Rejuvenated Energy Review – Reboot your energy


As the name implies, Rejuvenated Energy is a dietary supplement comprising of polyphenols from plant origin. The supplement is aimed at an efficient digestive function, thereby replenishing the body with lasting energy and vigor. Devoid of any stimulants, synthetic chemicals, caffeine etc, Rejuvenated Energy bolsters the energy stores without any hangover or side effects.

Have you ever experienced overwhelming pressure and stress from your daily routine? Do you ever desire the energy drinks in the commercials would actually deliver a bout of energy as they claim?

Drinking this liquid would boost your metabolism and fill you up with lasting energy with a clearer and sharper focus. Rejuvenated Energy is manufactured by the Malibu Health Labs and is dispensed as a powder form that instantly mixes with water to yield a refreshing drink thus satisfying your cravings for any unhealthy energy drinks.

However, such drinks are not consumed for the sole purpose of taste and tang, any added health upshots upgrade the supplement, that is why the following review will analyze the specific ingredients, and the health benefits tagged with the subject supplement.

An overview of Rejuvenated Energy

Every one of us fancy superman powers to reach the ultimate in ones’ field and we wish it was that easy but it is not.

To satiate this quest, the retail market is loaded with energy replenishing drinks and other products. However, a vast majority of them are blended sugar and caffeine compounds that raise the body’s energy levels only temporary and create an imbalance in the blood sugar levels. This can cause serious metabolic disorders as diabetes and insulin resistance in the end.

The Rejuvenated Energy is a distinguished and a class apart product as far as health preservation is concerned.

Primarily, the ingredients in Rejuvenated Energy are proven to aid body’s functions.

Secondly, the ingredients are all natural that works in synergy with each other and deliver amplified results without any harm to the body systems.

Thirdly, the ingredients are integrated into the supplement’s formula as four blends that compound each other’s effects and benefit the body from various points of views.

Fourthly, the supplement is made in an FDA approved, cGMP certified laboratory ensuring a high degree of quality compliance.

Lastly, each batch of the Rejuvenated Energy is tested for efficacy and purity of the ingredients used.

The ingredient blend of Rejuvenated Energy

Delivering a whole month’s supply, each serving from the supplement jar contains only four calories. This means that the supplement is not dependent on stimulant ingredients nor it is laden with sweeteners or sugary compounds, neither natural nor synthetic.

Free from gluten or fillers, Rejuvenated Energy contains four blends to address the different issues on different scales.

  • Slimming polyphenol blend
  • Full antioxidant blend
  • Enhanced digestive blend
  • Energizing tea blend

The Slimming polyphenol blend in Rejuvenated Energy is a patented one called Sinetrol. Containing a strong combination of polyphenols from blood orange, sweet Valencia oranges, and grapefruits, and Guarana extract from Brazilian Amazon, the rich vitamin, and antioxidant content acts to maintain a healthy gut and heart with an energy refurbish.

Polyphenols are micronutrients from plant origin and are coming to limelight because of their possible role in the fight against degenerative diseases related to oxidative stress as cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative conditions. They exert many biological functions in the body by modulating the activity of many enzymes and receptors in the body.

The antioxidant blend of Rejuvenated Energy is derived from a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs as apples, cherries, blueberry, raspberry, carrots, kale, and broccoli. Called Spectra, the antioxidant content works to increase the cellular oxygenation via an increased nitric oxide. When blood circulation is increased, the nutritional status of the cell is improved leading to enhanced functioning at every field.

Probiotics and health are a synonym that is why the subject supplement drink could not do without it. The enhanced probiotic blend of Rejuvenated Energy contains one billion CFUs of strains like Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Longus, Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, and Paracasei.

Incorporated within is Acacia Bark fiber from Acacia plant that adds bulk to the intestinal content, reduces appetite and gut inflammation. The result is a better digestive capability with better absorption of nutrients, a balanced blood sugar levels, refurbished energy stores and mental clarity and focus.

Green tea is always advocated for its role in weight loss, maintaining a healthy digestion and a source of detoxification. The energizing tea blend of Rejuvenated Energy contains green and black tea extracts. Delivering a boost to metabolism, these extracts are known to bolster good bacteria in the gut and speed up the fat burning mechanisms in the body.

In addition to all these ingredient blends, Rejuvenated Energy also contains the B-complex vitamins. The strength of the slimming, antioxidant and tea blend is 700mg, 50mg, and 125mg respectively.

The projected benefits of Rejuvenated Energy

Rejuvenated Energy primarily targets the digestive system to deliver a better nutritional status and enhanced energy stores. Some of the benefits of the supplement are

  • A boosted digestion owing to the probiotic blend
  • A rev up of energy supplies to last all day because of energizing teas ingredients
  • An upgraded metabolism that might lead to some weight loss (the green tea effect)
  • A healthier slimmer figure
  • Clarity of mind and thoughts with improved focal ability
  • Beautiful youthful glow to skin due to the antioxidant effects

What we like about Rejuvenated Energy

Some highlights of Rejuvenated Energy for a better customers’ perspective

  • Natural and safe ingredients at play
  • No side effects as jitters, high or hangovers
  • A balanced blood sugar profile
  • No stimulant effects due to artificial or synthetic ingredients
  • An energy vibe that supports you all day long
  • Gluten-free so accommodates a wide range of customers
  • High-quality manufacturing procedures followed
  • Independent third-party evaluation carried out
  • A 90-day money back guarantee if you do not see any results

Method of consumption

Rejuvenated Energy is not a regular energy drink with any unhealthy consequences. It acts as a tonic to reboot the vitality of the body and can be taken two times a day.

Only a scoop per 18oz of water to make an energizing drink, the powder is completely dissolvable in water. However, the manufacturer has failed to indicate the taste and flavor of the final product.

The cost and availability of Rejuvenated Energy

The supplement is available at the official site of the Malibu Health Labs. The cost of the product is different, varying with the size of the package deal ordered.

A single jar costs about $49 that last about a month

Three jars cost about $139 while a six-jar order would cost you about $239, lasting six months or so. All of these prices are actually discounted ones; the retail price is much higher at other sites.

All the orders are shipped free of charge.

What are customers saying about Rejuvenated Energy?

Some of the testimonials from customers report a better digestion, absence of bloating, free from any fogginess, a constant energy rebuff, and recommendations for everyone to use this product.

However, there are no independent customers’ reviews that could add more credibility to the supplement.

Our final say on Rejuvenated Energy

Rejuvenated Energy is definitely a step ahead of the customary energy drinks with a power supply of health-promoting ingredients. Manufactured at the Malibu Health Labs, though the supplement has no independent customers’ reviews (all new products take some time to collect reviews) yet it is backed by the repute of Dr. Dhruvil Gandhi and his commitment to deliver a health-conscious supplement.

From a customers’ point of view, the supplement is made in the US, with high quality scientifically verified ingredients, passed a triple check policy and an independent testing. Despite all the positives, the product is tagged with a 90-day money back guarantee, so that you get a purchase worthy of your health and pocket.

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