Pronabolin Review – Testosterone supplement for tremendous performance

Pronabolin, yet another name to uncountable testosterone supplements that promises to widen your performance perimeter. What is different about this product that may make it commendable? The ingredient, the expected outcome, is it cost effective or is it a simple commercial rip off? We will analyze Pronabolin in all of these aspects to make it easier for you to come to a decision that is in the best interest of your health and worthy of your money.

To get a know how about the manufacturer is always a good point to start with because if the source of the product has a strong backing, the product’s claims about the deliverance of the outcome can be relied upon.

The manufacturer of Pronabolin is a company that goes by the introduction of Green Bracket LLC, which was established in 2008 in the US. The company deals with health and wellness products with an addition of diet and weight loss yields. It is not accredited with BBB and has an A- rating with it. An online retailer, some of the company’s trades have been associated with the names as Leptigen, Meratrim and so on.

The components of Pronabolin

Pronabolin is a testosterone supplement and testosterone is a male anabolic hormone, playing a variety of roles in the development of the male reproductive system and secondary sexual characteristics, to muscle and bone health to overall well-being. The role played by testosterone in the life of a man is a diverse one, encompassing all the stages of life from birth until old age. As the passing years catch up with other health aspects, the testosterone levels also experience a gradual decline bringing along the health repercussions that has effects to the extent of personality and behavior of an individual. That is why synthetic testosterone is utilized to combat the effects of low levels.

Pronabolin is not a synthetic product but it aims at bringing the testosterone levels at the optimal physiological levels by natural herbal ingredients that are reputed as being boosters of testosterone hormone.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Also called ‘puncture vine’, this fruit producing Mediterranean plant has been used for heart, circulatory, and sexual health as well as to increase the physical endurance. The research on the medicinal value of this plant is quite limited with results showing few upshots to athletic performance and fertility. Its aphrodisiac role in humans is yet to be established.

However, its use has been linked to disturbing the fetal development (in females) and prostate problems (in males). The plant extract has many known drug interactions as with diuretics, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers.

Fenugreek seeds have a variety of uses for the digestive system to kidneys, alleviating pain and heartburn to lowering of cholesterol and so on.

Some research has shown to improve the sperm count in males if taken as an oil preparation. Another research has shown that taking fenugreek seed supplement for 8 weeks decreases body fat and increases testosterone levels but has no effects on exercise endurance or muscle strength.

  • Coleus Forskohlii

A plant contains, forskolin chemical in its roots. It has beneficial effects in certain heart conditions (angina, high blood pressure) and aiding respiratory symptoms of asthma.

There is insufficient evidence of its role in erectile dysfunction in males but the preliminary evidence towards it role in raising the testosterone levels is promising.

  • Digestive proteolytic blend

The proteolytic blend is a combination of many digestive enzymes aimed at a better functioning of the digestive system to ultimately enhance the absorption of ingredients in the supplement.

  • Milk Thistle

The seeds of this plant have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Besides its possible paybacks to liver ailments and cholesterol management in the body, there is insufficient evidence of any role played by milk thistle to boost natural testosterone levels in the body.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is used in Pronabolin to increase the T4 levels in the body that is the active form of thyroxine hormone in our body. More thyroxin means enhanced metabolism and a possible weight loss. However, increased levels of thyroxine cause a rapid heart rate and palpitations and if you are already hyperthyroid, more complications are added.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract

This plant extract is famous for its role in enhancing the sexual capability of men and is termed as a ‘protected species’. The extract from the root of this plant is known for raising the testosterone levels in the body and is found beneficial in erectile dysfunction, male infertility, increasing libido, reducing body fat and increasing the physical endurance and bodybuilding tendency.

  • Horny Goat Weed

The role of Horny Goat Weed is well established in Chinese medicine and is used for enhancing libido and treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in males.

  • Black Pepper Extract

The black pepper extract, Bioperine, enhances the absorptive capability of the gut. Better absorption of the supplement makes it possible to get the maximum results.

The cost of Pronabolin and any guarantees

The cost of the supplement is about $79.95 per bottle that suffices a one-month supply. However, with an increase in the size of the order, discounts can be availed, the details of which can be found at the official website.

Your purchase is covered by a money back guarantee that covers a 120-day period.

The dosage schedule of Pronabolin

The website recommends a dose of three capsules daily, to be taken at the same time every day, on an empty stomach. If you are working out, the dose should be adjusted to half an hour before the workout to get the maximum results.

Customer reviews

At Amazon, Pronabolin has ranked a 2.7 star out of five with a majority of critical reviews. The positive ones gave a thumbs-up for its efficiency and deliverance, however, the critique included side effects regarding kidneys, blood pressure and taking the dose on an empty stomach. One of the customers labeled it as an expensive product.

Product caused medical issues., November 12, 2016


kathryn billingsley

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from Pronabolin Natural Testosterone Booster, 90 Count (Health and Beauty)

This product caused health issues with my husband’s kidneys immediately. I quit taking them with the second pill. Do you have a money back guarantee with this product? It is quite costly especially when I can’t use it. Please let me know how I may return it if I may.

Our final word on Pronabolin

The positives about Pronabolin are

  • Natural ingredients
  • Reputed company
  • Money back guarantee

The negatives of Pronabolin are

  • An expensive supplement
  • Not tested by any independent third party laboratory
  • There is no information on the website about any links to research done by the company on the effectiveness of the supplement
  • Possible drug interactions were mentioned (the ingredient section) and observed as per customers feedback
  • Does not contain important natural testosterone boosters as D-Aspartic acid, zinc, Vitamin D, DHEA
  • The thyroxin boosting effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid may bring about unnecessary hormone imbalance

Our final pronounce on Pronabolin is evident from the imbalance between the pros and cons above. If one is a gym enthusiast and with good health, the supplement may give a push towards a soaring workout with weight loss and muscle gain. For the ones who are at crossroads beyond middle age with serious health issues, this supplement should be initiated with a physician’s advice considering the drug interactions of one of its major component, Tribulus Terrestris. In the latter case, many safe options are available that utilize the testosterone boosting power of zinc, Vitamin D and other natural boosters of the hormone.


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