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It is said that scars are the medals a man wears, however; this saying is only true for the scars that are encountered on a battlefield. Scars are the remains of a natural healing process and not all scars carry the same story of bravery on frontlines. For scars that are reminders of painful surgeries, agonizing burns, horrid acne or deep cuts, Revitol Scar removing cream presents a painless and discrete solution. Revitol is becoming the buzz in the aesthetic field of skin care because of its ability to tone down the discoloration and improve the healing of the affected skin.

Revitol claims to reduce the appearance of scars from multiple origins. Revitol is a natural formula that is unproblematic in nature to an already scarred and sensitive skin. Enriched with proteins and vitamins, Revitol states that it is effective against age-old scars. Though the customers can find many forums discussing it’s amazing properties, the following review will analyze the subject product claims in this regard by going through its ingredients, working and real customers’ reviews.

About the company

Revitol is manufactured by a company whose details are not accessible on the official page except that it was founded in 2002. There are general introductory statements regarding the company; how it believes in quality products with authentic ingredients. Nevertheless, Revitol is a name that is associated with many other products catering for skin care besides the under discussion burn formula.

In case of inquisitive customers, the official page guides through some contact details, specified for different countries. For the US and UK, the contact details are as follows, the rest of the details can be found on the official site.

International and US:

(302) 684-6186

Monday – Friday 4:00am – 5:00pm (PST, GMT-8)

United Kingdom:

44 203-781-8035

Monday – Friday 2:30pm – 1:00am (London, GMT-0)

About the product

Revitol is claimed to be one of the most effective remedies against scars; it does not matter if the scar is due to some childhood injury or teenage acne or some horrible accident or surgery.

The manufacturer also claims that Revitol is effective against scars of all ages; it works against fresh and old scar with equal potency and efficiency.

Containing a perfect blend of vitamins and proteins, Revitol works within weeks to reduce the appearance of scars. The company is however honest enough not to claim that their product can eliminate or disappear scars; it can only help to improve the appearance and form of a scar.

Judging by the statement deliverance of Revitol it is apparent that Revitol does not mask or camouflages the scar but it actually works in the deeper cellular layers to recover the exterior look of the specific site affected by scar development.

The ingredients of Revitol

The names that make up the ingredient list of Revitol can be overwhelming and be intimidating for customers. However, via this review, an attempt is made for the consumer to follow them plainly.

  • Hydroquinone
  • Glycolic acid
  • Onion extract
  • Copper peptide
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide


 A known agent used in many skin creams owing to its effects at lessening pigmentation. In simple words, it acts as a bleaching agent for the skin. Though sold as an over-the-counter preparation, this is only catered for products that contain a less than 2% of the hydroquinone concentration as it is categorized as a medicine.

Hydroquinone works by inhibiting an enzyme in the skin, the tyrosinase, an essential component of melanin production in the skin. By decreasing the melanin production, the scar is gradually lightened with a washed out effect. The expected outcome is obvious with a minimum of four weeks application. Sometimes the results are reversible upon discontinuation of the cream while mostly the results persist.

A special caution to be taken with such creams is to apply sunscreen or choose the timings of minimum sun exposure. Dry skin, redness, and burning sensation may accompany the use of such skin lightening creams, however; it is one of the most effective remedies against scars and discoloration associated with it.

Glycolic acid

The peels of this constituent have been in use for acne scars for quite some time and are found effective too. Glycolic acid owes its popularity to scar removal especially acne scars, to its regenerative property of skin cells from deep within.

Another reason for its reputation is that it works faster with rapid results because of its high water solubility and deep penetrative quality. It removes dead skin cells via an exfoliating action and stimulates the production of collagen.

Onion extract

Onion extract is another agent that is the latest of research topics to find its effectiveness in improving the appearance of scars, particularly the acne ones. A scar is the result of surplus collagen fiber at the healing site or its haphazard arrangement in the initial phase. Onion extract inhibits the excess of collagen production making it less noticeable.

Onion extract not only inhibits collagen production but it also improves the arrangement of collagen fibers, thus filling the scar where necessary and smoothening it where required.

The accomplishment of onion extract in improving the scar appearance is most effective against new scars but with a continued use of such products for about four weeks, the results are remarkable.

Copper peptide

Copper peptide is a protein that has small enough molecules to penetrate the skin cells and it is a successfully and effectively used in Derma rolling procedures to increase the bioavailability of therapeutic skin constituents. It works on the same principle of collagen production, redistribution, and rearrangement.

Acetyl hexapeptide

Also known as, Botox in a bottle, this component relaxes the facial muscles and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by inhibition of the nerves involved. Not exactly sure why this ingredient is used in a scar improving product as it is more of an anti-aging agent, nevertheless we find the ingredient to be of use as it smoothes out the skin.

About the working of Revitol

The ingredient list of Revitol makes it easier to understand the working of Revitol scar cream. However, here is an additional insight into the product’s working. It helps scar appearance via

  • Decreasing the collagen deposition at the initial stages of scar formation
  • Realigns the collagen fibers and smoothes out the exterior look of a scar

  • Reduces the pigmentation of scars
  • Helps lighten the discoloration and hyperpigmentation of already existing scars
  • Evens the tone of affected skin site

What are the customers saying about Revitol Scar Cream?

A product’s repute and credibility are evident by its functional ingredients and the customers’ reviews. Though the official page of Revitol scar cream cites many customer reviews, they are all in favor of the product. We have tried to bring some authentic reviews that may disclose side effects or dissatisfaction, if any, regarding this product. Here is an insight into what we found out

“Sep 23, 2017

By Kathleen on Revitol Scar Cream

I had an accident when I was 18 years old, I had a scar on my face and yeah I know what you are thinking that I used a scar cream on my face, Yes I did and the scar lightened a lot and I am happy that I chose this product from Revitol. One more thing though, I used coconut and almond oil too. That also helped a lot.”

“Aug 14, 2016

By Alejandro on Revitol Scar Cream

Good But Not the Best

The cream is effective in removing the skin discoloration caused due to scars and even lighten them but they do not diminish the scars 100%. The skin which just got lightened can again become dark if you stop using the cream”.

“Oct 14, 2016

By Andi R on Revitol Scar Cream

Pungent Smell

The cream works well as a scar lightening agent but I am disappointed with its odor. I just cannot bear its smell. Most of the time I got a headache!”

The cost of Revitol

The cost of a single jar of Revitol scar cream is about $49.95. By providing a few details on the official page, you are guided through an ordering form to complete your purchase.

Take home message

Revitol Scar cream appears to be a fair blend of effective ingredients to smooth out a scar appearance and gradually fade away. The ingredients are however no magic potion; a duration of at least four weeks is required to achieve noticeable results. Having said all that, our skins are different and the development of scars is of different intensity. Revitol scar cream may not give you the expected results so, in case of any dissatisfaction, all the purchases come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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