Pure digest # 10 review – A powerful antidote to heartburn

Did you ever experience a sour, salty, acidic and hot flavor all at once in your mouth or throat? No, we are not talking about some Mexican dish (which has a dominant flavor i.e. chili hot). These flavors are common with a condition called heartburn when you cannot describe the taste yet the experience leaves you staggered and shocked (maybe that is why it is called heartburn).

Occasional heartburn is a common symptom of overeating but individuals with an unremitting complaint can develop complications in the end with a full-blown disease. Pure Digest #10 is a supplement that aids incomplete digestion of your food intake and guards against heartburn, commonly known as reflux. The natural ingredients of the Pure Digest #10 do not mask the symptoms, rather they act against the root cause of a heartburn and keep it at bay forever.

If you or your loved one is suffering from the terrible symptoms of heartburn, read on the following review to know how the supplement can help.


An overview of Pure Digest #10

Pure Digest #10 is very different from over-the-counter remedies for heartburn. Majority of the remedies for heartburn mask the signs and symptoms, bringing about a temporary relief. They are either calcium alginate liquids that coat the lining of the stomach temporarily or synthetically prepared drugs, that inhibit the acid production for a time being and that is it regarding their functioning.

Pure Digest as the name suggests, makes sure that the process of digestion is complete at every stage. When the process is working absolutely to its full potential, there is no requirement of continued acid release from the stomach cells and no reflux occurs.

Containing natural enzymes that are clinically proven for aiding digestion, Pure Digest #10, works as a catalyst to the natural digestive enzymes and allows for a smooth transition of food through the gut.

Furthermore, Pure Digest #10 works a 100% for the complete digestion of all three macromolecules of our staple food groups, i.e., fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. This means that your body is able to extract and deliver complete nutritional quota from the food you ingest. The whole process reproduces health benefits that enduringly stay with your body.

The operational science behind Pure Digest #10

Before understanding the working mechanism of Pure Digest #10, the causative factors behind a heartburn episode must be understood so that the significance of taking the supplement is applied to the victim.

Heartburn happens when a part of fluid regurgitate via the food pipe in a reverse mechanism. You cannot spit the fluid nor you can voluntarily swallow it, and it leaves a severe burning sensation behind your breastbone.

The question is; what is this fluid and why does it take a direction opposite to its normal path.

A condition that may last a few minutes to several hours, heartburn occurs typically after an eating episode when one is in lying or bending position. When an episode is prolonged, it gives a feeling of ‘something stuck’ behind your central chest bone.

Many factors make one prone to the discomfort of heartburn:

Eating habits (eating heavy portions of food particularly before bedtime)

Lifestyle practices (smoking, alcohol abuse, a stressful routine)

Medical causes (obesity, pregnancy, GERD, as a side effect of many drugs as aspirin)

The fluid that is regurgitated back from the stomach contains hydrochloric acid, pepsin and a small amount of bile. Hcl is normally secreted by the stomach cells to aid in digestion and so is the function of pepsin, a digestive enzyme. The acidic environment of the stomach is an obligation for the digestion of major food that enters the stomach. One can well imagine the damage caused by an acid at an area, which is not accustomed to acid exposure. Signs of inflammatory damage are usually seen in the esophagus and throat in such cases.

However, the question remains why the acid takes a reverse route. Sometimes, the cause is anatomical (weak esophageal sphincters) while most of the time, the cause lies in the improper digestion of food, and that releases a gas upon decomposing. This gas pushes the acid backward and causes the symptoms of heartburn in otherwise healthy individuals.

The damage is more devastating if the condition is not controlled. Once the damage is done, it is almost permanent. That is why, supplements like Pure Digest #10 should be an important part of their routine, to facilitate emptying of stomach content to the next level and that is only possible when the digestion is rapid enough for the next phase to begin.


The functional ingredients of Pure Digest 10

The functionality of Pure Digest #10 is based on Dr. Beaumont’s work, who is known as the ‘father of gastric physiology’, integrated with latest research developments in this field, which reveal that the reason behind a nasty heartburn is ‘a decline in the acid and pepsin production’.

Pure Digest #10 speeds up digestion and allows for a speedy yet efficient transit of food through our gut. Pure Digest #10 acts of heartburn, a condition that takes many individuals to the surgery table. It does so with the help of its following ingredients termed as ‘digestion boosters’:

  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Protease 3.0 and 4.5
  • Amylase
  • Lipase
  • Cellulase, Hemicelluloses, Alpha Galactosidase, Beta gluconate, and Diastase

Did you ever wonder what the meat tenderizer contains that is added to the steaks? It contains the same Bromelain and Papain enzymes, extracted from pineapple and papaya that constitute the active ingredients of Pure Digest #10.

The rest of the enzymatic blend is also naturally extracted enzymes from fruits that aid the declining enzymatic profile of our body and rev up the digestion process.

The manufacturer of Pure Digest #10, Opti Nutritionals, has practically demonstrated the effect of their enzymatic blend in a short presentation on their official page about the effectiveness of their digestive supplement.

What we like about Pure Digest #10       

There are many points in favor of the subject supplement, some of the highlights are

  • A pure and natural blend of enzymes
  • The enzymes are blended in perfect functional dosage
  • The supplement is dispensed in easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules
  • Ease of use; only two capsules before a major meal
  • Primary result is an effective support for a healthy digestive system
  • Acts as an adjunct to other bodily functions as detoxification, immune support, eases constipation, refurbishes energy stores, supports healthy skin and appendages, and in addition to all, might help in weight loss too
  • Manufactured by a reputed company
  • The supplement’s label is clearly acknowledged on the bottle; no proprietary blends

Cost and availability

The Pure Digest #10 is exclusively available at their official website at a cost of $49.95 per bottle. A single bottle delivers a month’s supply at a dose of two capsules per day.

With three bottles, a discount of $149.90 can be availed with a total cost of $119.95. If you decide to purchase for your family and friend, a six-bottle purchase is tagged with a discount of $339.75 at a cost of $199.95in total.

All the purchases come with free shipping and a 365-days money back guarantee. Moreover, if you are an avid reader, there is a further bonus for you in the form of two free books.

  • Beating The Bloat
  • Conquering Gut Health
  • The Encyclopedia of Natural Cures

Our final take on Pure Digest #10

There is a quote by Mason Coley, a known American writer

When I prayed for success, I forgot to ask for sound sleep and good digestion.

Therefore, if your digestion is playing some cruel act with you, pray and purchase Pure Digest #10, the rest will follow.


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