Red Tea Detox review – The single most effective and safe recipe for detox

Have you heard a narrative about some New Year resolution that goes like this “I am going to lose weight and get in the best shape of my life”, sounds familiar? Are you one of the millions around the world that make resolutions of this kind but welcome the next year from the same spot because your weight loss strategy did not work out for you? Well, welcome to the club but not the losers one.

Red Tea Detox is a weight loss strategy that greets you with a promise of deliverance and literally aids you in losing a pound per day by curbing the hunger and reducing the size of fat cells by burning the stored fat.

But wait, is weight loss that simple? Can one really shed fat that easily; by sipping on a cup of Red Tea? What is Red Tea? How can a simple cup of this tea erase the fat creases and the belly bulge? Here is an attempt at finding all these answers for our valued customers because what we want is the winning post for all of us.

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What is Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea is one of the primary constituents of the detox program that helps you make a difference in your overall health status by shedding some real pounds. Designed by an expert in the field, the diet protocol moves you on a track where there are no calorie calculations, boring diet menus or laborious exercise regime. This is because it works by detoxifying your body via healthy yet delicious food with a boost from the Red Tea, distinctive feature of the detox program.

Red Tea Detox is based on an ancient African recipe for a drink that is categorized under the beverage section ‘tea’. What it claims is that it can help you ‘lose one pound per day’. It is an amazing claim but it sounds too good to be true.

We would not give the claim a second glance if it were not coming from a professional. Forwarded by Liz Swan

n Miller, a naturopath and weight loss expert by profession, she also holds the title of Amazon’s bestselling author under her belt and has helped more than 14000 individuals to overcome their weight loss nightmare.

Touted to work for anybody, the Red Tea Detox curbs the hunger, switches on the body’s innate fat burning mechanism, and shrinks the fat cells for good. The amazing aspect of Red Tea Detox is that it caters to any age or sex and delivers results regardless of the present level of fitness.

Initially, Red Tea Detox gives the impression of shedding the ‘water stack’ of your body, which is a fast and effective way of losing some pounds but temporarily. However, the case scenario with Red Tea Detox is entirely different; it makes use of scientifically proven way of detoxifying your body and puts all the bodily systems functioning at their maximum. It does not claim to offer some magic potion; rather Liz suggests healthy choices of food and a little exercise.

With the hunger gone and output maximized, Red Tea Detox can bring about actual weight loss results that are obvious by the level of physical fitness and shown on the weighing scale. Incorporating the potency of five herbal ingredients, the subject detox tea balances the hormonal flow, which causes a release of fat from stores and the resulting shrinkage of fat cells.


Before going into the details of Red Tea Detox let us see what actually a detox process is, what are the targets a fair detox can achieve for your body and does it really help shrink the fat cells.

The meaning of a true detox process

Detox is the latest fad among the weight watchers and the supplement industry that claim to tackle the weight loss dilemma via different diets, drinks, superfoods, teas, herbs, spices and the list goes on. However, not all meet the criteria for a true detox process and thus fail to deliver the result, be it weight loss or general well being.

Detox means ‘to get rid of your body of all the intrinsic and extrinsic toxins’. Intrinsic are the ones our body produces naturally as a by-product of the metabolic processes going on in the body. A vast amount of them is dealt with efficiently via the skin, sweat glands and excretory system of the body.

However, the extrinsic toxins that enter our body from the outside are the lead culprits. A major percentage of these toxins gain entry via the food we take in the form of sugars, salts, preservatives, GMO products, chemical contaminants from pesticides and so on.

All of these have a cumulative effect on the total stress levels of the body, some of which we sense while most of it affects our health without our conscious effort. The outcome of such incidences is represented by physical signs and symptoms; the initial one is weight gain that leads to a cascade of other complications. If carried out in the right way, a detox is a safe and harmless way to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins and setting the functional dial at optimum working. It leads to stimulation of liver, colon and kidneys, the organs responsible for getting rid of wastes from the body.

Experts on the topic believe that detoxifying your body comes at a price; a payment made via symptoms like breakouts on your skin, headaches, and crappy mood, bloating and nausea, gas, fatigue, some sleep disturbance etc. However, these are indications that your detox is working.

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To manage these symptoms, expert opinion is to adopt healthy and smart eating options, implement a moderate but regular exercise regime, taking rest at different intervals during the 24-hour period and plentiful intake of water.

The importance of Red Tea Detox

A detox becomes more significant when the weight gain is because of some underlying disease condition as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, leaky gut, high cortisol levels (chronic stressful states).

In such cases, a detox like Red Tea Detox becomes an important tool in accelerating the whole process. Red Tea Detox delivers a fast result; a pound per day. It achieves this result by

  • Increasing the metabolic rate by natural stimulants that are known to signal the breakdown of fat
  • Introducing a caloric deficit
  • Preserving the muscle and promoting fat loss
  • Cutting back on cortisol levels, the stress hormone
  • Balancing the overall hormonal profile

Red Tea Detox strongly recommends healthy eating options; with an adequate intake of proteins, the subject detox tea ensures that negative weight loss is avoided and actual fat is lost.

The weight loss strategy of Red Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox is not a simple cup of tea rather its ingredients are backed up by science that accommodates the latest weight loss approach via the following six aspects and that is the reason that makes the subject cup of tea a winner among its contemporaries.

  • Eat more and weigh less

When you deprive your body of food, you are facing a stressful condition. Our body has an inborn ability to deal with stressful conditions by conserving more. Therefore, the old myths about dieting are not applicable anymore.

Do not go for deprivation but detoxify your body along with consuming proteins and good fats. The process will help balance the hormonal status, jumpstart the metabolism by introducing superfoods, curb unnecessary hunger cravings and increase the satiety level.

  • Lose stress and lose weight

Furthermore, the daily stresses of everyday life also create turmoil in our body’s biochemistry including the hormones that are responsible for fat burning. So with smart eating habits and stress control, the Red Tea Detox can incinerate fat at a faster pace.

  • Get rid of toxins

There are toxins everywhere, in our water supplies, crops, food items and even the air we breathe. Free radicals, which are continually produced in our bodies, also contribute towards total damage. All of these factors add to the total stress and a vicious cycle ensues. The significance of detoxification of our body systems is therefore of utmost importance not only to lose weight but for a long-term healthy relationship with oneself.

  • Shed some pounds with balanced hormones

Infertility is a rising concern for many of us and apart from other reasons, if you were obese; your obstetric would advise you to lose some weight as the primary line of therapy. This is because when we lose weight, our hormones are balanced and the body is able to receive any kind of intervention with ease and convenience.

Red Tea Detox taps into the hormonal stores of our body namely adrenaline and noradrenaline. These two hormones are the ‘fight and flight’ hormone that is responsible for releasing the stored fat from the hideouts.

  • Exercise the smart way to tap fat stores

Latest research into exercise physiology is proving effective ways to stimulate the fat stores and one of them is ‘exercise sweet spot’ as described by Liz.

The secret behind the Red Tea Detox lies with smart eating, working out smart, letting go of stress, balancing the hormonal status and tapping into a fat burning mode of the body. It is a complicated process; however, the ingredients of Red Tea Detox make it a simple affair within a cup of tea by liberating your body of myths and fables of a futile weight loss management.

What is included in the Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea Detox is a functional strategy against weight gain. In addition to the dietary guidelines to deliver nutrition and cleanse your body, it supplements the whole program with a detox tea, called the red tea. Based on five herbal ingredients that are easily available and can be included in your everyday rituals, this tea promotes fat loss by

  • Fat shrinkage effects of aspalathin
  • Stopping of Fat storage
  • Fat unlocking for energy replenish
  • Fat cleansing effects
  • The hunger killing effects

Red Tea Detox program consists of

  1. The Red Tea recipe; iced tea, slush, smoothie, or protein drink
  2. The fat-burning research
  3. A complete 14-day meal plan
  4. A comprehensive exercise plan
  5. The Red Tea Detox Motivation Booklet 

Red Tea Detox covers a 14-day period and that is what a usual detox program caters for. The exercise regime is easy to adopt, taking only 20 minutes every day. There are some additional bonuses included in the final purchase, which could be a good read.

  • 100 great tasting smoothie weight loss recipes
  • Effortless weight loss hypnosis audio MP3
  • The ultimate superfood guide for super health
  • The five detox methods of famous celebrities

The overall benefits of Red Tea Detox

Some highlights of Red Tea Detox are

  • Designed by an expert in the field
  • Proven to deliver results as factual fat loss
  • Does not lead to muscle wasting
  • Safe from any side effects
  • Natural ingredients for tea without any stimulating effects
  • Caffeine free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Dairy, gluten and sugar-free with no oxalic acid
  • Improvised with smart eating choices
  • Realistic approach to moderate exercise
  • Rapid weight loss with a total body cleanse
  • Enriched with powerful antioxidants as quercetin
  • Easy recipes with conveniently available items
  • Makes you more in control of your body
  • Requires no shipping as the Red Tea Detox is available as an e-book
  • Instant download
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle
  • A 60-day money back guarantee

Cost of Red Tea Detox

The total cost of Red Tea Detox program is about $37, which is a onetime payment.

Conclusion on Red Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox program caters to a wide population with the actual deliverance of results as shown by many customers’ reviews. As expert designs it, you can use it with confidence and assurance; unlike many at home detox procedures, which do not warrant results or security from any side effects. So go ahead, there is nothing you would lose besides fat and guiltiness.

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