Salus Structured Silver Gel Review – An effective tool for skincare


The Structured Silver Gel by Salus is a unique product particularly designed for bringing relief to troubled skin. With its unique formulation and alkaline nature, the Structured Silver Gel has doctors’ backing to erase age spots, improve wound healing, minimize scarring, relieve bedsores, allay burns and even bring improvement to diabetic ulcers. A cure-all ingredient, the Structured Silver in Salus Gel preparation eliminates the need for any other skin product, saving you precious time, effort and money.

Silver is a metal delimited by controversies. However, the times are changing for this amazing ingredient. The use of silver as an ingredient in many ointments for burns is quite prevalent. This is due to its noteworthy healing properties, which hold a time-honored reputation.

Used in personal and healthcare products, Silver has many therapeutic as well as aesthetic roles for a healthy skin. Let us review the Structured Silver Gel by Salus Defense to know more about the possible benefits of this important metal.

What is Salus Structured Silver Gel?

Salus is a Canadian-based company with a specialty in structured silver products. The Structured Silver gel is one of them. Though the company retails Structured Liquid too, the gel formation is practical and convenient to use in many skin conditions.

Containing 25 ppm of silver in pure water, the alkaline nature of the Salus Gel ensures a healthy skin status. The Structured Silver Gel maintains the natural pH of the skin so its application does not make the skin too dry or leave any residues on the skin. It thereby facilitates a regular use of the Silver Gel for as long as required.

The Structured Silver Gel by Salus is free from any alcohol and petroleum products; it does not leave the skin with flaky or greasy characteristics. Free from any additives, the Gel is pure in its contents to deliver maximum benefits and avoid any side effects.

The acclaimed benefits of Structured Silver Gel

  • Staying power

Structured Silver Gel is an ideal product for skin conditions requiring a ‘staying in place’ option. Unlike the liquid version, gel stays at the place of application and delivers results as long as the product remains in contact with skin.

  • Anti-pathogenic potency

The structured silver present in the Salus Gel has a potent anti-pathogenic ability; killing disease-causing agents in as under as six minutes.

  • Healing properties

The healing properties of the Structured Silver Gel are superior to the silver versions produced in the past.

“Structured silver shows significantly improved performance against pathogens and reduced healing times as high as 40% faster”

  • Active against a wide range of pathogens

The structured Silver Gel is active against a wide range of bacteria including the most resistant of all

Strains; the MRSA. Other pathogens include Staph Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, E-Coli, Salmonella, Candida Albicans (yeast), and Streptococcus.

  • A unique tetrahedral structure

Scientific models show that changing the molecular structure of an ingredient can change the way it behaves in nature. The unique tetrahedral molecule of the Structured Silver, that gives the ingredient its name, is more potent in action and bioavailable in the body.

  • Delivers an alkaline medium

The Structured Silver Gel provides an alkaline environment; a lethal habitat for pathogenic agents.

  • Effective for a wide range of skin ailments

As already mentioned before, parallel to combating a wide range of pathogens, the Structured Silver gel by Salus alleviates an equally wide range of skin ailments. These include burns, acne, age marks, scarring, diabetic ulcers, bedsores and so on.

  • No bluish-grey discoloration of the skin

One of the unwanted and undesirable cosmetic side effects of other silver products as colloidal solutions was a bluish-grey tinge of the skin called Argyria.

This attribute was due to the high silver content of the product.

In addition, the silver used in such products was not of high grade with many contaminants.

Furthermore, the molecular structure of the colloidal solution was too large to stay within the water molecule, thus the extra quantity of silver escaped into the surrounding tissues. It resulted in discoloration of the skin over a period.

Salus Structured Silver Gel contains only the purest form of silver in pure water. With only 25 ppm of strength, the gel contains no additives or impurities.

Therefore, the Gel is absolutely free from any side effects.

  • Maximum bioavailability

The tetrahedral molecular structure of the Structured Silver used in Salus Gel attributes to the maximum bioavailability of the silver at the site applied, thereby enhancing its effectiveness as a skincare product.

How does the Structured Silver Gel work for you?

The Structured Silver is not a new product. Rather it is the result of modifications and procedures evolved over centuries. The today’s silver is finest in performance and poor product as far as side effects are concerned.

With a bioavailability exceeding the 99% mark, it delivers results with accuracy and finesse. The reason behind its effectiveness is its molecular structure, which is nano in character. With the smaller molecular structure, it stays within the water molecule instead of escaping the water molecule as happened with the larger colloidal molecules.

The smaller molecule is more stable and more attracted to the surrounding water, thereby creating a structured environment enabled to achieve a result with high accuracy.

The Structured Silver used in the Salus Gel works three ways to kill the most defiant pathogens.

  1. Ionization, silver has the ability to kill a pathogen on contact.
  2. Alkalinity, the alkaline pH created by the structured silver makes the environment unsustainable for the pathogens.
  3. Scientific tests prove the Tetrahedral Molecular structure to be a more effective killing agent. It carries a dielectric charge that kills the pathogenic agents without undergoing any compromise itself.

Why prefer the Salus Structured Silver Gel

From a customer’s point of view, there are many reasons why one should go for the subject purchase.

  • High-grade ingredients
  • Purity guaranteed
  • No toxic ingredients
  • No side effects, either short or long-term
  • Maximum bioavailability
  • No cosmetic side effects as flaky skin or greasy feel
  • Effective for a number of skin conditions

Where to buy

The Salus Structured Silver Gel is available at the official site only. This helps to keep the third man out of the retailing process and keep the cost of the product steady.

The cost of a single bottle is about $39.95.

Take home message

Structured Silver is the new silver. With enhanced and better properties, the Structured Silver has emerged to serve with almost no side effects. The Bluish-grey tinge of Argyria is not a possibility with the Structured Silver because of the high-grade ingredients used. Furthermore, the absence of any impurities removes any chances of the cosmetic side effect usually associated with regular silver products.

The engineering of Structured Silver Gel by Salus caters to a strong staying power. It enables the gel to stay at the site of application and deliver effects. Thus, if you have a minor burn, the gel would deliver a cooling effect and heal the wound fast.

There is no need to rush to a dermatologist for minor skin ailments. It also serves to protect you from signs and symptoms of aging.

Saving you time and money, the Structured Silver Gel is necessary for your medicine cabinet.

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