s $21.71 for 30 capsules. It’s vegetarian, non-GMO, allergen and gluten free. It doesn’t have all the other ingredients as this one but it has the main ingredient which is 24 billion live and shelf stable cultures.

    If the dr. really wants to help people out he should price his prebiotic formula at the market value, same as all the other products out there…that way regular people could afford it.

  20. I saw the video was rather intrigued. However, I am more afraid of wasting my money!!
    I take Dr. mercola’s PRObiotics but had never even heard of PREbiotics till now.
    Would like to know more from users.
    I will also consult with my Gastro Dr.

  21. Thank you all for your comments, and I agree it is VERY expensive!!!
    Has for the disolving of the product, try adding 1 tspoon of water and make a paste then add the restof the water… it works!

  22. 67 years old, four weeks into a purchase of six containers. Does it work? How the hell would I know?
    No negative affects, maybe the appetite is a bit less. If you’re a mentally ill female, this probably will not solve your problems. I did have a minor dose of diarrhea second day and figure it to be a good sign that it might be something that works. Stir, not shaken and drink the little clumps. Neutral vote.

  23. I am not able to take the PreBioThrive any longer. I developed extreme pain and swelling in my joints — knees, shoulders, neck, hips. I took it for 90 days and purchased 3 containers (enough for 3 months). I contacted Customer Service on the Gundry site twice in the last 2 weeks. They have not contacted me back since I want a refund for the PrebioThrive which they promise if you take it for 90 days and have a problem with it. It is a rip-off!!! Do not buy it!!! It could also make you very sick!!!

  24. I just called customer service to ask for a refund. They were helpful, but they don’t give you a return label. You just mail it back, with a tracking # of course. I never should have ordered this. It has high fodmap ingredients and it contains milk. Two things I can’t digest.

  25. A order was made by mistake but when you sent me a email yesterday you told me that the product was being sent to America instead of the UK witch was on the address sent to you you have took my money and ether kept it or sent it to someone else to make more money give me my money back please

  26. Everybody needs to be made aware of the fact that prebiotics can actually made candida worse. I was unaware of this fact and have paid the price. I ordered this product due to the fact that he claims in the video that it helps fight candida. After using the product for 45 days, give or take a day or two, I had to finally quit it. My candida had become overwhelmingly bad. I did some research on whether prebiotics could make candida worse and found that it can actually feed it. Everyone needs to research this before ordering this product if you have candida!

  27. I feel I’ve been sucked in by ordering this product. Has anyone been successful in obtaining a refund? I’m almost afraid to take it now, especially as I don’t tolerate milk well. Also as I am an overseas customer, will cost the earth to ship back.

  28. The product will work if you follow the instructions & drink 8 oz of water with each dose. No soda drinking while on product or will not be affective…No antibiotics either while taking the product. These to factors alone are hard to do for most people taking this product.

  29. I started this product about 2 months ago, I have taken it every day in hopes of feeling better, first I will say, it didn’t make me feel better, in fact, I have never felt worse. I have this massive anxiety that started about a week after I started the Prebio Thrive, I’m talking gut wrenching anxiety, like a million butterflies in my tummy every day, I can sleep, but that’s the only time I’m even remotely calm. The minute I wake up and drink the Prebio, the anxiety is back two fold.

    It took me a while to figure out what was doing it, but I eliminated everything else and I’ve never in my LIFE had anxiety, ever. This is debilitating to say the least. I’m bummed, I was really hoping it would work. Maybe it’s me, my body, I’m not saying don’t buy it, it just didn’t work for me. I haven’t taken it for a couple of days and I’m already starting to feel normal again.

  30. Just a suggestion, IF you put the liquid in FIRST, then the powder, you don’t have any unmixed crud at the bottom, just shake, I never had any problems with it mixing.

  31. By avoiding the foods listed as bad for you by Dr Gundry I no longer limp, “hobble” in the morning.
    If I get off track and eat the bad foods, like white potatoes, it feels like the inflammation is much worse than before, like I am even more sensitive to white/wheat foods. I actually think the food you consume makes a big difference on how one feels. Also, there’s another good book to read, Eat Right For Your Blood Type, by Peter D’Adamo. The first half of the book is very scientific but the last part list items by tables which is easy to follow. I take Dr. Nelson’s Perfect Biotics and Dr. Gundry’s Vital Reds. Both have improved my mental and physical status. Dr. Nelson even backs Dr. Gundry findings

  32. I think this is a good product but there are cheaper versions which work just as well. Hyperbiotics Prebiotic formula is all organic no soy or gmo, gluten and pysyllium free and for those of you who do not want milk it is dairy free and only 28 dollars. just thought I would share that. How they compare not exactly sure except for the obvious ingredients.

  33. Dr. Joe,

    I ordered three bottles and his book’ The order arrived and the book was not included. I called customer service and spoke to a rude woman that had no didn’t give a damn to address my problem: just stating I didn’t order the book. Maybe she was correct after I was bombarded with the adds at the end to by this and that. I told the lady I would just return the order and the instructions were sent to my Email account. I did look at the ingredients and noticed fiber, and sugar and some salts. Being diabetic, a salad with extra virgin olive oil and rice wine vinegar would be more beneficial than fiber that will not dissolve in water. Also, if you have ever bought any other natural medicines before the content list will show you what is in the compound and the percentage of each ingredient; this list just says fibers and even though you shouldn’t be allergic to basic plant fiber itself there is always a chance of proteins left on the fibers during processing of the compound. Therefore, by not listing the type fiber listed on the bottle makes you tend to think it is a common type of fiber easily accessible with no known history of allergies and maybe not the ones listed in the article. You have to be vigilant with these organic type of products, there are a lot of scams out there so be critical of all types organic products and foods. One of the products I will not buy anymore is the grated cheese and the granulated cheese if they have cellulose within them. Cellulose is basically sawdust costing much less and it looks like the cheese. As I said before I’m returning Prebiothrive for a refund without trying it; I don’t want to waste my time.

  34. There is a serious typo in this article, under “Other Ingredients” the author lists “agave insulin” – 1) the actual ingredient is agave INULIN which can be very irritating to those with IBS and/or fructose malabsorption; there is no such thing as “agave insulin.” This ingredient needs to be corrected.

  35. I don’t have any digestive problems, nor any bowel movement problems, nor any overweight, nor any nausiness, nor any anxiety, nor any high blood pressure, nor any memory problems, other issues.
    I am 81 YO, still working – and will save my money. Thank You, But No Thank You!


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