Purple Tiger Review – Does it really make a difference?

There has been a surge in popularity of the energy boosting and weight loss supplements over the past few years. All such pills claim to provide successful weight loss.  But choosing the one that really makes a difference is a task hard to achieve.

The chief benefit of Purple Tiger Energy is that it contains caffeine; a proven ingredient to boost consumer’s energy and metabolism. A fast functioning metabolism is essential for people aiming for weight loss as it plays a crucial role in your body’s mechanism.

What is Purple Tiger Energy?

Purple Tiger is a diet pill released in 2012 by Vista Health products. It is sold over the counter and readily available online as well. You can purchase it online at $49.95 for a 60 capsule bottle.

The Purple Tiger manufacturer states that it will increase the user’s energy levels and metabolism helping with even the “toughest cases” of weight loss in individuals.

The manufacturer of Purple Tiger states that it will increase the user’s energy levels and metabolism, helping with even the “toughest cases” of weight loss in individuals.

Purple Tiger is a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that result in increased energy, weight loss giving you the overall sense of well-being.

Apart from their nutritional value, the ingredients in Purple Tiger use equitable antioxidant effects that address metabolic concerns affecting energy production in your body.

This high-quality blend of ingredients also stabilize hunger pangs, craving, suppress appetite, and naturally speed up your metabolism. These properties are vital for cellular metabolism and steady energy production.

This process is known as Thermogenesis which slows down the fat storage in your body and improves metabolism. Purple Tiger is an exceptional formula with rapid effects and a clinically proven set of ingredients.

These ingredients provide synergy with increased energy and metabolic rate and decreased false cravings. Ingredients like amino acids are clinically tested to decrease hunger spasms and send stomach signals of a fuller appetite.


Purple Tiger starts to work fast in boosting your energy levels and metabolic rate along with keeping your natural metabolism in control. These ingredients play a crucial part in your weight loss mechanism effectively, quickly and safely.  Unlike any other dietary products and supplements, Purple Tiger provides you the energy of a tiger and appetite of a bird.

Let’s talk about the ingredients

Now let us study the roles and how these powerful ingredients operate in synergy with your body to obtain weight loss goals.

Caffeine (from natural sources) is extracted from the guarana plant, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

Chromium helps with blood sugar levels and aids pancreas to function properly.

Vitamin B-6 helps with nervousness, anemia, weak muscles, dermatitis and mouth problems.

Vitamin B-12 is important for healthy bone marrow and red blood cells. It helps nerve and brain damage.

Calcium Aquamin is a type of calcium derived from sea life.

Magnesium calms the nerves, increases tissue elasticity; vital for rock-solid teeth and bones.

Zinc helps with cholesterol levels, arteriosclerosis, loss of taste and infertility. It also has healing wounds properties.

B-Phenylalanine acts as an appetite suppressant, pain relief and PMS(premenstrual syndrome) relieving agent.

Dark Cocoa Powder has two times the antioxidants of red wine and three times that of green tea.

Advantra Z increases energy, mental lucidity, and physical performance.

Green Tea protects against cancer, lowers cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure.

Choline Bitartrate is an essential nutrient in the brain which aids sleep and fetal development.

Alpha Keto Glutaric Acid combats with chronic fatigue.

Cinnamon improves blood glucose and cholesterol levels in diabetics.

Trace Minerals are necessary for 95% of the body’s daily functionality and balancing pH levels.

Amino Acids 5HTP gives your stomach a “full sensation” to control your appetite.

Vanadium Sulfate is a mineral that helps with cholesterol buildup.

Chocomine is derivative of chocolate which in turn decreases your chocolate cravings while increasing energy.

Silica aids in the formation of collagen, which is the primary protein component of hair, skin, and nails.

Possible Side Effects

Some of the ingredients may appear to be problematic.

  • Caffeine can make you jittery at times, give headaches causes restlessness, heart tremors and nausea.
  • Chromium is known to be associated with liver problems.
  • Magnesium’s high dosage does not suit everyone’s system.
  • If the body’s normal level of phenylalanine is already high, supplementation with B-Phenylalanine has the potential to cause cardiovascular problems and mental impedance.

So, it is strongly recommended to take medical advice and study the ingredients and their reactions before using.

The bottom line

People seeking for weight loss and energy boosting supplements should go for a supplement that is tested and backed by some real science and with no adverse effects associated.

The stimulants in it can lead to some serious side effects whereas proving to be beneficial ratio seems less as well. Although the website provides minimal information and is cluttered and amateurish in design layout, you can purchase it from there.

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