Welcome back students as HealthyUSA Scholarship Program has been renewed for the year 2018. The procedure to participate remains the same, however the topic for the essay has been changed. Participants now have to write a 1000 words essay on the topic “How to deal with Depression?”, and email it to us, along with the required documents attached, on before the deadline 06/15/2019. Scholarship funds of USD $1500 will be divided between 3 winners; awarding $500 to each. Good Luck!


Dear Students, The big day is here! As promised, we are announcing our three best essays’ winners, right here, right now!

1 – Sara Simmons
     From Sam Houston State University

2 – Dang Vo
From Northern Illinois University

3 – Brandy Swink
The University of Texas at Tyler

Congratulations to the winners for achieving HealthyUSA Scholarship, and Thanks to everyone else who participated.

Winners have to provide us their academic documents required for the verification, within a week. If we receive no response of our email, we’ll choose a new winner in him/her place. 

  • HealthyUSA scholarship program for the year 2018 will soon be launched. Stay in touch for the dates!

Important Announcement: Dear students, due to the very large number of essays received, the result date has been delayed until 10th January 2018. Good luck!


We are so overwhelmed with joy seeing the amount of efforts every student has put in his/her work. We have come to the point where choosing the one out of 1500+ entries and awarding him/her the entire $3000 scholarship doesn’t feel right, in fact, it has become impossible as a number of essays are too good to be rejected. Therefore, this perplexing situation has led our team to come up with a decision to split the scholarship amount into 3 winners. Yes! There’s going to be not just one, but three winners; awarding $1000 to each.

We believe that this is the right way to keep it completely fair. However, we need some more time to pick the 3 best of the best ones, hence the result date has been extended once again. We assure you that on 20th January 2018, 3 names of our well-deserving winners will be announced here. We will also inform them via email. Until then, we wish you all good luck and thank you for your support!

Healthy USA Scholarship Review Program

People who are in search of more knowledge and creativity can earn so through our Healthy USA scholarship system. It is one of the main scholarship systems which target such people who want to achieve their goal financially. Thus, the healthy USA provides a variety of programs for those who are keenly expecting the scholarship to survive for their goals. Students who are eager to pursue opportunities in the outside world can apply for this scholarship.

About the Healthy USA Scholarship Program

This scholarship program provides financial support for all aspiring students. It will help those aspirants to take additional steps further into their success. The main objective of the Healthy USA Scholarship Program is to encourage the youngsters to expose their talents to the world. Recent reports suggest that many talents have been exposed as well through such scholarship programs.

General Terms of Participation in HealthyUSA Scholarship Program 2018

For participation in the Healthy USA Scholarship Program, the applicants must submit an essay on the topic of “How to deal with Depression?” The essay should remain around 1000 word count. In this essay, students can share their knowledge, opinions and thoughts about depression and its effects on people and their lives. These are the important components that students should keep in mind while writing the content on the given topic.


Applicants who want to apply for the scholarship must meet the given eligibility criteria. They are:

  • An essay of 1000 word count on the topic “How to deal with Depression?”
  • The content of the essay must be original and unique from other contents.
  • The content of the essay must not be copied from online websites.
  • The content must be typed in Microsoft Word or PDF with good alignment.
  • The content must only be written in English.
  • Lastly, the essay should be emailed to on or before the given submission date.

Required Documents

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • College/University Name
  • Field of Study
  • College/University’s Student ID card


Submission Deadline: June 15th, 2019

The written content must be received on or before the last date of June 15th, 2019. The applicants will be selected based on the quality of written content. Once the applicants have been selected, they will receive the check on or before July 2019.

Note: The scholarship amount of $1500 ($500 for each winner) will be sent to the respective college/university via check or PayPal). The scholarship will be awarded annually.

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