Salus Structured Silver Liquid Review – Why it is the best?

Salus Structured Silver is a health and wellness company based in Canada retailing silver as the structured form. Claimed to be a cure-all supplement, structured silver has found its way in the therapeutic field addressing the overall health status. Despite all the controversies and the lack of ample research backing, structured silver is termed as ‘not a groundbreaking’ but ‘an established’ beneficial agent against a variety of disease-causing pathogens; bacteria, viruses, fungus, and so on.

Bragging many products from their retail store, Salus brings a promise of health, healing, vitality, and vigor for individuals from all lifestyles. Their product range includes Structured Silver liquid and gel with a probiotic supplement, antioxidant supplement, and organic cinnamon.

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Though not possible to discuss each product in detail, the following review will analyze their Structured Silver Liquid to have an insight into the other products. Let us see what Salus Structured Silver can do for you.

A brief history of Silver as a therapeutic agent

Ancient history saw the use of silver as a sterilizing agent when it was a regular practice to place a silver coin in milk to prevent it from turning bad. Before the advent of antibiotics in the early twentieth century, the use of silver prevailed as a therapeutic agent to prevent the spread of a wound infection owing to its antibacterial properties.

By late 1800s, ionic silver or older colloidal silver solutions took the center stage but they had a varied performance margin with low safety levels. It contained silver as a suspension with an acidic pH. Containing a high amount of silver, often containing not the purest of forms, it had only 15-65% bioavailability.

By mid-1990s, silver became available as a hydrosol solution with a good performance and safety margin. Still retaining the acidic pH, the bioavailability exceeded the 99% mark.

As we entered the current century, a new form of silver has emerged known as the structured version. Alkaline in nature, it surpasses the performance and safety thresholds maintained by its counterparts.

Structured Silver follows the manufacturing procedures that are unique to its type only. Furthermore, structured silver delivers advanced healing properties; almost 40 times faster than it’s any other counterpart. Moreover, the chances of Argyria, a bluish-grey discoloration of the skin, are almost nil when consumed according to the suggested dosage.


What is Salus Structured Silver?

Salus Structured Silver Liquid is a unique combination of silver and water with many beneficial characteristics, unlike any other silver product. A pH balance inclined towards alkalinity, it promotes healing and suppresses the bacterial activity, which has a tendency to thrive in acidic environments.

Salus Structured Silver is the continuation of the years’ old research and explorations to come up with a better version of silver. Salus Structured Silver not only endorses the efforts in this context but also delivers upshots without any side effects. The secret lies in its purity and efficacy.

Described by the manufacturer as specialized water, the Salus Structured Silver Liquid is a stabilized molecular structure. Due to its stability, it holds the properties to deliver the acclaimed benefits associated with its name.

True to its name and meeting the merits acclaimed, Salus Structured Silver Liquid holds the key to fighting disease and keeping your body’s potential at optimal.

The acclaimed benefits of Salus Structured Silver

Salus Structured Silver Liquid claims to be the purest supplement form of silver with all the benefits usually tagged with structured silver. Supported by a strong scientific backing and research, Salus Structured Silver claims to deliver nothing but the best.

Advocated for its potent antimicrobial activity, Salus states that their structured liquid is effective against the resistant of all bacteria, the Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus.

Salus also claims that the tetrahedral structure of their structured silver has the capability of destroying bacteria, viruses, and yeast in as under as six minutes. The Structured Silver Liquid dispensed by Salus is potent against some of the unkind bacterial infections as salmonella, typhoid, and yeasts as Candida.

Thus tagged with purity of ingredients and a speedy action against the most resistant and defiant strains of pathogens, Structured Silver Liquid by Salus is unparalleled among its rivals.

The working of Salus Structured Silver Liquid

The working efficiency of Salus Structured Silver Liquid is dependent upon its

  • Purity
  • Tetrahedral molecular structure
  • Alkaline nature

The subject supplement is able to deliver nothing but the best because it contains nothing but the best. Containing no additives, synthetic chemicals or fillers, it contains 1% of silver in 99% of pure water.

The tetrahedral structure of the structured silver is a result of years of research and third-party evaluations for efficiency. The fact is the ability of a material is dependent upon not only the kind of molecules it contains but their arrangement too. A tetrahedral structure as in Salus Structured Silver Liquid has a dielectric charge, which is the best at killing pathogenic agents without undergoing any compromise themselves.

The difference between simple water and a structured one is the introduction of an energy field. By adding silver to water, the molecules of water become more active with an enhanced power to penetrate the cells and ward off pathogenic agents. Silver has a superior ability to transfer or conducting energy than any other mineral and it has the perfect size to make its entry into cells at the same time.

Finally, the alkaline nature of the Salus Structured Silver is accordance with the killing mode of many pro-health agents. Pathogens love an acidic environment while alkalinity kills them. The remote versions of silver did not possess an effective mechanism against pathogens because of their acidic profile. The alkaline status of the Structured Silver is what makes it a superior choice among the ionic and colloidal versions.

The dosage of Salus Structured Silver

Salus Structured Silver is easy and convenient to take. Only two teaspoons a day would suffice to enable your body with a better defense system against disease-causing agents.

Any side effects of Salus Structured silver

As of now, there are no reported side effects of Salus Structured Silver.

The most frequently cited side effect of conventional or subpar silver supplements is the unwanted bluish-grey tinge of the skin, Argyria. That is attributed to the

  • Impurity of the silver used as silver salts
  • Addition of other contaminants and additives to the liquid
  • A very high concentration of silver (50,000 ppm)

At Salus, extreme precautionary measures applied to the manufacturing process ensure no such complaints ever arise from a single customer.

Salus ensures that the addition of silver to their liquid does not exceed 15 ppm. With pure ingredients and absence of contaminants, the result is a safe supplement for everyday use.

Therefore, a safe statement delivered that the Structured Silver dispensed by Salus is free from side effects is workable.

The cost and availability of Salus Structured Silver

Available at the official site, the Structured Silver Liquid by Salus costs about $59 per bottle.

A single bottle of the supplement contains 16 fluid ounces or 473 ml of the premium liquid.

Take home message

If you can dodge infectious agents, this product is not for you. However, as humans, we do not have such superpowers to avoid infectious agents completely that continue to attack our bodies. In case of an infection hit, we have no way but to resort to conventional medicinal approach.

There comes a time when our body reaches a threshold level and does not respond to the conservative therapeutic approaches. The widespread prevalence of resistant strains of bacteria is a proof of it all. Where does that leave us? It is high time that one should accept the facts and take a step ahead as a proactive measure to combat such resistant troubles.

Salus Structured Silver Liquid is the perfect tool to begin the stride against the deadly pathogens that are evolving with time into stronger species. Backed by science, the product meets the merits of superior quality ingredients and manufacturing process. With many satisfied customers who have taken the control back of their lives, Salus Structured Silver is a pledge worth investing in.

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