Regrow Hair Protocol Review – Things You Need To Know?

Regrow Hair Protocol is something which is different from typical hair loss remedies. Hair fall starts occurring due to several reasons, the major one being aging process. The other reasons for hair loss can be stress, poor nutrition, unhealthy routine and artificial hair treatments.

To combat with hair loss there are several techniques proposed. Most of the techniques involve an expenditure of too much time and money without the guaranteed results. Moreover, these hair regrow techniques do not last long and never provide a permanent solution to hair loss problem.

To restore your shiny, thicker and healthy hair back Regrow Hair Protocol is created by Jared Gates. This protocol provides the solution to hair loss problems by using natural, healthy and safe techniques. Along with solution to hair loss problems it guides its user about the reasons behind hair loss problem.

Let us have a look at some major guidelines mentioned in Regrow Hair Protocol that help a user to restore his hair growth. Along with that it also mentions that how to keep a track of things that actually help in hair growth and the other things which are major reasons behind hair fall.

1): What Causes The Death Of Hair Follicles?

Testosterone is the hormone in your body that controls hair growth. When certain enzymes undergo chemical reactions with testosterone hormone, they convert testosterone into DHT.

DHT is the key chemical whose production in your body leads to the death of your hair follicles which causes hair fall and ultimately baldness. Regrow hair protocol guides you about how to add certain foods to your diet that will inhibit the production of DHT in your body.

2): What Are The Foods That Inhibit DHT Production?

To block the production of DHT in your body it is compulsory to change your eating habits. Certain foods are mentioned in Regrow Hair Protocol which inhibits the production of DHT in your body. These include Watermelon, mangoes, carrots and dry fruits like almond, peanuts, and walnuts.

These foods inhibit the production of that enzyme which is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. This enzyme is named as 5 alpha reductase. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can block the production of  5 alpha reductase leading to the reduction in DHT production. L-lysine which is present in dry fruits a DHT inhibitor that blocks its production naturally.

3): How Certain Foods Can Help In Hair Re-Growth?

Adding appropriate food to your diet may help your hair re-grow faster and naturally restore them to the quality of hair that you had in your early twenties. These healthy foods play a major role in hair loss treatment and prevention.

There are certain vitamins, minerals, vegetables and herbs which are called power foods and these play a huge role in hair re-growth by blocking all those enzymes which convert testosterone into DHT.

Hence, if you are facing issue with hair fall and hair loss Regrow Hair Protocol is the best solution to restore hair growth and prevent further hair thinning & hair fall.

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