Revitol Dermasis review – For the most effective relief from Psoriasis


Revitol is a reputed name in the field of skincare and beauty with products catering for many skin ailments. Dermasis is another sparkler of Revitol aimed at psoriasis, a skin condition that can be debilitating for your skin as well as your poise.

Dermasis is acclaimed to bring relief to various signs and symptoms of Psoriasis as the itch, redness and scaling and peeling of skin. Convenient to use with ingredients that get rapidly absorbed into the skin, the non-greasy formula of Dermasis provides valuable assistance to psoriasis affected skin.

Products aimed at skin splendor have a ‘solo’ purpose but therapeutic skin products are entirely different themes because if they do not deliver their purpose, they cannot maintain their spot in the retail market. The following review will analyze Revitol Dermasis to know its attributes, which make it a credible choice for a nasty and resistant skin condition as psoriasis.

An overview of Dermasis

Dermasis by Revitol is an over the counter remedy for psoriasis, a condition that affects millions annually in the US. What makes it special is its ability to bring rapid relief to the itch associated with Psoriasis. Containing some soothing ingredients as tea tree oil and vitamin E, it is a natural support to the subject condition, fetching respite to all kinds of skin.

Psoriasis is known for its resistant and defiant character and the fact that it may affect a wide skin area, Revitol offers notable discounts and packages to accommodate long-term use. With FDA approved ingredients to combat psoriasis, Dermasis is devoid of any side effects so that you can use it as long as required.

About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated response that is expressed via an increased cell turn over rate of the skin.  Most commonly seen in patients with depression or anxiety states, genetics is also blamed for an increased risk to this skin condition that appears to affect the young and middle age cohorts.

Psoriasis lesions typically appear on elbows, knees, and scalp but can occur at other skin sites too. The lesions are neither contagious nor infectious but spread at alarming rates and present with a typical itch, burning or stinging sensation.

Psoriasis can take many forms; one of its appearances is of plaque-like lesions that are very painful and can bleed while psoriasis that affects the younger lot is the ‘guttate’ variety, often follows a strep infection. Other characteristic forms are inverse, pustular and erythrodermic, latter being the severest form that may lead to skin peeling.

With dietary precautions to warm baths with salts and keeping the skin moisturized, light therapy and stress control, psoriasis is a condition that can be managed symptomatically but cannot be cured.

The conventional medicine offers treatment in the form of a topical corticosteroid or retinoid treatments, coal tar and moisturizers, oral or systemic therapies. While all of the routes taken by the conventional medicine are aimed at chronic and severe forms of Psoriasis, they all have their side effects and limitations.

In such a scenario, Dermasis by Revitol offers a credible supportive therapy but for milder cases of psoriasis, which do not present with complications.

The ingredients of Dermasis

The ingredients of Dermasis are natural and mild in nature that offers a supportive therapy for uncomplicated and mild versions of the disease. However, the ingredients are carefully selected and are proven clinically for their efficacy.

  • Salicylic acid
  • Vitamin A and E
  • Palm oil

Salicylic acid is one of the FDA approved ingredients for counteracting the signs and symptoms of Psoriasis. It acts by peeling the skin affected by psoriasis, a keratolytic. This results in scale removal and softening of the skin. Salicylic acid helps in enhancing the concomitant moisturizing effects of other ingredients and may help in controlling flare-ups of the condition.

Vitamin A or topical retinoid is one of the safe and effective remedies for psoriasis. It promotes healthy cell replication, thereby keeping in check the unbalanced overproduction of skin cells, distinctive of psoriasis. Topical vitamin A application also aids in combating inflammation locally at the site of psoriasis and thus helps in itch and tickle. When topically applied, vitamin A is slowly absorbed than when administered via an oral route, thereby reducing the prevalence of side effects of Vitamin A.

Vitamin E is a known antioxidant and may help in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis. A research indicated low levels of selenium, another antioxidant mineral, in patients with psoriasis. Vitamin E helps to raise this concentration and may combat the oxidative stress associated with psoriasis.

Palm oil, sometimes referred to as red palm oil, is an effective emollient. Used in traditional medicine for many centuries, it is a combination of many significant constituents that deliver numerous skin benefits, making it smoother, soft and supple. Palm oil is enriched with vitamin E and its topical application leads to restoring and retaining skin hydration. Palm oil is particularly important in its efficacy for sensitive skin affected by psoriasis.

The working of Dermasis

Overactivity and increased production of cells in skin layers mess up the skin in psoriasis, causing in scales and a rough texture. Dermasis delivers a softening and emolliating effects on the skin. The vitamin content acts by reducing the oxidative stress and inhibiting cell production. The moisturizing effects of palm oil make the skin soft as cotton. Palm oil is great for reducing the aging signs on the skin and it effectively counteracts the drying and scaling attributes of psoriasis.

Projected benefits of Dermasis

Here are the anticipated benefits of Dermasis opposed to the damaging effects of psoriasis.

  • Reduction of scaling effects
  • Lessening in roughness and coarse appearance
  • Diminution of inflammation
  • Relief to the itch and scratch
  • Non-greasy formula that does not spoil the adjacent skin or clothing
  • A pH balanced formula that is not harsh to skin
  • Improvement in redness and inflamed look of the skin
  • Might reduce the number of flare-ups
  • An overall improvement in the outlook and prospects of disease

It should be noted that Dermasis does not claim to treat psoriasis but claims to reduce the intensity of the said condition.

How to use Dermasis

Dermasis is to be applied to the skin, which is cleaned with an antiseptic wash and pat dried. The application can be repeated per 24-hours or follow the directions of your physician.

Side effects of Dermasis

Dermasis is composed of ingredients that are FDA approved and safe to use. However, every skin type is unique, therefore, the manufacturer suggests to test a small portion of skin prior to initial application particularly if the troubled skin area is a large one.

What is the opinion of the Customers?

Dermasis is a therapeutic skin preparation; therefore, the customers’ opinion is very important in evaluating the overall efficacy of the subject supplement. We have tried to upload some independent reviews; here are few of them

“Apr 27, 2016


By Lenard L. on Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Very Affordable

It is very affordable, I really love that it is not that much of a burden on my pocket and I can easily afford this cream. It provides me great relief and I think I will be using it for some time”.

“Aug 8, 2016


By Elaine on Revitol Dermasis Psoriasis Cream

Amazing Results

Very happy to have found this product, I have been using it for two months now and I have seen that my condition is not that violent now, I don’t feel the burns to that extent and I am improving day in day out”.

Cost of Dermasis

Dermasis is available on the official page with a number of discounts. The cost of a single jar is about $34.95without any discount or savings.

However, with a purchase of two bottles, one can avail a discount of $24.95 with one free bottle of the product. The total cost per bottle is charged at $26.63 in this case which increases to a saving of $60 with a three-bottle purchase.

The preceding offer comes with an offer of two free bottles at a cost that amounts to $23.97.

Our final say on Dermasis

Dermasis by Revitol is an effective remedy against psoriasis, which is made of skin-safe ingredients. Psoriasis is a lifelong condition with many complications developing over time, as there is no concluding treatment for it. Therefore, an appropriate and correct practice for its management is an essential tool and Dermasis by Revitol offers one of the best solutions.

Revitol offers a 90-day money back guarantee on any unopened item of Dermasis and this warranty is only applicable to the package deals (not to a single bottle purchase). The best way to make use of this deal is to avail the two or three bottle purchase so that one can test the subject product on the skin and in case of any dissatisfaction; you can get out of the purchase and save your money.

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