Quick Trim Review: How Safe and Effective Is It?

Losing weight and looking fit is everyone’s dream these days and everyone wants to stay young, healthy and slim in their life. And to achieve this, people try traditional methods such as exercise, diet or following regimes.

However, some people still fail to achieve their goals or achieve any noticeable results. And while our busy lifestyle has made it so difficult for people to take the time to follow strict diet routine. In such situations, people opt for different supplements available in the market to provide an extra boost in getting back in shape.

These can be dietary supplements or medications that enhance the fat burning process in the body to help lose weight. One such dietary supplement is Quick Trim which is especially designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. The company behind the supplement is Quicktrim and is reputed as consumer goods company. The company has introduced a wide range of products in the healthcare industry, and has offered a number of weight loss solutions. Quick Time is the latest in the line of products by the company. The product comes heavily endorsed by the Kardashians.

What is Quick Trim?

Quick Time weight loss supplement is formulated by blending various complexes. The formula contains thermogenic complex, water absorption complex, hormonal and stress support. Each of the complexes consists of a mix of components with specialized function to perform. The thermogenic complex in Quick Trim formula has all the stimulants of a concoction. These stimulants are caffeine and green tea extract that target the metabolic rate and activity in the body.

The hormone support included in the supplement is black Cohosh and Soy Isoflavone. These are also believed to be highly effective in the treatment of menopause. These compounds also work to suppress food cravings and appetite.

The requirement for the stress support in the formula is to maintain fluctuations in mood and also keep the anxiety levels in check. As mentioned before, Quick Time is designed with working women in mind with active lifestyle. Thus the components of the supplement are as per the body requirements and lifestyle of such ladies.

There are water balancing complexes present in the formula also, and these complexes function to control bloating inside the body. These are commonly diuretics such as dandelion. And last but not the least are the absorption enhancers that are included in the formula to finalize the solution. These compounds supply high amount of energy to the body to keep the person active and energetic throughout the day.

Since all the ingredients and components come directly from nature so it would be right to say that the supplement is safe for consumption.

Quick Time Mechanism

Quick Time weight loss supplement include a number of ingredients such as caffeine, green tea, capsicum, bioperine, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate, raspberry ketones, blueberry, bioperine, metabromine, magui berry, acai fruit, cinnamon, banaba leaf, white willow, gymnema sylvestre, n-acetyl-tyrosine, sclariolide and ashwagandha. These natural ingredients are extracted in most potent form in order to help in burning fat. Some of these ingredients are fruits which are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and help to promote better health also.

Certain fruits in the blend are antioxidants such as blackberries, raspberries and grapes. These antioxidants also help in promoting overall health and also getting rid of toxins and free radicals in the body.

Raspberry ketones in the formula help to trigger ketogenic fat burning process which happens when the body reaches ketosis and burns large amounts of fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates. The process generates high amount of energy in the body which helps to keep the person active and energetic throughout the day.

Active Ingredients of Quick Time

Below are listed two most important and active ingredients included in the formulation of the supplement:

  • Capsimax

Capsimax is an active ingredient of the supplement and contains capsaicin that is extracted from capsicum. Capsaicin is the element that makes peppers hot and also widely used in ointments and topical creams for relieving joint and muscle pain. Studies have shown recently that capsimax carries properties for weight loss.

  • Green Tea Extract

This ingredient is used in the formula as a stimulant since it contains caffeine. According to research, it can be used as remedy to control cholesterol and also treat Parkinson’s disease.

Potential Side Effects

The company website does not mention any side effects. However, it is true that good results do bring likely side effects sometimes. Here is listed some of the possible side effects from the two active ingredients:

  • Capsimax Side Effects

Common side effects linked to capsicum-based ointments and creams include skin irritation, burning or itching. Hence refrain from using such creams in sensitive areas especially around eyes, nose and throat as the skin can get irritated.

Although there have been no reported side effects from oral use of capsimax, but some potential side effects in the long run may include upset stomach, runny nose and sweating. It is advised to refrain from consuming large amounts as that may be dangerous and cause damage to liver and kidneys.

  • Green Tea Extract

Anything good when taken in large quantities can cause harmful effects in the body. Same is true with green tea. This leaf extract can be quite addictive when used for longer period in large doses and in worst situations, could cause withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, headache, paranoia and irritation. The ingredient may also cause hindrance in iron absorption in the body so people with low iron levels should be careful.


  • The supplement should only be used by adults over 18 years.
  • Someone with heart condition should avoid using the supplement.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using the supplement.
  • In case of any side effect, stop using the supplement and consult the doctor.
  • Store in a cool and dry place and away from children’s reach.

Customers Feedback

Jenna – “I had been working out without getting any results as in losing my calories. I started using Quick Trim on a friend’s suggestion and lost over 6 pounds in 2 weeks. I would recommend it to anyone who has same issue as I had.”

Silvia – “I started taking Quick Time pills as it said and haven’t experienced any side effects. I did have to use the toilet more than usual but that could be because other reviewers said I should drink lots of water. I would say it’s a personal choice to use the supplement and it may or may not work for some people.”

Julia – “I have had some great results from using Quick Time but I also experienced some side effects. I think its caffeine because I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous. I have used it for some time and lost some stubborn fat around belly. So thanks Quick Time.

Where to buy Quick Time?

The dietary supplement is available widely in retail stores as well as online in various commerce platforms. Internet is full with reviews and feedback from previous customers and while some users find the product amazing, others felt differently.

The wide range of products and offers cost anywhere from $8.00 to $50.00. One can also purchase the product by visiting the official website. Fill out some information and make the payment using one of the available methods such as credit or debit card. It usually takes 3 to 4 days for the order to reach the doorstep.

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