Regal Slim Review – A Herbal Diet Pill That Works?

Losing and gaining weight is a part of life which just happens with age. Some people are more concerned about their weight than others. This weight up and down is a continuous process which is not something that cannot be changed. While struggling with losing weight, the real challenge is when weight becomes stuck and you lose hope. That is the point where you need motivation and a miracle. Sadly miracles have stopped to happen but you can always try your luck to reduce the weight.

What can you possibly think of? liposuction? surgery or intense dieting? The solution which may work for you is not among all these options. It’s just a simple dietary supplement which almost everyone knows about. Yes, we are talking about none other than Garcinia cambogia which is the most famous herbal weight loss plant extract.

This article is a detailed analysis of Regal Slim which is a brand name for the same plant extract. This supplement is designed for helping with the stubborn fat. It improves the weight loss routine without any damages to the body. Both men and women can use it.

Read all the below-listed information before making up your mind to try it.

Regal Slim- All about it

Regal Slim sounds like a fancy name. Many of you will agree that the name matters the most. We are attracted to what “appears” to be good. So starting off by the name, the name sounds so cool.

Basically Regal Slim is a dietary supplement which is designed to make the body lose weight easily. Dietary supplements are just extra nutrients which are usually less in the body. So when the body has an external supply of vital nutrients it becomes healthy and perfectly functioning.

What Regal Slim promises is not beyond imagination. It is possible. After all, it’s just a nutritional support which is correcting the body system. It is available in capsule form like all other supplements. It promises to make the user slimmer with low body weight and a toned body.

Image: Garcinia cambogia fruit Supplements 

Most of the fitness supplements ask you to do a rigorous workout or to follow a low-calorie diet. Fortunately, there isn’t any requirement with Regal Slim. All you have to do is to create a balance. A balanced diet and average workout only if you can manage. Only if you can manage, it will work the best. If you are not into workout and dieting, skip that. It will work anyway, only it will take more than normal time to show the desirable results. Doing the workout and managing diet is just an accelerator process.

It is designed for everyone. There is no compulsion of age, other than below age people i.e. 18 years and below.

The real benefits which you get

The advantages of Regal Slim is not just to get slim. It offers more than it may sound. Check out the following benefits for the regular users of Regal Slim.

Appetite suppressant

The first and most basic thing to know is that it is a natural appetite suppressant. There is nothing on Earth which can make you lose weight other than something which controls the appetite and make you eat less. So the first thing is actually the half of benefits provider. Regal Slim suppresses the appetite and you do not really feel hungry. You eat less and the result is fewer calories and fat gain.

Metabolic support

Digestion of the food is something which many people don’t know that is directly linked to weight gain. If the digestion or metabolism is better, you will not gain weight as early as other people do. If metabolic rate is slow, the weight gain will be rapid and high. So the function of Regal Slim is to strengthen the digestive system which eventually supports the metabolic rate to be higher.

Fat Release

When you are on a restricted diet and are eating less. The result is that body will utilize the already deposited fat layers. These layers are the stubborn fat which is always here to scare you. Once this fat starts to get dissolved, you will see the visible change in your body. The formula has a special ingredient called HCA which helps to speed up this process.

All these benefits are from Regal Slim which is a simple and easy to take a supplement. It is available in a bottle form. All you have to do is to take the capsules as per directions. It is advised to be taken with water or fruit juice and nothing else.

Ingredients for Regal Slim

All the details available on the official website suggest that Regal Slim is a product mainly designed on Garcinia cambogia extract. It is the plant of the same name which is native to Asia. It has been a famous medicinal plant for centuries and a part of traditional medicine for centuries.

                                      Image:  Garcinia cambogia- The ripe fruit 

For now, the research has proved the medicinal potential of the plant which is for weight loss, cholesterol lowering, fat loss, and detoxification of the body. Garcinia plant is naturally enriched with a component called Hydroxycitric acid or HCA. It is associated with increasing the metabolic rate with high energy, stamina, and low cholesterol and maintaining blood pressure.

There are many similar supplements available in the market but only the Regal Slim offers over 60% concentration of HCA in it. It is significantly higher than the shady products which you may find in local stores.

This thing suggests that you should always read the details and instructions on the supplement pack before making a decision to but it. The details of Regal Slim advises that there are no additives added to the supplement, therefore it is safe to use.

What else Regal Slim provides?

Regal Slim will work best if you are suffering from the following.

  • A general fatigue
  • Bloated stomach and a persistent constipation
  • Frequent food cravings
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Excess amount of fats on stubborn areas
  • Hurtful cellulite
  • Lack of body confidence
  • Insufficient focus and concentration
  • Dry, dull skin
  • Constant headaches and migraine
  • Stomach problems
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • PMSing (in women)
  • Allergic reaction of the body

How Does Regal Slim Work?

Regal Slim has one principle which is to improve the blood circulation and making the oxygen readily available to each cell. Logically it makes sense. When the whole body has high amounts of oxygen and nutritional elements, it will work best. Also, it will maintain a healthy blood pressure. And it will reduce the increasing cholesterol.

Blood pressure and cholesterol both are two primary concerned factors linked with weight gain so using Regal Slim is a natural help for both. The second thing for which Regal Slim works is that it reduces the appetite. The food cravings which make you eat more than normal are suppressed so you never actually feel hungry. The calories intake is less and resultantly, the weight gain is stopped.

Image: The target areas of Regal Slim supplement 

Why should you choose Regal Slim?

You might be thinking that there are so many similar products available in the market so why should you only chose Regal Slim. Well, there must be something which makes it better than the rest, these reasons are provided by the company on the official website. For our readers, they are summarized here as pros of buying Regal Slim.

Contrary to the benefits, there are a few things which arise questions on the authenticity and status of Regal Slim. Those questions are explained as cons of buying Regal Slim.

Pros of Regal Slim

  • Herbal Formula: It is a completely herbal formula which only involves one ingredient Garcinia cambogia. It is a plant fruit extract and there is nothing which makes it harmful for human consumption.
  • Premium Sources: The ingredients Garcinia extract has been collected from the best sources of raw plants. There is no compromise on quality.
  • Easy to use: The formula is simple and easy to use. It is available in capsule form and easily anyone can swallow it with water. The capsules absorb in short time and the nutrients become part of the body.
  • Made in the USA: The product is 100% made in the USA. Being the USA made product increases the user reliability on the product as the USA follows the best health parameters on product manufacturing.
  • FDA approved: It is approved and registered with FDA. It suggests that it is safe for human consumption and there are no side effects involved.
  • Follows GMP: The Regal Slim follows good manufacturing practice abbreviated as GMP. It suggests that it follows a reliable procedure of manufacturing.
  • No chemicals/additives: There are no harmful preservatives, chemicals, and additives as part of the formula. It adds points to the value of Regal Slim for being a safe option for daily usage.
  • No dieting needed: Unlike many other dietary supplements, it doesn’t require any crash dieting to work. The results just show up even if you are not dieting. The only suggestion from the makers is to take a controlled and healthy diet which is usually not so high in calories anyways.
  • No workout needed: This is a good news to all of the people who have a busy daily routine and can’t manage time to work out. Regal Slim is a real help because it reduces the body weight even when you are not working out. A minor and daily workout is, however, beneficial to make the weight loss rapid but not a strict requirement.
  • Safe for all: The formula is herbal. Mechanism of action makes sense. Regal Slim is safe for use by all of the users. Except for the underage children, anyone can use it.
  • Elevates energy level: The formula is not what makes you weak and lean. It elevates the energy level despite being a fat burner. In the result, the total energy of the body is not lost and the user feels energetic throughout the day.
  • More burning calories: It makes the regular workout even more helpful. It pushes the body to lose more calories than it eats. The result is a trimmed figure.
  • Help for stubborn weight: Some areas are just too stubborn to lose weight such as belly and thighs. Regal Slim makes even these hard fats to lose in less time.

All these qualities suggest that Regal Slim is the real help which will make people happy about their weight. Now let’s review the negative points of the product.

Cons of Regal Slim

  • Despite being a fat burner, it doesn’t advise anything to lose the existing fats of the body. In absence of diet and workout, it is so much time taking to depend upon Regal Slim only to lose so much weight. So it’s not really a good point that there is no diet and workout needed to lose weight.
  • There is no detailed information that if this supplement has any other thing than Garcinia extract or not. Also, the quantities are not mentioned.
  • It may influence the activity of certain medication. The company doesn’t say a word on not combining it or using it with any digestive, cardiovascular or any other medicine. However, this is a primary health concern to warn people about possible interactions of these supplements.
  • The results are not as rapid as the company shows they are. It actually takes a lot more than just one month. Most of the users are over 10pounds overweight and there is no way that Regal Slim can make them reduce over 10 pounds in a month. So the information on the website is not 100% accurate for the benefits.

Is It Safe To Use It?

Regal Slim shares name with a few top line weight loss supplements. The formula is completely natural which can never go against any user. So overall, it is a safe approach to use Regal Slim. More chances are not to get any side effect. But in case if you are allergic to certain food ingredients, always read the label before making a decision to purchase it.

Where to Buy It From?

If you are interested in buying Regal Slim, you will be glad to know that it has a fully functional website which has an official status. The website sells the product online and there is no other way to buy it. For now, it is available for a trial period. The trial period is 14 days only.

Once you use it and are happy about it, then you have to pay and enroll yourself into a monthly subscription. It will send you a months supply of the product each month without you actually purchasing it again and again. However, if you are not happy with it, you can always return it before 14 days and you don’t have to pay the price.

An only payment which you have to pay in both cases is the shipment charges which are very nominal.

About the Company

This supplement is made by a company of the same name. It is called Regal Slim. It is a famous name for nutritional supplements. The details of the company as mentioned on the website are as follows.

Regal Nutra LLC

1601 N Sepulveda Blvd #763,

 Manhattan Beach CA 90266

The company can be contacted at their Toll-Free customer helpline at +1-800-398-3087. You can also ask for written queries by sending an email at

The Review Summary

Regal Slim is a modern day supplement which has objective to lose weight. It is manufactured by a company which produces FDA registered products. The ingredient which it uses is the famous Garcinia cambogia extract which doesn’t need any introduction. The majority of the fat loss programs emphasize on doing a crash diet and hit the gym hard. Unlikely to those products, Regal Slim doesn’t require these things. It only needs the commitment of the user to follow the supplement usage and an average diet and workout routine. It is not a compulsion but an extra benefit.

Regal Slim helps both men and women. It helps to lose the stubborn weight on problematic areas. All you can do it to use it regularly for at least three months. Despite the high promises, you must understand that if you want to lose 10 pounds of more, you need to work on it for two or three months. By the end, you will get a slimmer, toned body with reduced weight. It will add confidence to your personality and make you look more beautiful and happy. For more details and sign up for the trial offer, visit the official website today.


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