Primal Force Ultra Accel II – Can it really Recharge your Energy and Strength? Review

Primal Force Ultra Accel II is a dietary supplement infused with vital nutrients that increase cellular energy levels to provide you with a burst of physical energy and strength. Ultra Accel II is also known to improve your metabolism and promote overall health.

As we age we begin to lose energy and strength, and feel fatigued and sluggish most of the times. We do not feel as energized as we used to in our young age. This is because of the mitochondrial activity that starts declining as we age. But Dr Al Sears of the Primal Force promises that by taking Ultra Accel II anyone can improve their energy levels, metabolism as well as overall health.

By supplementing diet with Ultra Accel II you will feel more rejuvenated and charged. It will give you a steady burst of energy that will keep the tissues, vital organs and all the systems inside our bodies fully charged as well as healthy.


Dr Al Sears has fabricated the amazing formula of Ultra Accel II with Bio-PQQ and Tocotrienols (a special type of vitamin E). These are vital nutrients known to boost energy levels, improve metabolism and increase strength, stamina and mental clarity. In short the formula of Ultra Accel II can completely change how your body works by providing you the following benefits:

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health: The Bio-PQQ used in Ultra Accel II is a Nutrient Superstar, as it has been proven by scientific studies that it promotes heart health. PQQ protects heart against strokes and is also especially important for mitochondrial health. Whereas the tocotrienols help in the formation of new arteries after stroke.
  • Control Blood Glucose Levels: Primal Force Ultra Accel II, with the help of its active ingredients, especially the tocotrienols helps in controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels. The tocotrienols aid in insulin sensitivity, which ultimately leads to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Prevent Memory Loss and Brain Damage: The Bio-PQQ and tocotrienols are very important nutrients to support brain health. Both have been smartly incorporated into the blend of Ultra Accel II. Bio PQQ prevents age related memory loss and protects against Alzheimer’s disease. Whereas Tocotrienols have powerful neuroprotective properties and protects the brain against stroke related damage.
  • Enhance Lung Capacity: Dr Al Sear promises improved bronchial condition with the use of Ultra Accel II.
  • Improve Dermal Health: The tocotrienols in Ultra Accel II help improve skin condition by smoothing our fine lines and wrinkles and provide you with a youthful radiant skin. Ultra Accel II also protects skin against sun damage.
  • Oral Health: Ultra Accel II may also help with improving oral health.
  • Attain Mental Clarity: Taking Ultra Accel II can also clear away brain fogging and sharpen focus and attention, thanks to the tocotrienols present in it.


Primal Force Ultra Accel II targets the power generators inside our bodies to deliver its benefits. These power generators are known as the mitochondria. Ultra Accel II uses two key components, Bio PQQ and the tocotrienols. Both these nutrients enable the product to multiply the amount of energy and strength in the body, by stimulating genes to produce more mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. When metabolism takes place, mitochondria produce energy in the form of ATP, which is used up by the cells to perform various important biological functions inside our bodies. As we age the mitochondrial energy production activity slows down causing fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain and many other health related issues.

Therefore, Dr Al Sears has come up with an advanced formula and he has specifically created Ultra Accel II by incorporating into it powerful ingredients to reignite the mitochondria, thereby increasing metabolic rate and boosting overall cellular energy and physical strength. It also clears the brain fog, improving cognitive function and allowing users to feel young once again.


Dr Al Sears is the mastermind behind Primal Force Ultra Accel II. He is a well known health and wellness practitioner as well as America’s no.1 board certified anti-aging pioneer. He is quite famous for using natural remedies and alternative treatments to help his clients live healthier and better lives. A lot of products created by Dr Al Sears are very popular in the health supplements industry. Besides that he is also a strength coach, a fitness trainer as well as a best-selling author.


Dr Al Sears has created Ultra Accel II by using all natural ingredients therefore it is very less likely that it will have any side effects. Users have also not reported any negative side effects associated with this supplement. However, complete list and information about the ingredients used in Ultra Accel II is available online and you can check for any potential allergens in the formula.


There are mixed opinions and reviews in the market as well as over the internet about Dr Al Sears’ products. But Primal Force Ultra Accel II is among those enjoying great positive reviews. Individual results with Ultra Accel II may vary but most of the customers have given Ultra Accel II 4.5 rating out of 5 and they believe it successfully provided all the benefits that it promised.

One of the happy customer writes, “I can honestly report a noticeable improvement in my energy level generally, greatly reduced arthritis symptoms in my hands, better overall joint comfort, and improved peace of mind, with anticipation of further benefits as my journey continues.”


Primal Force Ultra Accel II is exclusively available on the official website of Primal Force. You can place your orders here. A single canister of Ultra Accel II costs $69.95 but if you order larger quantity you can save up to $20 on each canister.


Primal Force is among the well known supplement brands in the market and enjoys a good repute as well. Therefore, we believe that Ultra Accel II will also be able to meet customer expectations and deliver the benefits that it promises. Moreover, Ultra Accel II is currently the only one of its kind in the market with the powerful combination of Bio PQQ and tocotrienols, and that too at a very reasonable price.

However, the best part is that Ultra Accel II comes with a “satisfaction guarantee”, which means the guarantee has no expiry date and customers not satisfied with this product for any reason can claim a full refund at any time.



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