Protandim Review – Advanced Formula for a Healthy Body

Protandim is a natural dietary supplement by a renowned company LifeVantage. It is formulated in order to reduce the oxidative stress in your body and play a vital role in promoting healthy cell generation. The innovative product covers a broad spectrum towards body fitness from inside. The nutritional supplement combats free radicals by stimulation of active element antioxidants in the entire body.

An Overview:

We are all well aware of the fact as we advance in age, our body functionality is affected. The natural phenomena of the aging process now, unfortunately, starts much earlier. The reason behind is the presence of free radicals and toxins present in our body through the air we breathe and the type of food we consume. The atmosphere is much polluted and fresh air is rarely available to inhale. The damaging effects it has are quite long lasting if not cured.

Similarly, we are ill-advisedly consuming polluted diets as well. Most of them include the genetically modified food containing chemicals that are harmful to our body. Farmers are using toxic pesticides which also adversely affect the quality of food we intake. Likewise, we cannot forget the unhygienic handling of certain foods and also poor storage of it. All these elements contribute to an unhealthy environment inside our body, about which we remain ignorant until and unless some sickness struck us because of it.

Today’s world is full of chaos causing an increase in our stress level alarmingly. We are taking sleeping pills or tranquilizers to have peace of mind and give rest to our brains. Physical and mental exhaustion leads to damaged health and poor productive outcome. We often hide our wrinkles and fine line with anti-aging creams but do not bother to highlight the issue causing them.

Protandim works behind the scene and helps you in improving your health overall. The active ingredients of the supplement help you relive your life with much more energy and vitality.

What is Protandim?

Protandim is a health benefitting nutritional supplement. It is helpful in promoting our well-being by efficiently reducing the oxidative stress. It is also responsible for producing a booster of antioxidants naturally to help our body combat various harmful chemicals and toxins. The free radicals in our body damage other cell structures like proteins, DNA etc. They are highly reactive and once formed, they start a chain reaction.

Extensive study and researches have been made behind in making of this amazing product. The ingredients and their working are clinically approved. Protandim is for people of all ages above 18 years.

How Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer Works?

Protandim Nrf2 is a powerful supplement that works to provide a combined action of its potent ingredients on the human body. We have learned from above how harmful are free radicals for our body and how they contribute to the production of oxidative stress. The only effective way to get rid of them is through the presence of adequate antioxidants in our body.

Protandim is designed to enhance the natural fabrication of these antioxidants in numerous numbers. Malnutritional food fails to provide these antioxidants and therefore they must introduce in the body in order to keep the balance of the natural immune system. Protandim increases body immunity and improves cell structure by eliminating the harming radicals. This way it also regulates survival genes in the body.

Protandim claims to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30days.

What is Protandim Made of?

Protandim is a product by LifeVantage and has described its key ingredients on their official website for a better understanding of their product. It is a plant based natural formula backed by science. Let’s discuss them below one by one.

  1. Milk Thistle Extract:

This ingredient is been used for thousands of years in health care business. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It was used anciently for liver and gall bladder disorders. It has also been used for infertility, blood disorders, and menopausal complications. It is an essential component of Protandim because of many health benefits it inhibits.

  1. Bacopa Extract:

This plant extract is general fighter of stress and has been used over the years for fighting many diseases like Alzheimer’s, anxiety, memory loss and also some allergic reactions. This ingredient enhances mental alertness and focuses span. The brain concentration improves with Bacopa extract as well.

  1. Ashwagandha Extract:

This active ingredient is rich in antioxidants. It promotes healthy sleep pattern, improves the immune system and also balances the energy levels.

  1. Turmeric Extract:

Turmeric has broad spectrum health benefits and is contributing to medical science for its highly effective properties. This root extract is also full of antioxidants. It has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. For centuries turmeric has been used for many home remedies and even today it is a vital part of pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Green Tea Extract:

We are well aware of green tea potency in health and fitness. It is loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants. It improves the metabolism and immunity of the body. It aids in better physical and mental performance. It acts as a cleanser and eliminates most of the toxic chemicals from the body.

The dosage of Protandim:

Bottle of Protandim Nrf2 synergize comprises of 30 capsules. One capsule daily is recommended by the bottle instructions. Before taking any supplement it is better to consult your health care, practitioner.

Purchasing and Pricing of Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer:

LifVantage products are exclusively sold be the independent distributor network. For purchasing and pricing queries please contact your nearest distributor. For any additional information please contact

Call toll-free 1 (866) 460-7241

Final Verdict:

The product Protandim has provided a very limited information on its ingredients and on its working. The claim of the science-backed formula is questioned by many over the time and still, no satisfactory responses have been recorded yet. If we actually take what the product says about itself, then it can definitely improve your life to a next level. Ingredients are all natural and plant based.

In short, Protandim can actually recover your body from all the harmful substances and give it a new life with antioxidants.



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